Giving....And how you can help!

Last night I posted about having a heavy heart after hearing about 9 year old Karrie Dodez passing away from her battle with cancer. I want to help her family in anyway that I can so of course the first thought was flowers than I read in her obituary that they would much rather have donations than flowers. But i wanted to do something more than just donate, I know that sounds lame but I want to do something personal for her parents, as a parent myself I cannot even imagine losing a child. I just know how grateful I am when I have a rough patch (miscarriage) that others are there for me, meaning all of you! There is so much love and thoughtfulness out here in blog land and I just want us to share our love and prayers with Karrie's parents. 

Becky, Britt and I (you are welcome to join) are going to go in together and get them a canvas print of a photo of Karrie for them to have forever. I know they probably have a gazillion paper pictures but I thought a special one on canvas would be a great keepsake. 

Ways to share your love....

*Pray for the family...especially on Sept 2 & 3 for visitation and the service

*Light a candle for Karrie

*Give blood & platelet donations to help others battling cancer

*Make a donation to their chosen charities 
Cookies for Kids' Cancer (neuroblastoma research), 31 Hoffmans Crossing Road, Califon, NJ 07830
Hospice and Palliative Care of Greater Wayne County, 2525 Back Orrville Rd, Wooster, OH 44691 Akron Children's Hospital Foundation, One Perkins Square, Akron, OH 44398. 

*Send them a special card (email me for their

*Leave a message on the funeral homes page for Karrie

To read more about her battle visit their website....

"Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return". Luke 6:38

If you have any other ideas of things to do that would be meaningful please let me know and I will add them to the list!! XOXO

Feel free to email me with any questions

Heavy Heart....

I am not sure if I am just an emotional wreck because I am pregnant or what not but here goes.

 I do not even know this family personally but their little girl has touched my heart. A few months back I was sent an invite on FB to participate in a Card Shower for a little girl's 9th birthday, named Karrie who has been battling neuroblastoma for a few years. When I read about her I could not help but jump at the opportunity to make her birthday special. (I even asked for help from you all, thanks to those who sent a card!) I read all about little Karrie and got her the perfect card, she was really into the Hannah Montana so of course I got her a rocking card and threw in some money for her to buy whatever her heart desired! I often prayed for her and her family and their situation. Today my friend texted me (she teaches at Karrie's school) and told me that Karrie had passed away. My stomach sunk, my heart ached horribly for her parents and family. I did not know them personally but that did not stop me from praying and hoping since I read about her story. I am so glad that I was able to hopefully make her last birthday special along with all the others who sent cards! 

Her mother posted this after her birthday....

"Between endless celebrating and medical stuff, Karrie has been pretty busy!  We started celebrating Karrie's 9th birthday on Friday and it hasn't stopped yet!  She enjoyed many of her favorite things over the last six days...friends overnight, dress up, playing house, watching movies, eating at the Barn, pinata & candy, swimming, water balloon fight, showing off our basement, playing ping pong, dressing her American Girl doll, being with cousins, eating cake & ice cream and watermelon, fireworks, donuts, shopping, more swimming, and opening cards & gifts!  She is a very well blessed little lady!!!  And we are well over 300 birthday cards received!!!!  Thank you!!!"

It sounds like she rocked her 9th birthday out! She had a long and tough battle but it sounds like she was in high spirits through it all! My prayers are with her entire family and with her in heaven always! You can read about Karrie at their site 

I still have their address and am planning on sending them a card, if you would like to also send a card please leave me your email address in a comment, or shoot me an email! Please say a prayer for them tonight....

I get so beat up over these things because you never know when it can happen. I know my boys are healthy at the moment but it shakes me to the core to think what if. You never know what tomorrow will bring so please hold your little ones tight and thank God for today! Pray for those in need!

