Seriously? Thursday!

It's that time favorite post of the week! Join in and get some things off your chest!

Seriously? Can I please ring in the holidays with the Manzo's and Guidice's? It's like we're already family anyway right!? I love that they kicked Kim G out, seriously she is CRAZY town. I would never allow someone like that near me! Teresa was cracking me up calling Melissa out on his Christmas dress...hello Teresa yours was short haha I love Albie and Chris Manzo...mostly Albie though...hello ladies, am I right!? He is a doll, I told my best friend Arielle she needs to date him! She will be in NYC near Hoboken for 6 weeks so I told her she has to find HIM! Or else I will, when we go visit in Sept! 
Match made in heaven right!? 

Seriously? Jordan accidentally got the grill too close to the siding of the house and it melted and warped a few months back. Well last night I walk out to him ripping the siding down...I looked at him with sheer horror and he said "WHAT? I just watched a youtube video on this!!!!" HAHA He did actually do a perfect job and fixed it like brand new! I guess youtube pays off sometimes!

Seriously? We are almost 8 weeks...EEK! I am trying not to get too excited...I just want to get through this 1st trimester then I will be on cloud nine! I took some belly pics that I cannot wait to show you this weekend!

Seriously? I am so OVER the HOT weather. Vincent wants to be outside 247 and it! Last night we accidentally got locked out when Jordan went to Lowe's so hopefully the kids got their "outside fix"! 

Seriously? We have had the name Lily Ann picked out since we were pregnant with Vincent and just the other day I decided I am OVER IT! I think it has just been too long, so I am now in love with the name Giuliana! I have always loved it but thought Jordan would never go for it, he vetoes a LOT of names, but he LOVES IT! So IF we have a girl I think she will be Giuliana and I AM IN LOVE with it! I mostly love the name because I secretly wish we were Italian...hence Vincents I can pretend we are Italian with Vinnie and Giuliana! haha

Seriously? Anyone else excited that G&B are back on!? Giuliana and Bill for you that do not know! haha Okay so maybe that is one of the reasons I love the name Giuliana but whatever. Anyways one thing is for sure...LOSE THE COMB OVER BILLY! Come on buddy, I like your hair normal! I cannot find a freaking pic of him rocking the comb over but here is my normal Bill.

Seriously? HALF MARATHON is out the door for us! But that doesn't mean we aren't still going to Vegas in Oct! Hello awesomeness! I get to go to Vegas and NOT run! haha I told the couple we are going with that I will still cheer them on and take pictures when they start and finish!! Go Josh and Tera! Can I get a Vicki "WOOHOOOOOO!"

Seriously? My best friend Becky came over this morning for a visit, she is in town with her friend for the Britney concert, hello why was I not invited?!?! I will be living vicariously through them at the concert haha! I loved seeing her though! 

Seriously? Guess who's little man is starting Tumble Tots!? Vincent is totally going to rock it out! Not that I want him to be a gymnast but I think its great for coordination and people who can flip are awesome...I always loved being able to do a backflip, such a fun trait. 

Plus it allows you to be able to do this*....ME in my prime (highlights, tan and all)...aka college cheer days!

And plus there are some sexy men gymnasts in case he ever wanted to pursue it. He could be the next Blaine Wilson
I was majorly obsessed with him...circa 1996 Olympics...him and Sexi Alexi
Alexi Nemov...not as hot as I made him out to be, but hey there are some great looking male gymnasts! Whew! Vincent could be the next heart throb! 

Seriously? My mom's birthday is Sunday! We are taking her to the Melting Pot to celebrate...YUM YUM YUM! My mouth is already watering over the thought of it all!! 

Seriously? My friend Chrissy and her husband finally welcomed Miss Claira into the world this week! I am DYING over her cuteness and my baby FEVER is so HIGH!! I cannot wait to get my hands on this little gem in a few weeks!!! AHHHHHHH!!! 

Seriously? Tomorrow is a mom's night in with some of the moms in our playgroup! I cannot wait to get some adult time! I need to bake something for it...I just have no energy. UGH! Plus I just spent all my energy typing this...You're welcome...HAHAHA

I think that is ALL!! Hope you are all having a great week!! xoxoox


  1. Yay for the 2nd trimester being here soon!!!! Fingers crossed!

    Hello?! I wanna go to Britney too! And vegas... hmmm...

    and it's my moms bday today! Oh crap I didn't mention it on the blog..... hmmm... again...

  2. I want to eat Albie up!!!! yum yum!!

  3. I'm partial to Lily Ann- that's my baby girl's name :)
    And yes, Albie is delicious!

  4. Cant wait for G & B to return! LOVED the show and LOVE them.

    Love both the girl names :)

    and hello!! AWESOME stunt! :)

  5. Thank God we're pregnant! After seeing Claira I have died and went to baby heaven. I NEED a fix. Too bad we have to wait 7-8 months to have one of our own. Haha.

    Giuliana is very pretty name. I hope you get your baby G!

  6. I LOVE the show Guiliana and Bill and need to get cable ASAP now so I can watch it!!!

  7. Love Albie! And the comb over on G&B Ugh! That was the first thing I said when I saw it!