3 under 3...SAY WHAT?!

If you didn't know already! We are once again expecting! Babe #3 is expected around March 12, 2012! I am still in shock at how quickly it happened after the miscarriage but I feel so insanely blessed by this gift of life. Jordan, Vincent, Luke and I cannot wait to meet this little babe! We all know I am praying daily for great health and for a GIRL! I will clearly be fine with another boy but mama would love a little girl! Things have been very slow and unexciting these first few weeks and I will take it! Unexciting pregnancy makes me happy! :) I have my first actual appt on August 15th, and I am meeting our new midwife! I am a tad hesitant because my last midwife was THE BEST, and I do not think anyone will be able to compare to her (she even delivered babes on the Lifetime show One Born Every Minute!) But I have no other choice since we moved, so I am sucking it up and finding a new doctor!

I decided to be better at taking belly pics, I think I will try to keep up with them every 2-3 weeks! Anyways here we go with week 7-8

Now onto some pictures where I added facial expressions that most people get when we say we're having baby #3!

"Oh MY GOODESS!" judging eyes...UGH

"SAY WHAT" "1, 2...OMG 3!?!?!?

"Can't you tell how happy I am for you?!?!"
I love the last picture, Vincent is climbing on the chair towards a closed window! haha

Anyways, all these looks happened when we even announced we were having Luke! So I know these looks still exist, plus maybe even worse ones! The look I most like is one like this...


Because we are happy! lol The fact that such a crappy situation flipped into such a miracle is beyond me! I guess I should not be shocked by others reactions but I guess I am just being REAL. It's ANNOYING as all get out when people react shocked, stunned or worried! It's like I AM SO SORRY to inconvenience you by us building our family...Also last time I checked married couples do just that...they make babies. It should not matter at what pace it happens, it is up to them! :)

Plus guess who will be in their early 40's when their kids are in college?...US! bahahahaha We have so much of our life ahead of us and I cannot wait to spend it all with these beautiful babes and my sexy husband! These 2 years since we have had Vincent have flown by and it is so CRAZY!  I heard a great quote about the early years of childhood "The days are long, but the years are short!"- How freaking true is that!?

Sorry for the rant I just get annoyed sometimes! But I hope all of you are happy or excited for us...if not I am sure in time you will be! haha! I will spread my happiness to all of you bahahhahaha!

It would be crazy for me to say I am not a tad overwhelmed at the thought of 3, but it's normal,  I felt the same way the moment I brought Luke home and had to figure out how to deal with 2 babes instead of 1! This time will be no different, I will figure out how to juggle 3 vs 2 and I know I will find my way! But the thought of being overwhelmed does not take one ounce of happiness out of me...so let's do this! Bring it on babe #3!

Seriously? Thursday!

It's that time again...my favorite post of the week! Join in and get some things off your chest!

Seriously? Can I please ring in the holidays with the Manzo's and Guidice's? It's like we're already family anyway right!? I love that they kicked Kim G out, seriously she is CRAZY town. I would never allow someone like that near me! Teresa was cracking me up calling Melissa out on his Christmas dress...hello Teresa yours was short haha I love Albie and Chris Manzo...mostly Albie though...hello ladies, am I right!? He is a doll, I told my best friend Arielle she needs to date him! She will be in NYC near Hoboken for 6 weeks so I told her she has to find HIM! Or else I will, when we go visit in Sept! 
Match made in heaven right!? 

Seriously? Jordan accidentally got the grill too close to the siding of the house and it melted and warped a few months back. Well last night I walk out to him ripping the siding down...I looked at him with sheer horror and he said "WHAT? I just watched a youtube video on this!!!!" HAHA He did actually do a perfect job and fixed it like brand new! I guess youtube pays off sometimes!

Seriously? We are almost 8 weeks...EEK! I am trying not to get too excited...I just want to get through this 1st trimester then I will be on cloud nine! I took some belly pics that I cannot wait to show you this weekend!

Seriously? I am so OVER the HOT weather. Vincent wants to be outside 247 and it kills.my.soul! Last night we accidentally got locked out when Jordan went to Lowe's so hopefully the kids got their "outside fix"! 

