When we moved this past December we lost our Whole Foods, which was very heart breaking, the closest one is now 45 minutes! I fell back into shopping at chain markets and just buying cheap and easy. Recently Jordan started a new diet which focuses more on organic and natural foods. 

A few weeks back Jordan found an organic farm about 30 mins away that has organic grass-fed beef, pigs and chickens! We were very excited the first weekend we headed to the farm and I was too nervous then to take pictures (did not want the farmer to think I was a crazy city lady). But last weekend since we got to know him better I decided to take the camera, mostly because this time he gave Vincent a nice little tour of the farm. He let us spray down the pigs (these are momma pigs, about to give were not eating them)

They are so funny, you can barely see their eyes!

Sad news is that my favorite of the meat is the sausage...not sure how I will feel once the pigs have babies and I actually will be seeing them in every stage of life until they're processed...I am trying not to think about that.

Vincent playing with the cattle "watch dogs!" haha

The taste of the meat is beyond real. The nutritional benefits are off the charts, lower fat and calories, and higher omega 3's to name a few! Knowing that we are now fueling our bodies with GOOD meat makes me very happy! I grew up not knowing that there was a difference in what cows ate. I read Omnivore's Dilemma this past fall and my eyes were opened to the craziness that is factory farms. I read how cows are now fed corn feed and all this stuff that they are NOT supposed to eat. Cows are meant to eat grass and ONLY grass and these companies are filling them with corn, its hard on their bodies and a lot of the cows get sick. These cows are treated so horribly and I want to put an end to supporting those acts of raising cows. 

I would MUCH rather pay a local organic farmer double or triple the "store" price for a truly grass-fed cow that is free to range it's entire life in a field, rather than in a cement manure filled lot. YUCK!

Here are a few examples of our farm vs factory "farms"! 

Factory Cows - looks like a great life right!?

Our farms cows

Chickens are the worst treated in my eyes...Factory "farms"... Looks ROOMY right!?

Our chickies....hanging in the fields...

Some more of our visit...

The man behind it all....

I asked the farmer if it makes him sad that the animals he raised from babies die, and he said "My animals have many amazing days and one bad hour", I felt bad for the animals that in the end they are killed but it's very true, they are raised the right way and treated like kings up until that one bad hour! In a factory they are just another number and not treated well, and suffer their entire life on earth. 

Our farmer said one quote that I really liked, "You should know the farmer growing your food"

Well NOW we know our farmer and will do everything in our power to help others to make the switch to helping our local farmer who are doing the right things and raising animals the right way!

This little boy will grow up knowing exactly where his meat comes little farm boy!:)

I hope you all can find a farmer as good as ours for your family! We are not as lucky in the produce department but our local store has a small section of organic produce so we make it work! We are going to visit the farm again this week, hopefully the piggies will be born so Vincent can play with them!

*Also, I know sometimes making the switch requires switching up your grocery budget, but I have found since we started buying organic I do not buy JUNK food (which is pricey), so if you try your best to stay organic you can even out your budget and your waistline*

It all starts with us! If we chose to feed our family the right way we put an end to the factory farms cruelty of animals! Please consider making the switch not only for the animals but for your own family's well being!

Check out to see if there is a farm near you!xoxoxo


  1. I made the sausage yesterday, I want more, so when you go, stock up for me, and I will pay you. Also, more eggs, please.

  2. I read this post awhile ago, and I've been toying with a response in the back of my mind. I respect the decision to change your eating habits; however, I think there is another side of the story that needs to be shared.

    You are making a broad and wildly incorrect assumption that all farmers are "factory farms." Farmers are making their living off these animals whether there is a small scale farm or a large operation. Keeping their animals healthy and safe is their primary goal in turning a profit in a farming business. I acknowledge there are farmers out there who have poor practices and do not treat their animals well, but that is not the case of all farmers.

    I'm not trying to change your mind, but just share the side of the story that farmers aren't inherently bad. I think there is a place for organic farmers and conventional agriculture in our world today.