Weekend Happenings

This weekend has been VERY relaxed and much needed! Jordan has been gone so much during the past few weeks that it was nice to finally take a deep breath and get some much needed family time in! I feel like during the weeks when we do chat it is either work related or about this or that, so to finally just eat dinner together and be under the same roof is nice! I really cannot complain though because Jordan works from home so when he is home we get to see A LOT of him! Therefore it is a win win situation for us! Plus the Hilton hotel benefits from his extensive traveling we get  are the BOMB diggity....we just planned a little weekend in NYC for our anniversary...hello FREE hotel in Times Square! Plus when we went to Charleston and Charlotte our hotel was completely covered as well because of all the points we have! I am still behind and need to post those pictures...one day I will get there!! haha

Anyways here is some happenings around the house this weekend...

 Luke cannot leave the stairs alone and WILL DO ANYTHING to get to them...

Vincent loves popcorn...so much that daily he brings me a bag from the pantry and asks for it! So daddy got a real popcorn popper...Vincent loved it!

A little bath action....

 New hairdos
Slide + baby pool = genius! Our neighbor has 4 kids and was telling us all the wacky scenarios they did in the summer with their kids and pools! Funny story their youngest daughter in high school, is in LOVE with Jordan! She no joke wanted him to come with them to the Taylor Swift concert! I about died laughing the one day when she told me. They went yesterday and her mom was joking that they were going to get him a shirt!

What the heck was that mom!??!?!? He only went down once haha

But loved pushing cousin Cael down...

Cookie, oreo, brownie, ice cream, hot fudge!??! What else could you ask for!??!

A cute cheerful Luke on this beautiful morning....

Have a happy Sunday! xoxo

PS I FINALLY CREATED A BUTTON!! Up on the RIGHT hand sidebar...take it with you my pretty!! xooxo


  1. LOVED the pictures! How fun! Grabbed your button! :)

  2. Had a great time last night with all of you. Thank you for inviting me.

  3. V's face with that popcorn machine is PRICELESS!

  4. First off, Dude... you have a buton! It's so cute, LOVES it! It is new right? I am workn on getting my fav bloggy buttons on my page. You know you will be #1, my bloggaLand BFF....HaaaHA! Also your new background is adorable.

    Slide to the pool is GENIUS! Jax will be all about that! That little LUKE has the flippn cutest squishy baba face! Vincent is getting so big, those two are quite the pair. The bath reflectiion shot w/ mr v is to die for! Much love your way...! Xo

  5. Great pictures!! Love the slide/pool. Our slip and slide broke last year, or I couldn't get the something off the hose, or something was wrong. I can't remember now! But we ended up putting the small slide at one end and then I sprayed the kids with water as they slid down the slide onto the slip & slide. LOL Your kids are so cute! And Woo Hoo for NYC vacay!