Seriously? We have had the name Lily Ann picked out since we were pregnant with Vincent and just the other day I decided I am OVER IT! I think it has just been too long, so I am now in love with the name Giuliana! I have always loved it but thought Jordan would never go for it, he vetoes a LOT of names, but he LOVES IT! So IF we have a girl I think she will be Giuliana and I AM IN LOVE with it! I mostly love the name because I secretly wish we were Italian...hence Vincents name....so I can pretend we are Italian with Vinnie and Giuliana! haha

Seriously? Anyone else excited that G&B are back on!? Giuliana and Bill for you that do not know! haha Okay so maybe that is one of the reasons I love the name Giuliana but whatever. Anyways one thing is for sure...LOSE THE COMB OVER BILLY! Come on buddy, I like your hair normal! I cannot find a freaking pic of him rocking the comb over but here is my normal Bill.

Seriously? HALF MARATHON is out the door for us! But that doesn't mean we aren't still going to Vegas in Oct! Hello awesomeness! I get to go to Vegas and NOT run! haha I told the couple we are going with that I will still cheer them on and take pictures when they start and finish!! Go Josh and Tera! Can I get a Vicki "WOOHOOOOOO!"

Seriously? My best friend Becky came over this morning for a visit, she is in town with her friend for the Britney concert, hello why was I not invited?!?! I will be living vicariously through them at the concert haha! I loved seeing her though! 

Seriously? Guess who's little man is starting Tumble Tots!? Vincent is totally going to rock it out! Not that I want him to be a gymnast but I think its great for coordination and people who can flip are awesome...I always loved being able to do a backflip, such a fun trait. 

Plus it allows you to be able to do this*....ME in my prime (highlights, tan and all)...aka college cheer days!

And plus there are some sexy men gymnasts in case he ever wanted to pursue it. He could be the next Blaine Wilson
I was majorly obsessed with him...circa 1996 Olympics...him and Sexi Alexi
Alexi Nemov...not as hot as I made him out to be, but hey there are some great looking male gymnasts! Whew! Vincent could be the next heart throb! 

Seriously? My mom's birthday is Sunday! We are taking her to the Melting Pot to celebrate...YUM YUM YUM! My mouth is already watering over the thought of it all!! 

Seriously? My friend Chrissy and her husband finally welcomed Miss Claira into the world this week! I am DYING over her cuteness and my baby FEVER is so HIGH!! I cannot wait to get my hands on this little gem in a few weeks!!! AHHHHHHH!!! 

Seriously? Tomorrow is a mom's night in with some of the moms in our playgroup! I cannot wait to get some adult time! I need to bake something for it...I just have no energy. UGH! Plus I just spent all my energy typing this...You're welcome...HAHAHA

I think that is ALL!! Hope you are all having a great week!! xoxoox

Wordless Wednesday- Lazy Day!


Every time I hear the word 'teamwork', an annoying saying pops in my head,

"Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork"
*dreamwork is not really even a word!? maybe it's because I am from an amishtown? who knows?*

In high school, our football team always had motto's for every year to motivate them to not suck...As cheerleaders we painted signs with the motto's to put in their locker rooms so they could drill it into their heads and be able to see it everywhere they looked. Well, this motto actually works well for marriage and parenting! I bust it out anytime we do things well as parents haha, Jordan probably wants to punch me in the face but whatever. "Teamwork does make the Dreamwork", baby!

I sit sometimes and wonder how we have gotten this far in our parenting journey?

I mean we have two great (and great looking haha) little men who are I love with every ounce of my being. 

But HOW did we get here?! I know it's not all because of me...

Each day the boys continue to amaze me by the way they learn and pick things up that we teach them. I know there is NO WAY we would have gotten this far without working together. Jordan is truly my equal and partner in crime when it comes to being a parent. I love having him by my side! 

