Graduation Madness!

Graduation time is such an emotional time. I remember graduating from high school and having not a care in the world. I remember the joy that surrounded all of us graduating on our special day! Being at any graduation you can feel the energy coming from the students and also from their parents and loved ones. I love the emotions that surround the world of graduation. We had a weekend full of graduations and parties and it was PACKED full! On Friday we had my brother in law TJ's graduation from medical school and Saturday we had my other brother in laws graduation from high school and that afternoon had a graduation party for Jordan's cousins! It was so much fun to get to spend two days with family celebrating their achievements! Here are some pictures from ALL the festivities! 

By far two of my favorite pictures in one...
TJs graduation was V-E-R-Y LONG...which did not settle well during nap time! Jordan was manning both Luke and Vincent in the balcony area so I could snap the pics when TJ got hooded, Luke was screaming like a looney toon and it as so painful...stabbing eyes out painful. We played in the hallway and outside after he received his diploma, which worked a lot better!

Peek a boooooo!

After an hour a so Doctor TJ was done!! WOOOO!! All week long Vincent worked on pronouncing Doctor TJ! He said it cute!

I finally jumped in a photo ha

I love this photo from dinner...Jordan's grandparents were playing across the table from Vincent...

Day 2...David's turn to graduate! Much faster ceremony...SCORE!

I sprinted to get the perfect shot...I think I succeeded!

We went back to Jordan's dads to get some more pictures

Siblings minus Alex (Jordan's twin)

We ended with a graduation paty~! Whew!

Vincent's favorite person to play with is his great Grandpa...hands down! 

It was a busy few days for graduations! Doctor TJ just moved this weekend which is sad because he is no longer 10 minutes away, now he is 2 hours! BOOO...Jordans younger brother is going to college about 20 minutes away so that is a bonus and his cousins are going to college 10 minutes away! 

The entire time during graduation I was getting choked up thinking about all the emotions the parents must be experiencing...I cannot imagine what I will be like the day my kids graduate! AHHHHHH...I am already thinking about their graduation parties which means I need to get my butt cracking on their photo books, I only have Vincents first 8 months printed...totally SLACKING the rest! WOOPS! One day I will get around to them...Thank God I have this blog to keep things in order!


  1. Excuse me, I feel a bit left out. No picture of T. J. and his mom.

  2. Oh my heart hurts, Mr Vincent in that blazer clapping! So stinkn cute. The boys and their matchy blue shirts, awww so dang sweet! You captured this day beautifull Allie!