Seriously!? Thursday!

Seriously? Ashley is so whiny and the fact that they brought Bentley all the way to Hong Kong just to tell her it is finally a "period" was seriously stupid. He is such a jerk off, I mean he kept touching her leg and leading her on, you know at one point she thought he was going to confess his undying love for her! HAHA He totally just used the whole thing for an excuse to get a free trip to Hong Kong! I also love that Mickey just up and left! That totally cracked me up, I mean what did she expect telling them all the Bentley love drama! I love JP but I think he is too good for her! 

Seriously? Teresa was cracking me up on NJ housewives, I about died with all the sex talk and her showing that vibrating ring thing! Melissa's sister Lysa is on randomly but she totally looks like she has DONE all of Jersey Shore if you know what I mean! She just rubs me the wrong way! I loved that Melissa's daughter was in the ball room showcase, she is super CUTE but the rest of the people were so random! Jaclyn wasted making Nutella Calzones was just great, I want to try one now! Cannot wait for more of their drama next week...although the Danielle drama last season was so juicy I hope they show her face at some point this season so maybe Teresa can flip a table!!

Seriously? My husband has started a new diet, he never diets and really has no need to but he changed his eating habits and is not eating carbs and has no joke lost 10lbs this past month! He was skinny to begin with! I am kind of starting to do less carbs since his diet obviously effects the way we eat...maybe that was his plan to tone me up! Sneaky snake! haha

Seriously? We took the boys to their first fireworks last weekend and Luke fell asleep half way through them! They were so LOUD I thought for sure the finale would wake him, but it did not phase him! 

Seriously? Luke is almost ONE! I ordered his invites and some premade signs on a pdf file off Etsy, I cannot wait to get the final files but here s a little looksie at what we are working with....
Under The Big Top...Printable Personalized Birthday Party Package...DIY..Includes custom invite and thank DimplePrints
Last time I made all the signs for Vincent's party and it took SO LONG so I am trying this route out!

Seriously? We are running a 1/2 marathon in 4 months and I need to start running!!! AHHHHHHH! Plus, I gained like 6lbs since the miscarriage and would like to lose that ASAP!

Seriously? The boys both fell asleep at 7:15 tonight...which is giving me time to actually write this! YAHOO!

Seriously? Vincent keeps turning his light on at night so we bought him this Cloud b Constellation night light, it lights up his whole ceiling with stars and the moon! It has 3 is so fun! The first night he just played with it but now he puts the turtle "to bed" on a pillow!

Seriously? I will never be THIS MOM! I had to snap a shot at the Erie Zoo last week...thankfully she was not looking, although it may have been funny to see her face if she knew I was taking a pic!

Seriously? I need to post our Niagara Falls pics, it was so fun! Here are a few....

Alright that is all I have this week! xoxo

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  1. That picture of you and V and L is sooooo cute!!!

  2. The Bachelorette is killing me. If I hear "Bentley" or "dot dot dot" one more time my head might explode!
    Niagra falls looks awesome!

  3. i hate bentley! what a jerk off he is!

    and i hate seeing kids on leashes!

  4. I normally don't watch the Bachelorette but I am DVR'ing this season, and I want to power bomb Ashley every episode. Bentley=puke. For real. But IS the bachelorette. A TV show. Where she makes out with like 5 different guys a day. So what do you expect?

  5. I LOVE THAT TURTLE! I'm totally going to get one for the boys!!! -Jenny Galloway

  6. This whole post made me giggle. And you look SO familiar!! I don't think I'd ever seen your face in a photo before but you look really familiar!

  7. Bachelorette is driving me nutso too. Love the falls. Dont judge the leashes bc your hubby was on one when he was little, lol!

  8. So. I don't know if I am totally off my rocker... or dreamed this up... but I totally remember writing a comment {LONG one at that} on this post. Specifically talking about how my husband LOSES weight when he is trying to gain it. Hm.

    So I guess I will type it again, cuz i'm going crazy.

    I LOVE the idea for the birthday party! I just ordered Elli's invites the other day... haha

    Ashley is a L O S E R. At the same time, it's so pitiful I started feeling bad for her. Shame on me.

    Can't wait to see more pics of the boys! I love them to pieces!

    p.s. I am posting about the Card Shower today! Thanks for letting me know about that.


  9. Hi pretty mama! I love the shot at the falls w/ your cuties! Toms=LOOOVE! Seriously... SERIOUSLY I look so forward to your seriously each week! Ok Bently is so super anoying, But hello Ashley is too! If I hear another dot.. I'm gonna snap, & what is that weird thing she always does w/ her lips? Like the weird biting thingeee? I dunno... maybe it's just me? Hahaha... probably! Funny, my friend, I flippn love JP also. He has this kinda sexy "thing" a goin on! Yep. He's way to good for her. Did ya watch the season preveiw at then end of the show? It said something about a "surprise" dude coming back? I'm thinkn it's prob not Bently, I think it might be Jake! totally guessing, but I bet cha! Dude I always write you a novel. Haha just be glad I can't comment on RHWNJ, it's all backed up on my dvr.

    I ADORE Lukes circus decorations! Can't believe he'll be the big #1!

    Dude. Dude! Shut up about losing any weight or whatever! You look FABULOUS, it's kinda annoying. In a sweet way! Much Love mama...!

  10. I love the theme for the bday party! Which etsy store did you buy from? I have a few more things I need to get for the kiddos bday and want to check that shop out!

  11. aww your family is so cute!