Friday, July 29, 2011

3 under 3...SAY WHAT?!

If you didn't know already! We are once again expecting! Babe #3 is expected around March 12, 2012! I am still in shock at how quickly it happened after the miscarriage but I feel so insanely blessed by this gift of life. Jordan, Vincent, Luke and I cannot wait to meet this little babe! We all know I am praying daily for great health and for a GIRL! I will clearly be fine with another boy but mama would love a little girl! Things have been very slow and unexciting these first few weeks and I will take it! Unexciting pregnancy makes me happy! :) I have my first actual appt on August 15th, and I am meeting our new midwife! I am a tad hesitant because my last midwife was THE BEST, and I do not think anyone will be able to compare to her (she even delivered babes on the Lifetime show One Born Every Minute!) But I have no other choice since we moved, so I am sucking it up and finding a new doctor!

I decided to be better at taking belly pics, I think I will try to keep up with them every 2-3 weeks! Anyways here we go with week 7-8

Now onto some pictures where I added facial expressions that most people get when we say we're having baby #3!

"Oh MY GOODESS!" judging eyes...UGH

"SAY WHAT" "1, 2...OMG 3!?!?!?

"Can't you tell how happy I am for you?!?!"
I love the last picture, Vincent is climbing on the chair towards a closed window! haha

Anyways, all these looks happened when we even announced we were having Luke! So I know these looks still exist, plus maybe even worse ones! The look I most like is one like this...


Because we are happy! lol The fact that such a crappy situation flipped into such a miracle is beyond me! I guess I should not be shocked by others reactions but I guess I am just being REAL. It's ANNOYING as all get out when people react shocked, stunned or worried! It's like I AM SO SORRY to inconvenience you by us building our family...Also last time I checked married couples do just that...they make babies. It should not matter at what pace it happens, it is up to them! :)

Plus guess who will be in their early 40's when their kids are in college?...US! bahahahaha We have so much of our life ahead of us and I cannot wait to spend it all with these beautiful babes and my sexy husband! These 2 years since we have had Vincent have flown by and it is so CRAZY!  I heard a great quote about the early years of childhood "The days are long, but the years are short!"- How freaking true is that!?

Sorry for the rant I just get annoyed sometimes! But I hope all of you are happy or excited for us...if not I am sure in time you will be! haha! I will spread my happiness to all of you bahahhahaha!

It would be crazy for me to say I am not a tad overwhelmed at the thought of 3, but it's normal,  I felt the same way the moment I brought Luke home and had to figure out how to deal with 2 babes instead of 1! This time will be no different, I will figure out how to juggle 3 vs 2 and I know I will find my way! But the thought of being overwhelmed does not take one ounce of happiness out of let's do this! Bring it on babe #3!


  1. Congratulations ! So happy for you :)

  2. YOUR TINY! I look like a chub-chub compared to you!!!! Lol.

    And who cares what people think. They aren't the ones that have to raise the kids! So why should they have any opinion about it. I got some people who thought we were nuts too but whatever. We've got this! Women are much more capable than we are made out to be sometimes!

  3. Ha Ha I was going to say you are 8 weeks preggo and I am not...we look the same, lol. Go Girl! ~Tera

  4. Ahah congrats again! I am due March 9th so we are really close in our pregnancies!! This is my first though so I'm basically a nervous wreck. My stomach actually looks JUST like yours!.......when I suck in my hardest. Seriously I'm tying my pants together with a hair tie right now. What gives?? I thought tiny girls werent supposed to show until 4 months like everyone says.

  5. new reader here :)

    I dont know about anyone else, but Im very happy for you! me and my husband have just started the TTC journey and I would love to have 3 kids all close in age.

    dont worry about what other people say, its what you and your husband want not them. And a house full of babies? dream come true! congrats to you and your cute family!

    [sweet life of southern wife]

  6. I actually thought the transition to two babies was harder than to 3 or even 4 for that after. After you've adjusted to doubling the baby population in the family, it just gets easier after that!

  7. Congrats, I'm happy for you (no judging here)!! You look so cute and tiny and I LOVE the facial expressions you expect to see, haha!

