Seriously? Thursday!

Well geesh... what am I to do without the Bachelorette and RHONJ drama?!?!

 Luckily for me we had a pretty interesting weekend with family so I came with guns loaded with my own drama...if you can really call it that?!?! 

Seriously? A few weeks back I had vented about Jordan's cousins wedding and children were allowed then all of a sudden 2 months before the wedding they decided NO KIDS...So obviously that means we would NOT attend. Well when we got the RSVP it was just addressed to Jordan and I, so I marked 4 for a regret. Just wanted to make sure they got the point that the reason we are not coming was the kid situation. Well this weekend we had to see the mother of the bride, she is usually all chatty and giddy with me but this time! I had to pick Jordans sisters up at their grandmas on Friday and his aunt was there and let's just say she was not VERY friendly...she gave me fake smiles and didn't really even acknowledge me. Well Jordan's grandma was asking about our half marathon and where it was so I told her it was in Vegas in October, clearly we are having someone watch the boys since Vegas is not really a kid place and hello we're going to run! His aunt looks furious when I said we were leaving the kids, she of course did not say a word to me. Fast forward to Saturday at Jordans little brothers party, she came up to Jordan and I didn't say hello and no joke went straight to the point..."So I hear your going to Vegas?..Must be nice to not have your kids for 3 days? That will be nice to be all alone? Must be nice to get a break from your kids and leave them at home?" in this mean tone, She seriously said about 10 times that we were leaving our kids, YES we are leaving our kids, is that a problem!? Our parents are watching them! Vegas allows kids but we are CHOOSING to not bring them, we are not attending your daughters wedding because THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED according to your set rules. I mean seriously why does it matter!? Jordan was so calm answering all her questions because frankly it does not bother him but of course I get rubbed the wrong way when someone tries to call me out because we are not attending their wedding due to the no child rule. I didn't make the rules. I hope this made sense, sorry for the rant but come the frick on!

Seriously?...CASEY ANTONY, she will get hers one day...enough said. RIP little Caylee!

Seriously? Thank God Teen Mom was back in action last night...wahoo for a little bit of drama! I cannot believe Ryan asked Maci if Kyle was slow! What a prick! Way to go getting a boob job Farrah! haha I was so annoyed though how bitchy she was towards her dad aka Micheal who was helping her..I mean can she not call him DAD ever?!?! Amber and Gary seriously!?!? Let's break up, fight, get abusive, then get back together!? Caitlyn and Tyler kind of bore me! I love how these girls get paid a TON and still act like their broke. You know Farrah paid that boob job off in like 5 seconds! 

Seriously? Last week I ranted about hubbs counting calories and his new diet, well it has fallen onto me now and I am counting what I eat on is seriously SO interesting because things that I never knew were high in carbs (pineapples and grapes) are shown to me in a nice little time table. I usually just would mow down whatever I liked but now this makes me THINK about what is going into my body. I kinda like it so far! 

Seriously? Jordan and I headed to the good old countryside this weekend and found a farm that sells grass-fed beef, chicken and pork! WE ARE IN LOVE! When we moved to our new town we lost our Whole Foods which meant my grocery buying habits went down the drain and I stopped buying organic since it was not right at my finger tips. Well we are back on track with this new farm. We bought steaks, sausage, eggs and chicken and from what we have made so far it is AMAZING. The steaks have a different flavor but it is obviously going to be different since the cows are fed grass instead of corn feed! If you are curious about what you're eating, read Omnivore's Dilemma, it gave me a GOOD look at what I have been stuffing myself full of and what I do not want my kids to eat! YUCK!

Seriously? I am in LOVE with Luke's party invite! 

I cannot wait for his party! I have tons of games and activities planned-sack races, duck pond, tattoos, balloon animals, ball toss, ring toss, pin the tail on the donkey and the list goes on. If it rains on his birthday I have no idea what I will do since I already have the whole backyard layout in my mind! 

