On the road again!

We are traveling with hubbs this week which means little or no updates for my bloggity blog! Good news is Vincent is officially POTTY TRAINED we have been without diapers since Saturday! Yessssssss, this mama is a tad excited to only be diapering one little booty! We picked up some big boy undies, hanks baby gap for making them the CUTEST things ever! I am not big on cartoons on clothing or things like that and thankfully Vincent has not asked but he LOVES Handy Manny so I may try to find im some undies with him on it, but that will be the extent of cartoon wear until Vincent asks me for it, until then it's mommys choice! Haha yay for me!

Bad news is that I was up all night puking! Yuck! No clue what hit me but when we got to the hotel Jordan went to Whole Foods and got fresh salmon so we cooked that and I had some, and I am guessing that is what did it, that or maybe that I ate total CRAP yesterday, aka a frappe and pizza, hey we were on an all day playdate to a waterpark that actually ended wih all of us going to Jordans dads house on the lake because it was storming! Loooooong day, then last night we made he trip wih Jordan so I think I am just worn out and eating bad killed my belly!

Well that is all loves! Have an amazing week! Xoxox


  1. Hope you feel better, and YAY for Vincent!

    Potty training is the first real step to being a "big boy"...mommy the rest goes so quickly!

  2. Yay for Vincent :)

    Hope you are feeling better today! Enjoy the days with the fam bam :)

  3. You will probably feel unbalanced as you switch to a no carb diet. I know I will get sick if I am not careful adding carbs and dairy back into my diet. I feel so A.M.A.Z.I.N.G when it is just green tea, water, fruits, veggies and proteins!

  4. Whos's the big boy?! YaY... Mr V! LOVE Baby Gap Undies too!

    Ahhh... So sorry girly. Puking is the worst. So weird... I was TOTALLY sick yesterday, & puking my brains out as well. Got the new Pepto chewables, & they seemed to work really well. Hope you are feeling better Beautiful! XO.