    My friend also had a doctor that was on One Born Every Minute!! He works in the same OBGYN office as my doc :)

  8. Welllll I for one couldn't be more happy for you guys. You seem like such a loving and happy family why not have more?!? I can't wait until we can have another. Unfortunately I have to do just that...wait. It will happen though. Until then, I live vicariously through other beautiful pregnant women such as yourself! haha Love you girl!

  9. Congrats again! Love all the pictures and I agree with the other comments, who cares what people say! It's your family and babies are a BLESSING! :)

  10. Such a blessing baby #3!! So lucky!! I so want a third after having the twins, people give me the (ARE YOU CRAZY! YOU HAVE TWINS) look. I would have another right now if I could!!

  11. Ok. I'm going to have my own seriously rant on your comments. Dude. Who the heck could be the least bit judgemental over such a beautiful gift! Seriously...?! I don't get it. We on the other hand couldn't be more happy for you guys. So SO Hhappy. OMG Allie, you are going to be the dang cutest preggers chickie ever. You are so flippn tiny n cute! LOVE the facial expressions HAHA. Funny girl!

    Oooo btw, your Seriously was fabulouse this week. My stupid computer would not let me comment. When I saw a pic the friend you want to set up w/ ALbie, I totally thought they were really a couple! They kinda look perfect together. She is beautiful! LOVE me some Albie! We have good tast in men girlfriend... Albie, JP... not bad! Have a wonderful weekend mama!

  12. LOL! Those so remind me of the looks we get when we tell people we will have THREE KIDS UNDER TWO! Hearing my son won't even be 2 yet when the twins are born, yeah I get a lot of those faces lol!

    But it's so true. God provides and He won't give us more then we can't handle!

  13. I'm sure after having your first 2 so close together you got a lot of comments as well. Ours are only 15 months apart and people always give us a shocked face and say, "oh my, your hands must be full"... to which I usually reply, "yeah, but my heart is also". That usually shuts them up. The more the merrier! Congrats!

  14. Congrats to you and your family! Best wishes for a healthy easy pregnancy! I love the facial expressions! (we got the same looks, I can't wait to see what happens when we are expecting #4)

  15. You are so cute!! And congrats again on the new baby!! I hope thats its a healthy GIRL also bc girls are SO much fun :) Although I would not trade Gavan in for anything! I'd also like to add that its no ones buisness but yours and your husbands if and when you expand your family. Its not the same thing but I get the same type of looks when people realize how old I am compared to Gavan and even Skye. I just ignore them bc in the end Jamie and I will be able to enjoy and keep up with them while they are young, relate to them while they grow up (bc we can remember what it was like so easy lol) and then still chase our Grandbabies!! P.S. I LOVE the name for a girl!

  16. I get annoyed too when people react that way! Especially the unnecessary comments like "you're going to have a hard time, you know." Ugh! Well, I'm going to say CONGRATS to you and your family! I love babies, the more the merrier and they're such a blessing. I can't wait to have another (I actually want 5) but for now I'll live out my excitement through you!

  17. There is a saying out there, one is like none and two is like ten. You just add another one to the mix, what is the difference. I had 4 under 5 1/2, it just so happened that Alex and Jordan were twins, so I had two babies at the same time, a 2 year old and an almost 6 year old. Jennifer was a huge help with T. J., kept him entertained, and we all survived. I used to nurse Alex and Jordan and T. J. would sit in my lap and I would read to him. Don't worry about the looks, it is no body's business but yours. It is nice to have all your children in college by the time you are in your early 40's, I can attest to that, but then life flips and you end up taking care of grandchildren, as you know in my case, not my own biological grandchildren, but step-granddaughters. Life is crazy sometimes, but God truly does not give you anymore than you can handle. Are you going to the midwife group at Flower Hospital? Kim Hertzfeld is in a midwife group, and she is awesome.

  18. YOU are crackimg me up with these expressions!! to funny!

  19. Glad your feeling soo good this time around!

  20. Congratulations!!!

    I think you are a gutton for punishment :) just kidding...babies are wonderful. I don't know how people manage to keep up with 3 or 4 kids...I guess that's why I only have one!

    I'm so very happy for you guys!


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