The other night after prayers we were all lounging in Vincent's room, tooth brushing was next on the agenda {yippie} and I HATE the process of holding them down and brushing teeth (slowly but surely it's becoming less of a fight!) and Jordan hates having to get up to get the tooth brushes so we worked together to make each other happy and get the job done! I jumped up and got the tooth brushes and he did the brushing, easy as pie! We were both happy carrying out the roles we like and it was so much easier sharing the roles vs one of us doing it all! 
These things happens almost daily, when Jordan is home he will be the one to get up with Luke, because I am NOT a morning person, he probably does it so he does not have to hear me b*tch all day about being tired, but nonetheless he does it to help! He also will take the boys on walks while I take time to decompress and have some alone time on the weekends. Plus he has TONS more patience than I do because he allows Vincent to walk and Vincent's speed is snail SLOW at times, as cute as it may be, but when I am out for a walk I am in it to walk quick and get it over with so I prefer the boys to stay in the jogger while I push! haha Jordan takes time and has SO MUCH more patience than I do! God Bless him! 
There are stages of life the kids would not have met if it would not have been for him giving that extra push and telling me to "calm the frick down". For example if it hadn't of been for him the kids would probably both still be in bed with us and still be coddled by me, I probably would be like a mama kangaroo and build them a  pouch to be with me 247, I am a pansy when it comes to letting go and pushing them but Jordan has helped not only me to grow, but for them to grow. 
I fondly remember making the switch the Vincent sleeping in his nursery, I was TERRIFIED OF EVERYTHING, mainly him dying, that is always my fear, I am a tad crazy! But anyways, Jordan was in charge of the operation, it had to be that way or else it never would have happened. We laid Vincent down and I forget which one of us slept in the room on his floor but one of us did. It was painful for me to allow such a drastic moment but having Jordan help me through it made everything better. Now I look back and think why did we NOT move him sooner...oh yeah, it's because I am crazy! I should have listened to Jordan sooner! 
Teamwork makes the dream work, right!?!? Am I right!?

Another situation (I swear they always have to do with sleeping conditions, have we caught on to the fact that I am afraid they will die in their sleep!?!??!?!) Anyways, Jordan is the one who pushed for Vincent to move to his big boy bed, and it was such a success. Vincent was sick the day we made the switch, it was genius because he was too tired to give up a fight so we laid him in the big boy bed and he slept the entire night! He did not fall out of bed or die( as I envision...I always expect the WORST)...he managed to succeed because he was READY and because his daddy helped his mommy get over the fear of him being alone in a big boy bed. I know that switch can be painful for many families, but thankfully my husband saw an opportunity and jumped on it! (make the switch when they are sick haha)

But in all seriousness through the journey we have had as parents I have learned to trust not only my own instincts but allow his instincts to come into play. I know as moms we think we are always right with our motherly instincts but that is not true. Letting Jordan wear the parenting pants has come in to save the day more than a few times and I am willing to give up the "super parent" title any day! I know I only gave a few circumstances but I could not get through the day without his love and support. I would not be half the mother or women I am today, if it were not for him! Parenting is a two way street and I thank God the other street is in full working capacity! I feel like dads never get as much credit as moms, but MAN am I lucky to have him along for this crazy ride!

I could sit here and write a post ALL day listing everything he does that amazes me but 1. that would bore you and 2. you would all be trying to take him from me haha, so only a few stories will work for the post! :)
I realized through this whole post that I am saying all the great things he does to help me, but that is selfish to think its all about teamwork, it is about helping me but most importantly it is because he loves his little boys! Just because daddy's are not as soft as mommy's does not mean that they do not melt at the thought of their kids, because I know he does, I can see it in his eyes (sorry babe for selling you out as a softy), but seriously he does a lot to help ME but he is also building his relationship with them and my goodness, they have the BEST relationship with their daddy! 

PS If this baby is a girl...I think he will melt even more..
WE ALL love you to the moon and back, baby! 

Check it and HELP

Wow, I had plans to originally type up a long post this morning about my thoughts on baby #3 but my plans got trumped by 2 little boys who got up earlier than normal, and are seriously on TOP of me! Therefore...no post! I am featured over on From Mrs to Mama for Meet This Mama! I am so excited, I no joke answered 8 questions, everyone else just did one, I seem like such a loser over achiever! ah oh well! Enjoy!

Leave some love for your thoughts on the questions I answered, because I would love to hear your opinion or any tricks you have!

ALSO I would love your opinion on what to RENAME my blog!?

 Obviously we are no long Table for 3...Actually Make that 4! Any comments would be appreciated...my creative juices are not yet following or maybe there is none in me!! haha Thanks guys! 

New House:Boy's Bedrooms!

