Beach Babes....

Last month we went to two beaches in one week, Mt Pleasant, SC and Clearwater, FL! The water was clearly much better in FL but the Mt Pleasant beach was the first time the boys ever saw the ocean! I loved every single moment of the amazement in Vincent and Luke's eyes, well not so much Luke, but Vincent was in shock over the waves, Luke probably just thought it was a bath tub ha! 

Waving bye to the ocean!

Now onto Clearwater Beach....I love how different the beaches are...I have never been to the Gulf side of FL but I will never go back to the other side...I LOVED IT!! Clear as day!

Meet my beautiful Mommy or Grandma Patti to the boys!.... She was my partner in crime while Jordan was off working the entire week! 

Oh how I wish we lived closer to the ocean! It was steaming hot in FL, almost unbearable so I am guessing FL people sometimes wish it was cooler so maybe the grass is not greener on the other side but I loved the southern states and would not mind living there one bit! The awesome thing is that Jordan's home office is in Tampa, so if he were to ever want a desk job it would have to be in Tampa! 

So there you have it, there are the beach babes! Today we are having some mommies and kids over for a play date at our house! I am so excited and so blessed that I have found a great group of moms and kids! What a difference having friends with kids is! They totally feel your pain in certain situations haha! Not that I do not love my friends without kids because I do, but it is so nice to be on the same page! I am not sure if I talked on here about how I met the moms but it was on, they have a huge group in our town and it just so happened that they are all AWESOME! So I need to get a shower and get the kids dressed, Vincent is right now laying naked on his bean bag with his butt up in the air watching Handy Manny! OH BOY! HAHA Hope you all are having a fabulous week!! XOXOXO


  1. Hey stranger! Those beach pis are AMAZING! How pretty is your mama! I LOVE them all, but I LOOOVE the one w/ the reflection... in the SAND! How cool. Glad your having a fun summer w/ your handsome dudes. Lots O' Love, Mel

  2. We get to enjoy the pacific ocean but it's rough and hard to have KLV play in the water. Looks like a great time