Festival Fun

A few weeks back our church had their yearly festival and it was HUGE! It is always fun to see the Catholic church set up with beer tents and a little gambling action! We took the boys for some night time fun and of course some sugary goodness! Who can pass up a Lemon Shake up...NOT ME!

They had this kiddie pool full of macaroni but of course Luke kept piling it in his mouth so he lasted in there about 1 minute! haha

Vincent is usually terrified of heights and he begged to go on this with cousin Cael...I of course was freaking out inside...he did GREAT!

Cousin Cael and Vincent on his first train ride! WEEEEEE!

First cotton candy experience = SUCCESS! YUM YUM!

This carosel was INSANELY FAST! Like 5 times the normal speed haha! Vincent was not too happy about it....

It was a fun night and the boys got all hopped up on sugar! I cannot wait til they are old enough to do the bigger rides, they will have a ball! 

I am beyond excited that it is FRIDAY!! This week has dragged big time! Father's Day is Sunday! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?? Usually I do a picnic and that is still kind of in the game plan but not exactly sure when! Jordan specifically said last week "Allie do not buy me anything for Father's Day or my Birthday (on the 21st)" so I just said whatever honey. Monday this week he says "Hey I just ordered the biking and stroller attachment for the Cougar2, it will be here this week!"....needless to say so much for no gifts haha! We got the biking attachment Weds...and it ROCKS....we all biked downtown last night and then parked the bikes and turned the carrier into a stroller in 5 seconds and off we went! I will probably do an entire post on the Cougar 2 and its awesomeness! Maybe we will take a bike ride to a picnic....yes yes that is what we will do for Father's Day! ha!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend with your favorite men!! xoxo


  1. I always loved the stuff they did at my old church when I went to a Catholic church. Like a fish fry, with lots of beer and polka music. So much fun.

  2. Oh my goodness this looks so fun. LOVE all the adorable pictures! Your boys are the cutest little guys!!