*Side note, if you have the chance to do something special for a child or someone in it! I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I actually followed through and sent her a card! 
I mean I often read this stuff and want to help but rarely follow through.... 
So I encourage you...
If you read something that touches you, let them know! If you want to help others, please do! Helping others is truly such a gift not only to you but to them!*

((If your church has not started a fund please look into helping those in Somolia, they need our help also!))


NYC bound.... Help!

Jordan and I are headed to NYC in a few weeks to celebrate our Anniversary...if you have been please fill us in on what to do! (Jordan went once but I am a virgin to the big city...eeeek!)

Also I have a confession...I hate TAXI CABS and have never been in a subway....anxiety attacks already forming....crap...
We would love all your suggestions. So far we just have visits with friends planned, maybe a night out in 
Hoboken (stalking the Manzo boys for my best friend)and visiting Carlo's Bakery. But other than that we have nothing planned. I know we want a good authentic New York pizza YUM! We are staying in Times Square so I am hoping we are close to everything we need! 

Here's what I am looking for...
FOOD of couse, local treats are a must!...
Things that you CAN ONLY DO in NYC...
I am not BIG into museums/history but my husband is so something middle ground...
Don't tempt me with all the shopping, that is not my husbands idea of fun...haha...
Unique views or spots...
Something you did or saw that was a must see...

So with those things in mind, let me know everyone!...what should we do while there!!??!

Thanks ahead of time and help!! xoxoox

Anniversary Day

Today we celebrate our wedding anniversary!

I am just as in love with Jordan (actually even more) today as I was the day we said "I do!". It is so crazy to think about all that we have been through since we met and said I do. I remember it plain as day exchanging our vows...

"I, Allie, take you, Jordan, for my lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."

These words are so powerful to hear at a wedding, they always make me cry and tear up. I love every single aspect of our marriage, we have been through it all in these short years, we have had our share of emotional highs(births of the boys, new job & city) and also some emotional lows(miscarrying, job searches), but with all those moments I never once questioned our love for each other or the vows we exchanged. Being married is not just about Jordan and I all the time, being married is about all of us and our relationship directly effects the way our children will view marriage and that is some serious stuff. I sometimes hear people say "I want a marriage like my parents..." and that is what I want my children to say when they get there. (I say when because let's face it I will probably have an emotional break down losing my boys, special shout out to my mother in law for raising Jordan and welcoming me to be his wife). 

Marriage is not always rainbows and butterflies (although I swear we have been very blessed lately), it will have its rainy days and it's sunny days but that is what keeps it interesting. We get on each others nerves at times but that will never stop us from loving each other until the end of time. At the end of the day it is Jordan and I and I love that fact. We have created this amazing little family and it all started because we fell in love with each other and never looked back. 

I am beyond blessed to have Jordan as my husband, and even more blessed to have him be the father to our children. There is no one in the world I would rather spend every day with. I love you so much Jordan. Thank you for all that you do for me, for us, and for our family! I know every day you have been married to me has been a dream :) hahahah joking but seriously....I love you always babe! 

Here's to us!.....xoxo!

Friday Randoms...

I do not have a complete thought for an entire post at the moment so I will just sum it up with numbers and random blurbs of information. 

1. Jordan has been traveling 11 of the last 14 days and finally came home today! I am BEYOND excited!!

2. We were originally supposed to be spending this weekend in NYC, but had to reschedule last month because of Jordan's work schedule...THANK GOD, hopefully there is not too much damage because we are going in 2 weeks! 

3. Our anniversary is Monday! WOOT WOOT! We have a hot date planned...touring Vincent's preschool! Spicy stuff right!? Be very jealous!:) We are not doing much of anything since I stated above that we are going to NYC in a few weeks...alone! Bow chicka bow wow!! 

4. I have talked before about my infatuation with Albie Manzo and wanting to hook my best friend Arielle up with him (she is in NYC for 6 weeks, hence another reason we are visiting) Anyways, she is staying near Hoboken (Albie's current town) so I seriously think one night when we are there we are going to visit the bar that his brother, Chris bartends at!! Dude I am such a RHONJ stalker! Don't would so do it too!

