Seriously? Thursday!

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Seriously? Thank God my RHONJ were back...i ate up all the drama and I cannot wait for next week! Kim G seriously needs to be punched in the face. Will she EVER grow up?, I mean seriously she was just stirring the pot bringing that Monica chic, and Monica was all about the drama herself playing the pitty card! Kathy also was stirring the pot, I mean it was nice and all that she went up to Teresa but then she kept picking at her! Back of Kath! Teresa totally played it cool! LOVE HER! Also Melissa's brother in law talking money with Joe G was not right, what a prick! Finally Teresa and Joe are not the bad guys they are made out to be! Melissa finally made me very happy this episode that she stood up for Teresa and Joe! I seriously cannot wait to see my Manzo boys take care of Kim G next week! I love me some Albie and Chris Manzo!
Seriously? I finally caught up on two weeks worth of The Whinefest Bachelorette, thank God I have it DVR'd so I can fast forward when Ashley cranks up the cry factor! The hometown dates were all pretty solid, all the families seemed so amazing. I want to go party with Consantine's family...HOW FUN WERE THEY!? He totally earned bonus points from me this episode, he just seems so sweet! I felt SO BAD for Ames, he always has such a strong smile on his face, I know his heart is probably shattered behind his million dollar smile! He is just so calm and sweet that I think it would have been HILARIOUS if he would have gotten into the limo and said something crazy like "WTF, Ashley is a *BEEP*!" That would have been a great twist but of course that did not happen! haha! I am on Team JP and Consantine! WOOT WOOT!
Seriously? Teen Mom haha, oh Amber could you PLEASE STOP being such a CRAZY person. I would never be able to tolerate her for a minute! She is so looney! I mean she is so MEAN to Gary, poor guy! I also feel horrid that her little daughter is taking all of that drama in...Vincent mimics Jordan and I to a tee, so it breaks my heart knowing that little Leah is learning all this from her mom and dad! Farrah's ex's mother is also CRAZY, I mean she wants to deny that her son is the father when it comes to Social Security benefits for Sophia yet she wants "grandparent" visitation rights!? Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this! Screw her! If anything ever happened to one of my boys and I knew they had a child I would do EVERYTHING to help the mother of my grandbaby, finacially and emotionally! Catlyn and Tyler are of course the same as always, I cannot wait to see her and her mom in counseling...I cannot stand her mom, she is the epitome of how NOT to parent your child...yuck!
Seriously? Is all my post going to be about "reality" television!!? Why, yes! haha Joking, I cannot help that I get so drawn in!
Seriously? Is anyone else BEYOND excited for The Bachelor Pad!? Jake and Viennas drama looks so TASTY! He is so whiney and rude though...he kind of acts like a child. Like boo hoo our relationship did not work out so I am going to point the blame and be a prick! I mean maybe she did some bad things but the way he treated her and talked down to her was UNCALLED for! I was totally team Jake but now! Be a man Jake and act like an adult!
Seriously? we have had a HUGE week, if you're friends with me on FB, you already know but the rest of you have to wait...{insert evil laugh-BAHAHAHAHAH} Check back in a few days, I should have a post ready by then! :)
Seriously? I am ALREADY counting down the days until I can take these wonderful Invisalign trays out! It is just a tad annoying to have them in your mouth 247, I have had a headache since I got them! If that could please go away, I would be a tad cheerier!
Seriously? If  you did not see my most recent Luke post, how cute is he in a TIE!! I love him!
Seriously? How scary is our little Verner when he bites at the hose water!?
Seriously? We have NO weekend plans until Luke's birthday! I LOVE FREE WEEKENDS!
Seriously? Everyone and their mom uses the Pioneer Woman for recipes and I must say I need to start in on the fad...this recipe is making my mouth water...HOLY YUM! If you use her recipes let me know which are THE BEST!!?!?
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  1. i loove pioneer woman. i have a bunch of her recipes pinned on pintrest, but i haven't tried them out yet. her pictures make me HUNGRY!!

    lol your dog needs to teach my dog how to ATTACK! :)

  2. let us know if you find a great recipe from her. I'm always looking too. And we have fresh garden veggies I gotta find ways to make yummy and different.

  3. 1. My heart totally B/R\O/K\E for Ames. What a sweet sweet brilliant romantic. I hear he finds love on Bach Pad! Also looking forward to seeing Jake and Vi kill each other:) We have a teen mom on the block who got into a FIST fight with baby's auntie and baby's grandma! WHILE THEY WERE HOLDING THE BABY! Seriously? So we had to get in the fight to pull the baby out of the grandma's arms and call 911. cl-assy. Oh, and my Reality TV Seriously Thursday moment would be Olivia on Jerseylicious who totally kicked Tracy in.the.head. Nice.

  4. I was sad to see Ames go. But he was too good for her! She is such an airhead. I am not a big fan of her. I am totally on team JP for sure. They've had a connection from teh beginning I think.

    And of course, Teen Mom is my guilty pleasure. WHY do I like this show?! I guess I like watching other people's drama, even though I am a total no-drama-mama myself.

    Pioneer Woman is THE BOMB. Every recipe on there is delish. I've tried many! I really liked her macaroni and cheese...mmm! And the Dr. Pepper pulled pork looks AMAZING!

  5. Kim G is a HUGE tard face. for real.

    Ames? OMG. I could barely stand to watch him as she didn't announce his name.... seriously it was pitiful... his eyes were so confused... you could tell he just didn't get it.

    that tie picture? oh my. i'm eating him up!

  6. WooootWoot... I'm w/ ya on team JP & Consantine! I have bit of a crush on JP, so I would rather her end up w/ Consantine! Lol. Soooo excited for Bachelor Pad too! I shouldn't have, but I also started watching Texas Women (on cmt) They are all pretty much a train wreck... my dvr is set to record!

    Luke is to die for in that tie! Allie... you killn me! Why has your week been a biggie! We need to be fb friends, that's it girl! Xoxo.