4th of July fun...

I always love any holiday since we can get to see our family and have a laid back time! This past weekend we not only celebrated the holiday, but also Jordan's little brother David's graduation party! He went to Greece with their dad for his senior trip so the party was Greek themed with lamb, gyros, greek salad and baklava! My tummy was VERY happy! I have been eating Greek salad non stop since then! Recipe to come!

Friday night I had Jordan's little sisters over to help bake a cake for the party, we had fun. I tried to do cake pops but for some reason they would not work right so I threw them out! Pain in the bum!The graduation was at Jordan's dads and he lives on the lake so we had fun there, we had a picnic at the Yacht Club with his family Sunday, then ended with a cookout at his moms. The whole weekend was a blast, it is nice that we only live 45 minutes from Jordan's parents so we can come back home vs staying at their houses. It is always easier for the boys to sleep in their own beds and for Jordan and I to actually sleep!

Here are some pics!

Luke must be attached to me 247...he crawled under the table to get to me...lol!

Jet Ski time...of all the times we have been at Jordan's dads we have never jet skiied together so last weekend was the time since we had plenty of family inside to watch the boys! Jordan and I forgot swimsuits so we wore his siblings, Jordan's shorts were so TIGHT! HAHA

After jet-skiing and Jordan and the boys decided to take the catamaran his dad just got on the lake...they had NO CLUE how to operate it! Pretty entertaining to watch, we pulled out the lawn chairs and blankets and watched the men figure it out!

Jordan nominated himself to be the diaper man...I guess if the boat is going to tip they throw themselves in the water attached with their diaper...thankfully Lake Erie isn't too crazy!

After a few hours they finally returned! Jordan said they were so close to tipping it but thankfully they didn't!

The cake we made for David 
  Luke swinging at Grandma's! 

And finally some fireworks...we watched them out Vincent's playroom window! Worked perfect!

I hope you all had a fun 4th of July! Cannot wait to see everyone's weekend pictures!! xoxoxo


  1. omg.
    love all the pics!
    looks like so much fun!

    i especially LOVE the first family picture. family pics always melt my heart.

    p.s. can you please invite me to these parties next time? i would totally fit in! ;-)

    pps smokin hott mama!

  2. Love the pictures! You rockin' that bikini girlfriend.

    My stretch marks do not like to see the light of day.

  3. We now have mulch under the swing set, so that way if anyone decides to face plant, they will land in soft mulch as opposed to hard ground and grass. See you tomorrow.

    Love to all.

  4. Looks like so much fun!! Makes me homesick!

  5. Girlfriend... High-5 BABY! How HOT are you in that bikini... mama was a rockin the darn thang! (SNAP. SNAP.) LOVE the fam pics, you all are just adorable! Little Luke in that swing, made my heart skip a beat! So cute. Looks like a lovely weekend my dear!