10 months and counting....

I totally skipped Luke's 9 month post...woopsie! But he did not have his well visit until June 1st, which was a bad day in this household so needless to say I have yet to post his stats from that visit. Yesterday he turned 10 months which is still a little hard to believe, Lukes past 10 months have flown by! He is doing so much more these days, he is becoming more and more independent, although most of the time he is still suction cupped to me! haha I call him my little leech! I just cannot believe in 2 months he will be ONE! Whew

He is weighing in at 21 lbs 13oz and is 27.5 inches (short lol 17% must have mommys genes) He has little curls at the end of his blonde wispy hair (Jordan says he needs a haircut and of course I say NOOOOOO), he has 4 teeth, he drinks from a sippy cup but still prefers to breastfeed, he eats EVERYTHING in sight, he no joke PILES it in no matter what it is, he clearly is not picky...he consumes more than Vincent at meals! He is crawling everywhere, up and down the stairs and stands without help for a few seconds, he can use the walker (but sometimes face plants), he LOVES water (unlike his brother who has a nervous break down if water gets in his face), he pretty much sleeps through the night, he claps and has started waving and he does everything else a baby does! haha I think he may walk by his first birthday, I am not pushing it, although it might make him slower which could be to my advantage at the moment! {mwah hahahaha-evil mommy laugh} But no joke I turn around in the kitchen for one second and he is half way up to stairs laughing and pretty much has a grin that says "come and get me MOMMY!!"

Alright you knew I had a ton of pics to post so here goes...

Luke pouty climbing my leg lol, dude he totally got picked up after that cute scowl!
Much rather him bite Sophie than me...hahahahahhah

Piling of the food...

Speaking of the BIG O-N-E...

I am thinking of going with a Carnival/Circus theme...if only my husband would allow me to get a clown...anyone want to volunteer to play a clown!?! lol I have been doing my research and hoping to pull off a cute little circus 1st birthday for my little Luke! If you have thrown a circus or carnival party or know of any cute ideas send them my way!!

Hope you are all having a FABULOUS Tuesday... I have so much to catch up on in DVR land today...The Bachelorette and RHOOC Reunion Part 2 baby! Jordan and I played scrabble during Part 1 of the OC Reunion, and I cannot believe he actually sat in the same room as me while it was playing haha! He just shook his head at the craziness of the ladies...while I ate up all the wonderful drama!! YUM YUM!!


  1. I think he looks so much like you!

  2. I love the quilt background to your blog! He is SO cute! Such a chunk. Love it!

  3. The pouty face is classic and makes Luke totally look like Vincent!
    I vote no on the clown though cause I am one of those people who has a fear of clowns lol I know so lame!

  4. His pouty face is to die for! I save all kinds of pics and blog things that I see that I want to do someday and I have some circus stuff. I FB you with it.

  5. Love his chunky monkey legs! So sweet!

  6. Jennifer, T. J., Alex and Jordan are all afraid of clowns. Oh, no! I have shared their secret. That is the perks of being their mom :)