Seriously? I added a little something else to Luke's invites, an additional card that asked our friends and family to NOT buy Luke a gift but to donate to Sawyer See's Hope! Jordan and I are always overwhelmed after birthdays and holidays with ALL the toys and the boys have SO MUCH that we do not need more, baby Sawyer can use the help to raise money for his surgery. I will do a post in a few weeks about the whole thing!

Seriously?! I want a freaking Lofthouse frosted cookie (my ultimate weakness)
...but I controlled the urge to buy them at the store(because if its inside the pantry I WILL EAT IT)...WHY DID I DO THAT TO MYSELF?! I may have to sneak out tomorrow and buy some! I can take a hit or two on calories I have actually been really good so why not treat myself!? :) 

Seriously? My friend Chrissy is hands down the cutest pregnant lady EVER! I cannot wait to meet baby Claira! She just posted a 360 view video of her belly and it cracks me up! From behind she is still so itty bitty! She is less than a few weeks away!! YIPPE! Check her blog out and you will see what I mean!
This pic is from her baby shower last month
Chrissy is in the middle and Miss Haley is on the right!
Picture 44

Seriously? Jordan bought me my Canon Rebel over 3 months ago, and I promised to sew a special padded bag for it and to ALWAYS have it in the bag! Well last night I FINALLY sewed the bag and now the camera is inside only took me 3 months! :) You're welcome honey!:)

Seriously? I am getting a much needed pedicure and mom's night tonight with my fellow mommy friends...I CANNOT WAIT for my feet to be smooth and pretty! YIPPIE! 

Link up and get that ranting off your chest!! It feels me!! 


  1. I am going to check out your friends blog and see if she is really the cutest pregnant gal around. I love the RHONJ - they live close to me. Just stopping by today from Seriously.

  2. Oh my sweet Allie friend... Your Seriously has become one of my most fav weekly post to read! Get out of my head! We would so be bff's, Why do you not live waaaay over here? (Good Ole OREGON) Where abouts are ya? Anywho... I'll try to not write you a humongo comment/post back! All's I can say about the whole "no Kiddies situation," Screw em! You are a FABULOUS FABULOUS mommy, & I totally get the going to Vegas alone. It's freakn Vegas Granny! Plus a wedding, hello.... should be a little family oriented! Don't cha think! If you need someone to "talk" to granny, let me know! (JKN) Hahaha... you bring out the G in me, my friend! Ha, I'm the whitest chick ever!

    Casey Anthony, will have God to answer to, & precious little Caylee does have God's hand to hold. RIP sweet girl.

    Dude. I did not know Teen Mom was baaaack! My husband will not thank ya for that one! Lol.

    Can't even tell cutie is preggers! All you girls are so SO pretty!

    Ok. TOTALLY inlove w/ Mr Luke's invites! They could not be any cuter! Love that lil face!

    Please eat a whole dang box of those beautiful yummy cookies! It will make me feel better about myself. Haha. Have a wonderful pedi girlfriend! Ok. Byeee! XOXO.

  3. I loved this "rant" even though I dont call it a rant at all!

    #1... that wedding thing is ridiculous, period. Youre the mom, you make the rules!

    #2... I love teen mom and I'm not sure why! haha those girls are NUTS but maybe that's why I love it!

    #3... RIP Caylee baby.

    #4... I need tips on this counting calories thing!!

  4. I am seriously upset that I don't have cable anymore & can therefore not watch Teen Mom. I miss baby Bentley haha.

  5. How did I not know Teen Mom with the original cast was back on?! going to watch it on right now!

  6. Ok, one... you are as sweet as a peach!! Thank you for the "cute" props because that is about the LAST thing that I feel.

    And two, let me at this lady who thinks that being a "Sarcastic Sally" trying to make ya'll feel bad is appropriate! Hello, I'm sure she is old...and when old woman still act like teenyboppers it drives me crazy. Kudos’s to Jordan (Josh is the same way) because I would have just been like "Look lady we aren’t coming to the wedding so GET OVER IT! Take your Judging Judy attitude and take a hike!" and been done with it! haha.

  7. Stopping by from Seriously Thursday! I love the invites! So stinking cute-ola!