Luke is ALMOST ONE!!

I am in utter shock that little Luke is going to be ONE next month! This past year has flown by, I know that is so cliche, but it really has! The other morning I decided to shoot some pics of him and I think they turned out adorable. I love my little blue eyed boy!! 
Why not put him in a big bucket haha
Peek a boo! 

One last picture...look who is such a BIG BOY in his new car seat! 

His carnival party is coming together great! I love LOVE love the printables I got from etsy, they are so simple and MUCH easier than doing it myself! I am all for saving some time! I am also in the works of making his first year video! I made one for Vincent and I said I would do one every year for the kids, but Vincent's 2nd birthday came and went without a video so I figured I will just do 1st birthdays only for now! The only thing is I cannot find the perfect music for Luke's, I am no joke considering using the same songs I did for Vincent's! Just keeping it in the family! 

That's all for now...I have lots of DVR to catch up while the boys are sleeping and before tomorrow's "Seriously? Thursday!" post! :)


  1. I LOVE these pictures of him in the tie. I saw this idea on a photographers blog and loved it! It's so adorable...and the fact that it's L makes it even cuter!

  2. Ahhh big boy carseat! We are switching Soph over next month too! She will be MUCH happier!

  3. Shut UP w/ the cuteness! Oh what a lil stud muffin! Darn it, Jax is seriously scared of ties! No clue. Can't wait for my Seriously Thursday, SERIOUSLY!

  4. The picture of him crawling and laughing is my favorite one, not that they aren't all cute.