Seriously? Thursday!

Well I am excited we are home from out little road trip with Jordan, it went pretty smoothly (minus me puking) but I am glad to be under our own roof! Well let's get to Seriously? Thursday!

Seriously!? How cute do my toes look from last week's pedicure night!? LOVE THEM! The little boy in the picture is pretty darn cute too, right!?

Seriously!? Obesity levels in children is all the rage on the news. How about parents be "parents" and not buy their children CRAP food! I mean seriously if you do not cave in and bring it home then your children will never get their hands on it! And how about telling your kids "NO!" when they beg for treats or candy!? I mean come on! If I ever notice Vincent or Luke becoming pudgy I will know that I must not be feeding them well enough and I would crank up the fruits and veggies, we are their mentors and we are the ones who teach habits so we, as parents need to STEP.IT.UP! Sure I like my sweets and treats but I will not give them to my kids just because I am eating them! If I want to feed myself a cookie it does not mean I need to give my children one because of my bad habits! 

Seriously!? My camera died this week and it was the ONE TIME I did not have my charger....BUZZ KILL! 

Seriously!? Oriental Trading ROCKS! I just received my package of fun stuff for Luke's carnival and I was missing the treat boxes, so I called and they are shipping them for free! No questions asked! I love when companies are EASY to work with! Plus they have the cutest carnival stuff! Only one more month!

Seriously!? Luke just turned 11 months yesterday! How in the world is he ALMOST ONE!!? He is developing such a fun playful personality and I LOVE IT! We gave him his first hair cut this past week, he does not have a ton of hair but it was super uneven and he had long bangs, so now it is even steven and he looks spiffy! (These pics are pre-haircut, but he looked so cute I had to add them!)

Seriously!? The story of that poor 8 year old boy in Brooklyn! I am SICK to my stomach over there being such monsters in this world! I feel so horrid for his parents, I read that it was the first time they allowed him to walk alone. I mean holy moley, it is so very sad! Another reason why you can never be too protective of your children. 

Seriously!? Since we were gone all week I am not caught up on RHONJ or The Bachelorette, I am sure I will catch up from reading everyone else's posts, but I am sure Ashley was full of drama again and I am sure Melissa was annoying once again on the RHW! I wish I could stop watching but I just can't! I love it!

Seriously!? My big boy Vincent is FULLY POTTY TRAINED! I cannot explain how crazy it is! The other night we were out at dinner and I had to take him potty with me! It was so fun to have a companion to go to the bathroom with! haha Remember in high school you always wanted your best friend to come to the bathroom with you! Well now I have Vincent and he is hilarious, he is not tall enough to get it in the potty so I hold him up...and his aim is STELLAR! haha! I am sure everyone in the bathroom who overhears us in the stalls is giggling! The big boy undies are also to die for! His little bottom is so cute! Once I charge my camera I will post pics! 

Seriously!? I am OVERJOYED for another bloggy friend, Haley, who is expecting baby #2! I told her it is perfect timing because her sister-in-law Chrissy who I blogged about last week is due anyday now, so now I will have another pregnancy to follow!! Congrats Haley, Brice and big sister Sophie!! Stop by her blog and check out the cute video she posted!

Seriously!? That calorie counting I talked about is NO.JOKE! I started last monday and as of today I am down 7lbs! 7 pounds people! I have not upped my exercise at all and I am not being CRAZY strict, I am still getting a few sweets in the mix! I will do a post on it soon but is where I track my stuff! I (try) to keep my cards under 100g a day and my calories are 1200 or less typically! I love it!

Okay Seriously, Becky over at From Mrs to Mama has not started her link up yet today! I mean it's not like she is busy being an ICU nurse and being a SAHM mom!?!?! That lady is the bomb and has her crap together let me tell you! haha I will post mine anyway and link up later!! 


  1. I love your Seriously posts. I look forward to them every week. Good thing I DVR'ed the Bachelorette. For some reason I got hooked into that crappy show and now I can't stop watching. Even though it's totally staged and not only that, shallow.

    Lukey is so darn cute. For real. That blonde hair!!! I die.

    I'm pretty pumped to have a bun in the oven. Although the first trimester is my least favorite. I'm hoping it will fly by!

  2. Seriously... ya never let me down Allie Friend! You always make my Thursday's all the brighter! We ordered from O.T. Inc last year, for Jax's B-day. They really do rock! Glad you cuties are home! Have a Fab weekend girly.

    BTW, your tootsies are BEAUTIMOUS!

    Yay... so happy for Haley! How amazing to be preggers at the same time as her sis!

  3. Dude! How could I forget to tell ya how STINKN cute that little Vincent is?!! Like you don't know! Can you say kissable cheekies?!!!

    Have a great weekend mama!

  4. Great toes! :)

    I forgot my "seriously" link-up today! Seriously!

  5. ahh i didn't do my seriously!? post this week! But, I agree with you about obesity! I just read an article saying that even the Italian kids and adults etc. who follow a Mediterranean diet are getting heavier! This also reminds me that I need to eat better too! :)

  6. I have been joining in on Seriously? Thursdays! Tons of fun and gets a lot of my chest if need be :)

    By the way I love the kitchen aid ice cream attachment, it's pretty easy and you don't have to use rock salt like the old ice cream makers. It is time consuming but what recipe or food process isn't these days?