5. Tomorrow we are going home to my parents. I am so excited for lots of reasons, to finally meet and hold baby Claira(my friend Chrissy's babe)..
.Picture 3
aka the cutest baby girl ever! And also my friend Mindy is revealing the gender of their baby at a reception! I am totally thinking it's a boy...but I am always wrong! Oh and hello I love spending time with my family, plus we are getting to indulge in some of the best pizza in america....yummmo! 

6. I gave the boys myself (high five to me!) They look so studly! I will get pics this weekend of them with their new do's! 

7. Kelle Hampton posted this week on about her difficulties with 2  miscarriages since little Nella's birth! I hate to read stories about it, but honestly the more people talk about it the better it is for others to cope with it. I know when I went through it, it was so comforting to talk with others who have also experienced it. She has such an amazing soul and outlook on everything, I just love her! She needs to have 100 kids because we need more people like her in this world! 

8. I moved my laptop up to my "office/crafty space", which resides in our stupid HUGE master closet. Anyways, I love that it's a little more out of reach so I am not as apt to jump online when the boys are awake. I have my iPad downstairs but I can't do near as much, so it has limited my "internet time wasting"!
See my desk way at the end, this was taken when we first moved in, hence I was using one of Vincent's kid chairs! haha I will have to do an updated picture when I post pics of the house! I was thinking of maybe doing a vlog though...much quicker and easier to view the house!? Thoughts? Ideas?

9. I only have 5 months left on Invisalign! HOLLA! I actually was freaking out that I would delay it because I lost a set of trays in the chaos of Luke's party weekend, thankfully my next set fit perfect so I am still right on track! Yay for straight teeth by the time baby #3 gets here!!

10. I seriously skipped Seriously? Thursday! shows how busy I was with these two little men! AHHH!

11. We are almost 12 weeks! HECK YES!!! I am planning on switching my blog title, but we all know I am a tad apprehensive, so I think I will wait until the 20 week u/s and all that jazz!  

11. That is all folks. Hope you enjoyed my random incomplete thoughts! I hope you all have an amazing weekend...if you live on the East Coast BE SAFE! Hugs and Prayers! xo

My List of Baby "Give or Take" items...

Yesterday I posted my list of my top 5 baby must-haves, while I only listed 5, there are tons more that I love, if only I had all day to list them! Maybe I will list them randomly, Katie commented saying that she does a Monday link up for Must Have items so maybe I could jump on that bandwagon to list my others!

These next items are my "give or take", my list of must haves changed drastically when Luke entered the household, things that I barely used with Vincent were used a lot more so I could get a tiny break here or there! I am so glad I held onto some of these items! Here we go with my list!

1. Boppy Pillow...the funny thing with the boppy pillow is that I used it not so much for breastfeeding but for the boys to lounge in or nap in. I found a love for breastfeeding laying down so that is my main reason for needing no help on that! But my goodness I love the boppy pillow for propping the boys up and keeping them contained those first few months! Also that way when they were little they were elevated and could see a little bit of what was going on around them! They loved the boppy and so did I, also it was great for tummy time! See, baby Vincent loved that boppy pillow...haha, he is such a man!

2. The Swing...Vincent was not that big of a fan of the swing but Luke loved it! It was nice to be able to put him in it and be able to play with Vincent at the same time! Luke loved to nap in it as well! The only thing that sucks is how badly it sucks up batteries, I swear it would die within a few days! I wish it would have plugged into the wall so it could have went all day and night! Graco, get on it! :)

He was only in this for a picture quick so don't judge him for not being strapped in! haha

3.The baby tub...With Vincent I loved it!! When Luke came along it was more of a hassle than it was worth, I would end up with Vincent in the bath and Luke beside the bath because I could not put the baby tub in the bath with Vincent and water! So needless to say I usually gave Luke a bath with Vincent in the big tub vs doing 2 baths at once....

