Seriously? Thursday!

Alright I have had so many things that have made me go Seriously? the past two weeks, last week I did not update as it was a bad week in the household, I want to thank you all for your prayers and kind notes! Jordan was gone pretty much all of last week and has been gone all of this week which means little time for blogging! I am now sitting in the boys playroom at their little Ikea table and chairs trying to bust through an actual post! I made Vincent shut the door so Luke could not escape down the stairs (which he tries to go down head first!)

So let's do this....

Seriously...NO ONE UNDER 18 at a family wedding!?!?! This happened earlier this year and I guess it just annoys me to the core because both parties are "Catholic" and our faith supports family and children. Jordan has 3 younger siblings (middle school and high school) and they are not invited either, yet his sisters were invited and attended the bridal shower! FUNNY RIGHT!?! We boycotted the first wedding and this summer wedding was supposedly allowing children, until they changed their mind a few weeks ago, I had already bought a dress and we were about to book our hotel. The wedding is at the end of July. I would NEVER in a million years tell my friends or family that they could not bring their children.  Telling me that I am NOT allowed to bring my children does not sit well with me. The funny thing is a lot of couples do not bring their kids and like an evening alone, so save your invites if YOU want to make the decision for me. 

Seriously...Melissa on RHONJ drives me bonkers, she is so fake, and her and her sisters animal prints crack me up. Her sisters are trashy and annoying and you can tell they stir stuff up just to be on camera. And Melissa and Joe pretty much dry humping on a mechanical bull does not make me hungry for a Thanksgiving Dinner.  Onto the RHOOC, I died with shock when Tamra and Jeana got into it, I was laughing so hard, the best part was when her "guy friend" threw the drink and also threw the glass on the driveway spouting off something sassy! Those ladies never let me down in the drama department. And Alexis...geesh she is crazy town, the funniest thing was on What What Happens Live, she called in when Peggy was on, and she just went on a little tirade and they ignored her. So much for you and Pegs being BFFs!

Seriously....Thank you Ben & Jerry's for your new flavor "Late Night Snack", I came across this little gem in Charleston when one of their employees recommended it since I like sweet and salty! Its Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, with caramel and fudge covered potato chip clusters, yes I said potato chips...YUMMMMMMM!

Seriously...I mentioned earlier that Luke thinks to get down the stairs you go face first. Well I finally figured out why that is. Up stairs to get to their playroom their is 2 little steps, well he climbs up them normal and belly flops down them which is fine since there is only 2 steps but when he tries the regular steps it does not fly. Yesterday he figured out how to climb down them the right way but he can only do that after he has climbed them since he is already in the position, so now we have to figure out how to get him in that position! But he LOVES the stairs, just like his big brother!

Seriously....Bentley is such a loser from The Bachelorette. The fact that he is a father just makes it so much worse. I like to think that having kids helps some people grow up, not the case for him. Who sets out on national TV to be such a jerk!?!? Way to go Daddy Bentley, let's teach our daughters good lessons like how NOT to treat someone. UGH. But shame on Ashley for not listening to the person who warned her. And the fact that she liked him THAT much already. COME ON! But I guess that is what you get when you are looking for marriage on a TV show.
Bentley Williams picture

Seriously...I have SO many pictures to upload and blog posts to write! I just wish they would write themselves or that my computer could just type my thoughts out! Come on technology!

Seriously....Luke is being super whiny and attaching himself to my leg. He just ate no joke 20 minutes ago, we call him my leech. He is so darn attached to me, which is nice, but sometimes I just need a little breather buddy boy! That being said. I am ending this post.

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  1. hi!
    i a semi-new follower & read your past post.
    I am also a angel momma of two.
    thought I would leave my link if you ever need a ear.

  2. This post seriously cracked me up.

    1, this is super annoying and i never understood why people did NOT allow kids at a wedding... i mean really.... this isnt like a bachelorette party or anything. and the fact that they changed it at the last minute? so not cool.

    2. i couldnt agree more. she drives me bonkers.

    3. Mmm that sounds good, im going to have to try.

    5. he's a big time loser. for sure.

  3. Slam on the breaks... the wedding thing is now a maybe:/

  4. New follower myself over from Seriously Thursday. I wish I could get into those HW shows. But.....anyway, glad they entertain you.

    Your baby is ADORABLE

  5. Oh Come ON!!! No Kiddos at a wedding.... really... REALLY! Ugg. That makes me want to punch someone, & I'm so not a toughie.

    I have got to try that ice cream fo sure!

    I've tried to cut back on my reality shows, but it hasn't panned out. Thank God for my dvr!

    Bently... you are such a bad BAd BAD Ugly (yes ugly. You are so UGLY) person. I kinda want to punch his face. Just sayn! Allie, you're bringing out the gansta in me. Hahaha... I promise I'm a really nice christain mama. Bently just sucks. Before I get in trouble, I'd better sign off... I mean peace. happy jax mama Ouuut!

    (does this stuff really come from my brain? haha)

    Ok. byeee. XO.

  6. OMGoooooooooSH! Dude! I just saw that I'm on your blog list!!!! That makes my heart so happy it's doin the "running man," right as I type this!!! Hahah... that was funny, ey?! Lol.

    Ahhh... Allie friend you made my whole darn year! Thanks so much lady! XO!

  7. I just love the way it sounds. SERIOUSLY?!
    Hahaha, yeah Melissa BUGS the CRAP out of me.
    UGH. On a superficial note, her boobs are weird, but she seems FAKER THAN FAKE in the personality department.

  8. I don't like being given no choice on the bringing the children to a wedding.
    I understand there is cost. But when most couples have young children as has often been the case when I had my babies, there were a lot of weddings.
    I went to most because I was able to bring them. If I want an evening alone, I would have made arrangement but that was not alyays the option.