Seriously!? Thursday!

Seriously? Ashley is so whiny and the fact that they brought Bentley all the way to Hong Kong just to tell her it is finally a "period" was seriously stupid. He is such a jerk off, I mean he kept touching her leg and leading her on, you know at one point she thought he was going to confess his undying love for her! HAHA He totally just used the whole thing for an excuse to get a free trip to Hong Kong! I also love that Mickey just up and left! That totally cracked me up, I mean what did she expect telling them all the Bentley love drama! I love JP but I think he is too good for her! 

Seriously? Teresa was cracking me up on NJ housewives, I about died with all the sex talk and her showing that vibrating ring thing! Melissa's sister Lysa is on randomly but she totally looks like she has DONE all of Jersey Shore if you know what I mean! She just rubs me the wrong way! I loved that Melissa's daughter was in the ball room showcase, she is super CUTE but the rest of the people were so random! Jaclyn wasted making Nutella Calzones was just great, I want to try one now! Cannot wait for more of their drama next week...although the Danielle drama last season was so juicy I hope they show her face at some point this season so maybe Teresa can flip a table!!

Seriously? My husband has started a new diet, he never diets and really has no need to but he changed his eating habits and is not eating carbs and has no joke lost 10lbs this past month! He was skinny to begin with! I am kind of starting to do less carbs since his diet obviously effects the way we eat...maybe that was his plan to tone me up! Sneaky snake! haha

Seriously? We took the boys to their first fireworks last weekend and Luke fell asleep half way through them! They were so LOUD I thought for sure the finale would wake him, but it did not phase him! 

Seriously? Luke is almost ONE! I ordered his invites and some premade signs on a pdf file off Etsy, I cannot wait to get the final files but here s a little looksie at what we are working with....
Under The Big Top...Printable Personalized Birthday Party Package...DIY..Includes custom invite and thank DimplePrints
Last time I made all the signs for Vincent's party and it took SO LONG so I am trying this route out!

Seriously? We are running a 1/2 marathon in 4 months and I need to start running!!! AHHHHHHH! Plus, I gained like 6lbs since the miscarriage and would like to lose that ASAP!

Seriously? The boys both fell asleep at 7:15 tonight...which is giving me time to actually write this! YAHOO!

Seriously? Vincent keeps turning his light on at night so we bought him this Cloud b Constellation night light, it lights up his whole ceiling with stars and the moon! It has 3 is so fun! The first night he just played with it but now he puts the turtle "to bed" on a pillow!

Seriously? I will never be THIS MOM! I had to snap a shot at the Erie Zoo last week...thankfully she was not looking, although it may have been funny to see her face if she knew I was taking a pic!

Seriously? I need to post our Niagara Falls pics, it was so fun! Here are a few....

Alright that is all I have this week! xoxo

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Beach Babes....

Last month we went to two beaches in one week, Mt Pleasant, SC and Clearwater, FL! The water was clearly much better in FL but the Mt Pleasant beach was the first time the boys ever saw the ocean! I loved every single moment of the amazement in Vincent and Luke's eyes, well not so much Luke, but Vincent was in shock over the waves, Luke probably just thought it was a bath tub ha! 

Waving bye to the ocean!

Now onto Clearwater Beach....I love how different the beaches are...I have never been to the Gulf side of FL but I will never go back to the other side...I LOVED IT!! Clear as day!

Meet my beautiful Mommy or Grandma Patti to the boys!.... She was my partner in crime while Jordan was off working the entire week! 

Oh how I wish we lived closer to the ocean! It was steaming hot in FL, almost unbearable so I am guessing FL people sometimes wish it was cooler so maybe the grass is not greener on the other side but I loved the southern states and would not mind living there one bit! The awesome thing is that Jordan's home office is in Tampa, so if he were to ever want a desk job it would have to be in Tampa! 