That or...the sink came in handy a lot more with babe #2, quick and easy especially in a pinch...diaper blowouts! 

4. Bumbo....The bumbo totally rocks for a few months, I say that because my kids were FAT and the bumbo would squeeze their poor little chubby thighs! For not so chunky babes I bet this thing ROCKS for awhile! Also they would fall out of it a lot! Once Luke figured out how his arms and hands worked he would plunge for things while sitting in the boppy and fall over! It became more hassle than anything when they turned 6 mos, but from months 3-6...ROCKSTAR! 

5. The Booster Seat...I cannot believe I did not have this in my top 5 must have's....silly me!! I cannot OBSESS over this chair enough! I love it! This is where I moved Luke after the bumbo, because he could not fall out...okay that is a lie he did once...bad mom alert! But anyways I did not want a high chair when we lived in our old house because there was not a lot of room. I read great reviews on this sucker and at less than 25 bucks how can you pass it up! You just strap it on a regular chair and you are good to go! If you wanna take it somewhere just unhook it, how many high chairs can do that??! I LOVE IT! I think others love it too, Amazon has 5 stars on it!  They even have it in PINK now for all you lucky momma's with girls!

6. Sophie the Giraffe/Pacifiers...doesn't everyone and their mom have Sophie now? lol It is literally the only teething toy I bought, the boys liked her squeakiness but they didn't really care one way of the other if they chewed on her or a plastic block! She is pretty cute though and so many people comment on her. The old ladies at mass thinks she is the bee's knee's! As far as pacifiers, my boys refused to take them. With Luke I was practically begging him to take them so he would sleep, but he wouldn't! I bought so many and just ended up throwing them away! 

7. The diaper genie...
With just Vincent I had zero use for it, but holy diapers when Luke came... we had diapers out the WAZOO! So we invested in the Diaper Genie and it does ROCK, but now that we are down to just Luke is diapers I barely if ever use it! I swear by good old Glad Force Flex Odor Blocking trash bags and a normal trash can, works like magic I could not stand buying the refills for the diaper genie (rip off) so that could be one reason I stopped using it also! The good thing is it is tiny and compact and not an eyesore, so you can have it anywhere! 

I think that is about it for my give or take's, some were more of a take for me obviously but I will have all these items for babe #3, you NEVER know what your baby is going to like until they are here. I have a feeling if this one is a little girl she is going to be way different than the boys! The boys are so easy going that I have a feeling this next one will be high maintenance...Lord help me! 

Let me know any items that you thought were a must then turned out to be a bust....

**P.S....Tell me more about these wraps...I see them so OFTEN and I had a sling with Vincent and he hated it but those darn wraps make those babies look so snug...FILL ME IN MAMAS! **

My Top 5 Baby Must Have's....

I remember like it was yesterday planning my baby registry for Vincent and I had NO clue what to put on it, I mean seriously there are 20 different kinds of EVERYTHING(bottles, name it!) and they all claim to be clinically proven or the best. I had every kind of butt paste known to man kind and every brand of diaper in case my child was indeed allergic to one brand, I was ready. But as the months went on, things still sat unopened and never used. With Luke, I barely bought anything because I had so much left over. If I were to make my list again today here is what I would put for Must-Haves...

1.Sleep Sacks...
( I am dying over the toddler sleep sack...might have to buy that for Vincent...kidding) anyways...
I am a COMPLETE psycho when it comes to how my kids sleep the first year of their life aka NOTHING is in their crib (blankets, silkies,stuffed animals). The only thing I allow is a sheet and breathable bumper pads...My MIL made me amazing bumpers but I switched to breathable pads because I was having anxiety! Anyways back to the sleep sacks! I don't want my child to freeze so I snuggle them up in sleep sacks, they do not notice the difference, they are still snug in their sack! I love not having to worry about whether or not that freaking blanket is near their face smothering them...I am really crazy, these offer me a little peace of mind! 

