Check it and HELP

Wow, I had plans to originally type up a long post this morning about my thoughts on baby #3 but my plans got trumped by 2 little boys who got up earlier than normal, and are seriously on TOP of me! post! I am featured over on From Mrs to Mama for Meet This Mama! I am so excited, I no joke answered 8 questions, everyone else just did one, I seem like such a loser over achiever! ah oh well! Enjoy!

Leave some love for your thoughts on the questions I answered, because I would love to hear your opinion or any tricks you have!

ALSO I would love your opinion on what to RENAME my blog!?

 Obviously we are no long Table for 3...Actually Make that 4! Any comments would be creative juices are not yet following or maybe there is none in me!! haha Thanks guys! 


  1. How about Table For More... that way if you have #4, you don't have to change it again, and yet your still keeping the idea of a table. Just a thought! :)

  2. Hi, found you from Mrs. Mama! Just stopping by to say that once upon a time I had three, three and under, too :) Congrats!!!

  3. Saw you over at Meet This Mama and loved your article! I'm a new follower :) I'm also a fellow pregnant Momma due March 2012 too!


    You are the cutest!

  5. Love your feature!! Your little boys are so adorable and you are on GREAT and STRONG mama!! I'm the same way when people watch the twins I leave a hour by hour list of activities and rules.

  6. You already know I loved the feature since I'm your biggest fan! Lol. As for a new blog name, you could just keep changing the numbers: "Table For 4- Actually Make That 5"..."Table For 5- Actually Make That 6"...etc. But that might be a pain in the ass if you have a lot more babies, haha.

  7. Allie... I just got back from Mrs. to Mama... (how cool is her blog, btw!) You rocked that ISH mama! Seriously you need to have your own advice column. I loved it, &
    learned a bunch more about my AWESOME Allie friend. Dude. You were way to skinny in your pretty preggers pic. Have a good week mama!! XO.

  8. How did I forget to mention this.... LOVE Jude & Lilly. SO MUCH. Lilly is atually on my Girly name list, & I might have to steal Jude from you! Those are perfect names!

    Soooo... why don't cha just cover all your bases and name it....

    Table for... let's just make it 6?!

    Lol. I truly an a funny girl this a.m. !