I realized when I was typing up a post for Becky over at From Mrs to Mama, that I had not taken any pictures of the boy's room since we moved! 

So here ya go.... 

Vincent's BIG BOY room! 

and now....onto Luke's room (nursery)

I am REALLY hoping that I will be able to make a CUTE PINK room come March! 

PS one day I will get around to posting pictures of the new place....keyword was ONE DAY haha

Thanks so much for all your sweet wishes and prayers on baby #3

One door closes....

Another one opens!

I told you all we were having a HUGE week, well last week I was awaiting my first period after the miscarriage and it did not come, and I was feeling like death! So I figured, hey why not take a pregnancy test, thinking there was NO way I would be pregnant considering I just miscarried on June 1st. 

Well of course first thing that morning I did not have to pee....seriously so annoying because I ALWAYS pee first thing, anyways about 10am I finally felt the urge to pee so I ran into the bathroom with my stick in hand and peed, literally as I was pulling it out of the pee stream (haha that makes me giggle), the plus sign appeared! HOLY MOSES! I was in shock, it never appears that QUICK and it was dark as night, I was clearly pregnant again!!

But of course now I am a tad hesitant to get too excited. 

We had NO idea how far along I was since I did not even have a chance to have a period, so I went in Tuesday for blood work and my numbers came back pretty HIGH, we had thought I was only about 4 weeks, so seeing that my hcg levels were over 29,000 was a tad concerning, I of course started thinking what if it's twins!? {insert panic attacks} The nurse said well you must be about 7 weeks, which wasn't adding up since just 7 weeks ago there was ANOTHER baby there that we were about to miscarry. We scheduled an ultrasound as soon as possible which happened to be today. (It was originally Monday but I HAD to move it up...I do not handle suspense well!)

I could not sleep thinking about the what if's and just the stress of it all. Last time I had an ultrasound was in the ER, the day before I miscarried and it was a horrible experience that I never want to relive again. I had to drink a TON of water for the ultrasound which I thought was weird since they usually do the 1st ultrasound transvaginally, well they did it externally which was really cool since I wore a dress haha! So I hiked it up and the gel was applied and off she went. I mentioned I drank a ton of water...well I had to pee horribly and was not allowed to, so every movement of the wand made the urge that much worse. On top of that my heart was very heavy the entire time because I had no clue what to expect since I may or may not be very far along. She measured my ovaries and all the boring stuff then she said she found the baby bean...with a HEARTBEAT!! I was so excited, she even pulled up the audio and we got to hear it, it was really truly the first time I have really gotten choked up hearing it. She informed me that the baby is measuring 6w4d give or take a few days, which just baffles me since I miscarried 7w2d ago! God certainly works in mysterious ways and I am LOVING every moment of it! 

The picture is crummy because it was from my cell, and the baby is SO tiny still!  But see it on the right side...oh and there's only ONE haha! 

I am extra excited because this baby is stronger and bigger than the baby I miscarried so that is a BONUS, I am just praying everything works out the way it should this time around! I just want to get to 12 weeks then I will feel a little bit better! We are beyond excited for this little bean and cannot wait to extend our family of 4 to a family of 5. I am still in a little bit of a panic of how I will be able to handle it all, but it will all work out, it always does! For now I am just grateful for the blessing we received and cannot wait to meet him or HER in March...ps it better be a girl! I NEED PINK in this house! haha

I struggled for a minute about when to spill the beans but last time I told you all ANYWAY that I miscarried so who cares, I am pregnant and I want everyone to know it! lol Good or bad we will get through it! Hopefully it is all GOOD this time around! 

If you could please, keep us in your thoughts and prayers through this first trimester!! xoxo

Weekly Randoms...

A few random shots that haven't reached the blog yet from the past  few weeks....

 it FINALLY rained this week for more than 1 minute...YAY! our grass needed it! 
 Fun in the rain...

 Look at my BIG BOY undies...WAHOO!
 Mommy's helper....

New lunch idea...turkey slice, shredded cheddar cheese roll up...Vincent thinks its the bomb dot com! 

 Loads of playdates!! 

The kids built a ship out of branches, we are obviously riding in it haha! 
Much needed haircuts for both boys! 
 Babes in PJ'S...SWOON! 

