Luke- Blackberries and Breast milk!


One of my best friends, Arielle cannot handle seeing kids or anyone with a mess on their face. It makes her cringe to see a messy baby, so of course being the good friend I am, I ALWAYS tag her on facebook in all Luke and Vincent's messy pictures! :) 

This week Luke went to town on some blackberries and let's just say he was pretty much dyed purple afterwards! Thankfully a nice bath took care of it! 

Breast milk-

We are officially done with breast milk aka breastfeeding! Now that Luke is almost 11 months he is now officially switched to cow's milk! It is a little INSANE to have my entire body back to myself, I say that because since July 2008 I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding or both! CRAZINESS! I have heard that sometimes women lose weight after breastfeeding so I am a little excited to see if that happens!

But now that I am done breastfeeding I guess I will not be able to use them as self defense, my sister in law sent me this article and I about DIED when I read it! I mean I know breast milk is powerful but I think that is only for making babies healthy not to fend off the police!!HAHA

Hope you all have a happy Monday! XOXO


  1. Bahahaha... How the flip did I miss this?!!! Oh my heart, that face! I hear ya sista, My "girls" actually got BIGGER after Jax. When I was done breast-feeding they decided not to leave me. YAY.
    Still never got a ticket! LOL.