Weekly Randoms...

A few random shots that haven't reached the blog yet from the past  few weeks....

 it FINALLY rained this week for more than 1 minute...YAY! our grass needed it! 
 Fun in the rain...

 Look at my BIG BOY undies...WAHOO!
 Mommy's helper....

New lunch idea...turkey slice, shredded cheddar cheese roll up...Vincent thinks its the bomb dot com! 

 Loads of playdates!! 

The kids built a ship out of branches, we are obviously riding in it haha! 
Much needed haircuts for both boys! 
 Babes in PJ'S...SWOON! 

 Hi there, cutie! 
 The current state of our formal dining room(clearly never use it)...aka Luke's 1st Birthday Planning Station...MESS! 

Sorry I did not have a lot to say today... so I threw some pictures together...kind of! haha! More to come this weekend when I reveal the exciting news to you all!!! XOXOOX


  1. OH MY! You seriously have the cutest boys. I LOVE the naked pictures. That little tushy! So funny and cute.

    Oh man, you are really making me want a little boy! Good luck today, I am praying for you- xoxo!

  2. Love the playdate group pic. All the mommies and their tots and the nannies Leah and Dominique:)

  3. Ok, I laughed out loud with V and his "superstar" naked toosh picture. SOOOOO funny!

  4. That little butt is so cute