 Hi there, cutie! 
 The current state of our formal dining room(clearly never use it)...aka Luke's 1st Birthday Planning Station...MESS! 

Sorry I did not have a lot to say today... so I threw some pictures together...kind of! haha! More to come this weekend when I reveal the exciting news to you all!!! XOXOOX

Seriously? Thursday!

My favorite post of the week is here...so head on over and link up on Becky's blog!

Seriously? Thank God my RHONJ were back...i ate up all the drama and I cannot wait for next week! Kim G seriously needs to be punched in the face. Will she EVER grow up?, I mean seriously she was just stirring the pot bringing that Monica chic, and Monica was all about the drama herself playing the pitty card! Kathy also was stirring the pot, I mean it was nice and all that she went up to Teresa but then she kept picking at her! Back of Kath! Teresa totally played it cool! LOVE HER! Also Melissa's brother in law talking money with Joe G was not right, what a prick! Finally Teresa and Joe are not the bad guys they are made out to be! Melissa finally made me very happy this episode that she stood up for Teresa and Joe! I seriously cannot wait to see my Manzo boys take care of Kim G next week! I love me some Albie and Chris Manzo!
Seriously? I finally caught up on two weeks worth of The Whinefest Bachelorette, thank God I have it DVR'd so I can fast forward when Ashley cranks up the cry factor! The hometown dates were all pretty solid, all the families seemed so amazing. I want to go party with Consantine's family...HOW FUN WERE THEY!? He totally earned bonus points from me this episode, he just seems so sweet! I felt SO BAD for Ames, he always has such a strong smile on his face, I know his heart is probably shattered behind his million dollar smile! He is just so calm and sweet that I think it would have been HILARIOUS if he would have gotten into the limo and said something crazy like "WTF, Ashley is a *BEEP*!" That would have been a great twist but of course that did not happen! haha! I am on Team JP and Consantine! WOOT WOOT!
Seriously? Teen Mom haha, oh Amber could you PLEASE STOP being such a CRAZY person. I would never be able to tolerate her for a minute! She is so looney! I mean she is so MEAN to Gary, poor guy! I also feel horrid that her little daughter is taking all of that drama in...Vincent mimics Jordan and I to a tee, so it breaks my heart knowing that little Leah is learning all this from her mom and dad! Farrah's ex's mother is also CRAZY, I mean she wants to deny that her son is the father when it comes to Social Security benefits for Sophia yet she wants "grandparent" visitation rights!? Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this! Screw her! If anything ever happened to one of my boys and I knew they had a child I would do EVERYTHING to help the mother of my grandbaby, finacially and emotionally! Catlyn and Tyler are of course the same as always, I cannot wait to see her and her mom in counseling...I cannot stand her mom, she is the epitome of how NOT to parent your child...yuck!
Seriously? Is all my post going to be about "reality" television!!? Why, yes! haha Joking, I cannot help that I get so drawn in!
Seriously? Is anyone else BEYOND excited for The Bachelor Pad!? Jake and Viennas drama looks so TASTY! He is so whiney and rude though...he kind of acts like a child. Like boo hoo our relationship did not work out so I am going to point the blame and be a prick! I mean maybe she did some bad things but the way he treated her and talked down to her was UNCALLED for! I was totally team Jake but not.so.much now! Be a man Jake and act like an adult!
Seriously? we have had a HUGE week, if you're friends with me on FB, you already know but the rest of you have to wait...{insert evil laugh-BAHAHAHAHAH} Check back in a few days, I should have a post ready by then! :)
Seriously? I am ALREADY counting down the days until I can take these wonderful Invisalign trays out! It is just a tad annoying to have them in your mouth 247, I have had a headache since I got them! If that could please go away, I would be a tad cheerier!
Seriously? If  you did not see my most recent Luke post, how cute is he in a TIE!! I love him!
Seriously? How scary is our little Verner when he bites at the hose water!?
Seriously? We have NO weekend plans until Luke's birthday! I LOVE FREE WEEKENDS!
Seriously? Everyone and their mom uses the Pioneer Woman for recipes and I must say I need to start in on the fad...this recipe is making my mouth water...HOLY YUM! If you use her recipes let me know which are THE BEST!!?!?
Seriously, go over and link up!