Notice Anything....Invisalign!

We have had a JAM packed weekend even though we had no real plans, more on that at a later date.

Friday afternoon I made the dreaded trip to my old dentist in our old town to finally pick up my Invisalign trays! We have no joke been waiting since....JANUARY for my trays to arrive, the office made some boo-boos but they are finally here! I will have these bad boys on for 28 weeks...I love them minus one MINOR thing....

Let's get all up close and personal now...

((don't mind all the saliva built up in them))


Those nice little buds (bumps) on my teeth are called attachments, I guess they HAVE to be there to make the teeth move the way they are supposed to. I was not actually informed about them to the extent that they would be so close to the front of my MOUTH! I thought they were just in the back and it was no biggie. I have 8 of these little gems on my teeth! 

That was, until I felt them with my tongue and almost had a nervous breakdown. The dental assistant gave me a mirror and I was so UPSET! I seriously did not know that these attachments would be so visable

I almost cried, but then I thought of the alternative which is metal braces, and since it is only 28 weeks I can handle it, I just will not be smiling as much up close with people! 

You can totally notice it on the left side of the picture! VOMIT!

So there you have it...Invisalign is not what I pictured at the moment, but I am hanging in there for the next 28 weeks until these bad boys are off! The good thing is that you have to take them out to eat, which has stopped my snacking for the time being! I also have to brush my teeth every time I eat, before I put them back in, so my dental hygiene should be stellar

My teeth have been killing this weekend but that's a good thing so I know they are moving in the right direction! Hope you enjoyed a peek into my mouth! 

Off to watch 24 with hubbs, we are in the last season!! I love Jack Bauer and will go through withdrawal when we are done with this season! :( 



  1. Ok STOP freaking out because you totally cannot even tell. Only YOU can tell!! No one will be looking on your "bumps" at least not the ones on your teeth!

  2. What Chrissy said!
    I don't notice a thing in the last picture!

    I had braces on from 5th-8th grade and now my teeth are jacked up again and I totally need braces again. Someday I hope to get invasalign. It'll all be done soon and you'll have a beautiful smile :)

  3. Yes! What Chrissy said! Man, I wish they had invisilines when I was 13! You are such a PRETTY dork, my Allie friend!! 28 weeks, piece of cake bAbay!

  4. I agree with everyone else, you can't notice them! And like you said, they are way better than the alternative! Do you mind if I ask if your health insurance covers them the same as they would regular braces? I've been considering getting them myself but am thinking I'll be too cheap to pay :)

  5. Nice! I work at an orthodontic office and we give these to patients:-) Good luck dear!

  6. Hey, it is better than those metal braces that I wore for 2 1/2 years and Uncle Mark wore as well. 28 weeks is nothing.

  7. Beautiful.Invisalign is truly the best way to transform your smile without interference to your daily lifestyle.

  8. I found your blog while googling Invisalign attachments. I just got my first trays today, and I am in the same boat - they are all over the front of my teeth! They are SOOO noticeable, and no one ever said anything about it!! You def can't see them on any of the models on the Invisalign website.

    I'm also furious because I chose Invisalign so I could remove them when meeting with clients to look more professional, and I basically have dinosaur teeth without them, so I definitely can't go out without them in. Argggh.

    So glad to have found someone who went through the same thing!!

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