So there you have it, there are the beach babes! Today we are having some mommies and kids over for a play date at our house! I am so excited and so blessed that I have found a great group of moms and kids! What a difference having friends with kids is! They totally feel your pain in certain situations haha! Not that I do not love my friends without kids because I do, but it is so nice to be on the same page! I am not sure if I talked on here about how I met the moms but it was on, they have a huge group in our town and it just so happened that they are all AWESOME! So I need to get a shower and get the kids dressed, Vincent is right now laying naked on his bean bag with his butt up in the air watching Handy Manny! OH BOY! HAHA Hope you all are having a fabulous week!! XOXOXO

And....we're back!

Funny thing is that I never told you we were going anywhere! We left last Tuesday to travel with Jordan on a work trip to Erie, PA! Erie was clearly not our main goal in the trip but obviously my husband had to do some work on the trip! We made the most of Erie and went to the Zoo (got pretty much monsooned on!)Then Friday, we headed over to Niagara Falls and then to my parents for the weekend for fireworks and a great small town (amish) festival! We are BEAT to say the least! I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed and for the boys to be in theirs! Also it will be nice to not feel bad if Luke screams in the middle of the night! 

We had a amazing time, I think it was hands down the best trip we have had yet! Niagara Falls was just breathtaking and then the fireworks last night were just the icing on the cake. My friend Chrissy and her husband came along to the festival and I loved spending time with them! Chrissy is less than a month away for their first baby Claira's due date and I just have loved watching her through this journey. I think seeing someone else go through pregnancy always takes you back to when you were first pregnant and you have all those feelings again! I am so excited for them and this next chapter in their lives, I tear up when I think about the love they already have for Claira and how much it will grow the instant they lock eyes with hers! Also watching them play with my boys made me so happy, when my friends show love to my children it melts my heart! 

At one point last night during the fireworks I just felt this overwhelming sense of happiness! I had Luke laying on my chest and his face was lit up by the sight of all the colors of the fireworks exploding. He was all cuddled up and holding my hand with his face pressed up against me. Vincent was sitting between my dad and step mom just taking in all the excitement of his first firework show. Jordan was laying on the grass without a care in the world and I was just taking it all in...I was surrounded by my family and I just felt HAPPY, the kind of happy you daydream about. I am in LOVE with that moment that I experienced during the fireworks, I think I was just envisioning all of my problems being the fireworks and watching them blow up, crackle and all fade away in the night sky. My family and boys are truly my world and I am just happy to be HAPPY for once! After all the anxiety and craziness I had after Luke's birth, and with the miscarriage and all those emotions I was just skeptical of when I would feel like myself again, and last night was in my eyes a turning point. I am not sure what did it but fireworks must be the magic medicine for me! 

Not only did I come home feeling more like my normal self but Vincent came home almost FULLY potty trained! Last week he took a turning point and he has not looked back! It was hard since we were traveling to let him be diaper-less but when he was he used his potty! He rocks at it and I am so pumped! I will not know how to act to just have ONE babe in diapers! YIPPIE! Hopefully this week we will work out the kinks  and start pull ups at night! I put him in big boy undies and it was the CUTEST thing ever!! haha

I need to get editing on some pictures while Luke is napping, I cannot wait to share all of it with you! I hope you guys had a great weekend!!! XOXO

PS....Jordan thought it would be funny for me to share this picture and have all of you guess what caused Vincent to be so upset.....

So...what caused Vincent to freak out like this!??!


Hint: This was at the zoo....

I cannot wait to share the picture that came before this one...haha

Bike, Stroll and Bounce...

Last week they shut down Main St in our little town and showed a movie for all the kids, before the movie they had fair food, bounce houses and face painting. It was exactly what I had envisioned a perfect family outing being. I have always dreamed of a cool historic downtown with brick buildings and fun trendy shops and that is exactly what our little downtown is like. SCORE!

We attached the kids trailer to the bikes and biked a few miles to Main St. We were not sure what to expect but it was perfect! There were tons of families with kids all over. They had fair food stands set up so we of course had to indulge in corn dogs, fresh cut fries, and a lemon shake up!! YUM! We did not stay for the movie since it was past the boys bedtime and let's face it a 10 month old and a 2 year old do not really sit through movies. But they had 3 screens set up which was cool so EVERYONE could be close to the screen! I cannot wait until the boys are old enough because we will be front and center with blankets and pop corn! 

