Look what I can DO! Vincent Style...

Does anyone remember Stuart from MAD TV!?

 I always loved his skit and when he would say "Look what I can do?!?!" Cracks me up....

Well this post is clearly not about Stuart but about our little BIG BOY Vincent because let's face it Stuart has got NOTHING on Vincent.... I mean didn't Stuart wear a diaper...HOW LAME!!.....

V's potty success is crazy this week! The only time he now wears diapers is bed and when we go somewhere. Next week I am just going NO diapers and big boy undies, which I die over because they are SO CUTE!! After he goes potty he gets so EXCITED, we all do a happy dance, give high fives and hug like crazy people! It is so fun! His reward is m&m's and he thinks they are GOLD! He gets a few each time and when he goes #2 he gets even more! Anyways here is a picture I caught after he went potty! I LOVE IT!

PS that potty rocks, it plays music when they do their business! We bought an extra one for upstairs so now we don't have to drag the darn thing up and down the stairs! Plus it turns into a step stool so both the boys will have their own stool because I am not dealing with them feuding over a stool when their older...just nipping it in the butt now! 

Alright that is all. 

We are off to the farm to have the farmer give Vincent a tour, and to get some more meat, the chicken is freshly packed, aka it is the chicken we saw last week grazing the fields when we were there...Poor Chicken Little!! :(

Happy Saturday! XOXO


  1. Oh my I love it! He looks so proud.

    Oh and I totally remember Stuart. Me and my best friend from high school had an inside joke about Stuart. Totally bringin' me back!

    Have a great weekend Allie, girl!

  2. Who doesn't love Stuart from MAD TV!?!?! Plus Stuart's Mom! lol I love this picture of your little big guy! Great job little buddy, great job!!!!

  3. This is a priceless picture (arn't you glad you got that fancy camera??? haha) Serisouly though give V some M&M's for me because he is a CHAMP!!! How exciting for him and YOU!

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  5. I totally remember Stuart! Whenever I talk about that skit nobody knows what I'm talking about though! Glad to hear potty training is going well...don't you just love how proud of themselves they are?!? :-)

  6. Ahh... gotta love Stuart! Mr V looks so proud! Great job little buddy! We are on the potty training train as well. It's a bumpy ride! Pray for me. Lol. Xoxo

  7. We are HUGE Stuart fans! We were just looking at his clips on YouTube last week!