Every time I hear the word 'teamwork', an annoying saying pops in my head,

"Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork"
*dreamwork is not really even a word!? maybe it's because I am from an amishtown? who knows?*

In high school, our football team always had motto's for every year to motivate them to not suck...As cheerleaders we painted signs with the motto's to put in their locker rooms so they could drill it into their heads and be able to see it everywhere they looked. Well, this motto actually works well for marriage and parenting! I bust it out anytime we do things well as parents haha, Jordan probably wants to punch me in the face but whatever. "Teamwork does make the Dreamwork", baby!

I sit sometimes and wonder how we have gotten this far in our parenting journey?

I mean we have two great (and great looking haha) little men who are I love with every ounce of my being. 

But HOW did we get here?! I know it's not all because of me...

Each day the boys continue to amaze me by the way they learn and pick things up that we teach them. I know there is NO WAY we would have gotten this far without working together. Jordan is truly my equal and partner in crime when it comes to being a parent. I love having him by my side! 

The other night after prayers we were all lounging in Vincent's room, tooth brushing was next on the agenda {yippie} and I HATE the process of holding them down and brushing teeth (slowly but surely it's becoming less of a fight!) and Jordan hates having to get up to get the tooth brushes so we worked together to make each other happy and get the job done! I jumped up and got the tooth brushes and he did the brushing, easy as pie! We were both happy carrying out the roles we like and it was so much easier sharing the roles vs one of us doing it all! 
These things happens almost daily, when Jordan is home he will be the one to get up with Luke, because I am NOT a morning person, he probably does it so he does not have to hear me b*tch all day about being tired, but nonetheless he does it to help! He also will take the boys on walks while I take time to decompress and have some alone time on the weekends. Plus he has TONS more patience than I do because he allows Vincent to walk and Vincent's speed is snail SLOW at times, as cute as it may be, but when I am out for a walk I am in it to walk quick and get it over with so I prefer the boys to stay in the jogger while I push! haha Jordan takes time and has SO MUCH more patience than I do! God Bless him! 
There are stages of life the kids would not have met if it would not have been for him giving that extra push and telling me to "calm the frick down". For example if it hadn't of been for him the kids would probably both still be in bed with us and still be coddled by me, I probably would be like a mama kangaroo and build them a  pouch to be with me 247, I am a pansy when it comes to letting go and pushing them but Jordan has helped not only me to grow, but for them to grow. 
I fondly remember making the switch the Vincent sleeping in his nursery, I was TERRIFIED OF EVERYTHING, mainly him dying, that is always my fear, I am a tad crazy! But anyways, Jordan was in charge of the operation, it had to be that way or else it never would have happened. We laid Vincent down and I forget which one of us slept in the room on his floor but one of us did. It was painful for me to allow such a drastic moment but having Jordan help me through it made everything better. Now I look back and think why did we NOT move him sooner...oh yeah, it's because I am crazy! I should have listened to Jordan sooner! 
Teamwork makes the dream work, right!?!? Am I right!?

Another situation (I swear they always have to do with sleeping conditions, have we caught on to the fact that I am afraid they will die in their sleep!?!??!?!) Anyways, Jordan is the one who pushed for Vincent to move to his big boy bed, and it was such a success. Vincent was sick the day we made the switch, it was genius because he was too tired to give up a fight so we laid him in the big boy bed and he slept the entire night! He did not fall out of bed or die( as I envision...I always expect the WORST)...he managed to succeed because he was READY and because his daddy helped his mommy get over the fear of him being alone in a big boy bed. I know that switch can be painful for many families, but thankfully my husband saw an opportunity and jumped on it! (make the switch when they are sick haha)

But in all seriousness through the journey we have had as parents I have learned to trust not only my own instincts but allow his instincts to come into play. I know as moms we think we are always right with our motherly instincts but that is not true. Letting Jordan wear the parenting pants has come in to save the day more than a few times and I am willing to give up the "super parent" title any day! I know I only gave a few circumstances but I could not get through the day without his love and support. I would not be half the mother or women I am today, if it were not for him! Parenting is a two way street and I thank God the other street is in full working capacity! I feel like dads never get as much credit as moms, but MAN am I lucky to have him along for this crazy ride!

I could sit here and write a post ALL day listing everything he does that amazes me but 1. that would bore you and 2. you would all be trying to take him from me haha, so only a few stories will work for the post! :)
I realized through this whole post that I am saying all the great things he does to help me, but that is selfish to think its all about teamwork, it is about helping me but most importantly it is because he loves his little boys! Just because daddy's are not as soft as mommy's does not mean that they do not melt at the thought of their kids, because I know he does, I can see it in his eyes (sorry babe for selling you out as a softy), but seriously he does a lot to help ME but he is also building his relationship with them and my goodness, they have the BEST relationship with their daddy! 

PS If this baby is a girl...I think he will melt even more..
WE ALL love you to the moon and back, baby! 


  1. aww what a BEAUTIFUL post! got me all teary eyed! You are such an amazing mama... and an even more amazing wife (if that's even possible!). Your husband sounds A LOT like mine (minus the patience part), but he is truly s softy. HUGE. And i LOVE that about him. If this baby is a girl {which my mommy gut feeling is telling me it is), your hubby will just melt his little heart out. And if it's a boy... he will melt that much more as well. Because he loves his family.

    So sweet.

    And just a side note... V... a snail:?! haha... i had to chuckle on that one!! so so funny.

  2. Such a sweet post! And this is pretty much EXACTLY like my husband and I. He's the patient one, the one that let's them walk (while I would rather keep the little one in the stroller!), the one that tells me to take a chill pill...he's basically my saving grace! Lol. Just another way that me and you are so alike! :-)

  3. This was just beautiful Allie! I am going to have my monthly friend soon, so I'm all crazy emotional, & ofcourse ya made me cry. You're hubby seems like an amazing partner & daddy. But please don't ever forget YOU are such a (flippn) WONDERFUL mommy. The only reason your a bit crazy (like me) is that you CRAZZZY LOVE your kiddos, & it shows. Those cutie-pies are so SO lucky! Xoxoxo.

  4. I love the post, and as Jordan's mom, I am patting myself on the back for doing such a good job raising him. Love you Jordan, you are an awesome dad, and you are doing a great job with those little boys. Allie, yo are a super mom, Dewey and I were talking about what a good mom you are, you are a natural, just like me (head swell for us both).

    Love you all.

  5. Love this!

    We should def. give more credit to our partners! I know this reminded me how great matt is with P. And what a good team we are.

    Most of the time we only talk about our partners when we need a bitch session. :-) (we all need that sometimes) But 95% of the time (at least in my case) he is fantastic.

    I also have a constant fear of P dying in her sleep. I'm obsessive. Checking on her several times a night to make sure she is breathing. (freak, I know)

  6. Thats really sweet! I hope my partner is the same way.

  7. Wow, sister, you've got to be the most fertile Myrtle out there! I'm sending pink vibes your way! We got pregnant two weeks after two of our miscarriages too!