Okay so the coolest thing about the Cougar 2 is that we used it as a bike carrier then we parked our bikes and unhitched it and turned it into a stroller the second we got downtown! Then when it was over we hitched it back on and went on our way! It only takes like 10 seconds to make the switch....pure genius! Plus the boys LOVE it! 
 Vincent was not too fond of this tiger...he kept his distance at all times and peeked around daddy to make sure he was safe! ha! 

 We met some puppies, the one cleaned out the graham cracker crumbs in the bottom of Cougs! 

Vincent LOVES bounce houses now, it took a few times for him to get used to it! He is such a big boy now!

 Luke enjoyed the food and scenery!

 Finally some Luke and Mommy pictures...what a doll!

I am hoping that they do this type of thing often! It was so much fun and great exercise for all of us! All they need to make the experience better is an ice cream shop downtown! I am such an ice cream lover....a few weeks ago I said how in love I was with Ben and Jerry's Late Night Snack...well I am even more in love because I got some ice cream cones last week for the boys, well I drizzled some caramel inside the cone (I used to work at an ice cream shop in high school and we experimented a lot) and then I added a scoop of Late Night Snack ice cream and it is HEAVEN!! You can also do this with hot fudge....yum yum yum yum....the good thing is that eating ice cream out of a cone vs a bowl is the serving size is smaller. I just fill the cone up and a little over the top! 

Hope you all had an amazing Father's Day weekend! We have a busy week ahead, Jordans birthday is tomorrow and we are taking the boys on a road trip to Niagara Falls and then back to my hometown for a good amish festival and fireworks! I am hoping to get a lot of good pictures! Have an amazing week! xoxo

Graduation Madness!

Graduation time is such an emotional time. I remember graduating from high school and having not a care in the world. I remember the joy that surrounded all of us graduating on our special day! Being at any graduation you can feel the energy coming from the students and also from their parents and loved ones. I love the emotions that surround the world of graduation. We had a weekend full of graduations and parties and it was PACKED full! On Friday we had my brother in law TJ's graduation from medical school and Saturday we had my other brother in laws graduation from high school and that afternoon had a graduation party for Jordan's cousins! It was so much fun to get to spend two days with family celebrating their achievements! Here are some pictures from ALL the festivities! 

By far two of my favorite pictures in one...
TJs graduation was V-E-R-Y LONG...which did not settle well during nap time! Jordan was manning both Luke and Vincent in the balcony area so I could snap the pics when TJ got hooded, Luke was screaming like a looney toon and it as so painful...stabbing eyes out painful. We played in the hallway and outside after he received his diploma, which worked a lot better!

Peek a boooooo!

After an hour a so Doctor TJ was done!! WOOOO!! All week long Vincent worked on pronouncing Doctor TJ! He said it cute!

I finally jumped in a photo ha

I love this photo from dinner...Jordan's grandparents were playing across the table from Vincent...

Day 2...David's turn to graduate! Much faster ceremony...SCORE!

I sprinted to get the perfect shot...I think I succeeded!

We went back to Jordan's dads to get some more pictures

Siblings minus Alex (Jordan's twin)

We ended with a graduation paty~! Whew!

Vincent's favorite person to play with is his great Grandpa...hands down! 

It was a busy few days for graduations! Doctor TJ just moved this weekend which is sad because he is no longer 10 minutes away, now he is 2 hours! BOOO...Jordans younger brother is going to college about 20 minutes away so that is a bonus and his cousins are going to college 10 minutes away! 

The entire time during graduation I was getting choked up thinking about all the emotions the parents must be experiencing...I cannot imagine what I will be like the day my kids graduate! AHHHHHH...I am already thinking about their graduation parties which means I need to get my butt cracking on their photo books, I only have Vincents first 8 months printed...totally SLACKING the rest! WOOPS! One day I will get around to them...Thank God I have this blog to keep things in order!