2. Pack n' Play...
The first few months (okay like I said I am crazy with sleeping so first 6-8 months) the pack n' play was a part of our bedroom. I loved having the boys right next to me so i could stalk their every move. But the pack n' play was so light weight and easy. Plus, we take it everywhere we go overnight and it's a breeze to set up! It came with a bassinet and changing table attachment but I have no idea where it went, I had it on it for like one day because I feared they would roll off it somehow and kill themselves...if you have not noticed...I fear EVERYTHING...

3. Breast Pump...
Doesn't that picture intimidate you a little?!?! want me to hook what to what!??!? With Vincent I breezed by with a cheap single pump and I never realized how much it SUCKED (literally) until I bought a nice double pump when Luke was born! I got the Ameda Purely Yours Double Breast Pump and HOLY COW! That thing rocks, I could fill 8oz in like 5 minutes flat! I loved being able to do both at once, so much more convenient than pumping one at a time, plus with a newborn and a 16mo old I needed something quicker and this was a must have! 

4. Nursing Tanks and PADS....
I found the best nursing tanks at Target and got 3 different colors which I would wear almost every single day~! I love how easy they are and you can not even tell they are nursing tanks! They also just came out with cute lace ones...I will be getting those for babe #3! Another must have is nursing pads, I had bought these cute and fun fabric ones off of etsy when I was pregnant not thinking that since they were FABRIC they would not absorb...I had no idea....that is, until I was walking up for communion at church and looked down to see I had LEAKED through my dress....pretty exciting stuff....after that I threw those away and never looked back. I found Lansinoh Nursing Pads and they were amazing, they do not leak, they absorb all that wonderful left over milk and no one has to notice it leaking through your shirt!! 

5. Dr Brown's Bottles...
These were the bottles everyone said were the best so I got them with Vincent and he loved them. They have a special system that eliminates bubbles and lessens gas for babes. Luke was a different story, at first he would not take a bottle so I bought no joke 5 different kinds and he would turn his head at all of them. After trying all the 5, I went back to the Dr. Browns and he FINALLY took them and refused anything else! 

Those were my top 5 Must-Haves, that is not EVERYTHING I used clearly but those are at the top of my list! All babies and moms are different so what you love may differ from what I love, clearly! Tomorrow I will list my "Give or Take" items because it is so different what you find useful when you have 1 babe, but when you have 2 babes other things that were once not useful, are VERY much useful! 

I would love to hear your must-have items also....xoxo

Screen-Free Ramblings....

I tried 3 days screen-free....I say "tried" because I only made it 2 days screen-free...I totally cheated Saturday...I suck! But let me tell you 2 days was enough for me to want to change my ways. I noticed it really only bothered me in the morning and at night. Most mornings I wake up before the boys and grab my iPad and read blogs while I am still snuggled in bed, so 2 days without that was a little weird. At night I usually read blogs or watch my DVR'd shows and since I had already watched my fave shows (RHONJ, G&B, Bach Pad and Teen Mom) before I did this experiment it did not bother me too much. Yesterday I caved mainly because I was bored when Luke was napping! I also wanted to get a few projects started which involved the computer so obviously clicking on gmail, facebook and blogger had to happen, right?!

I will say though, I felt less anxious without the internet, I do not know why I always have a need to check up on everything, I mean REALLY nothing that important is going on that it can't wait a few days. I got a few things done which was great. Here is my list of things I did...

Read a book in 24 hours....
I have a problem with buying books on my Kindle app and then never reading them so Thursday night I decided to finally start Heaven is For Real, the story about a little boys trip to heaven and what he experienced. Most books will get started but not finished for weeks, if ever. We started a book club in our moms group and started reading ScreamFree Parenting and let's just say I am still on Chapter 1 and they are already on a new book, so me and reading typically do not make it far. However without the temptation of TV and internet I was able to finish that book in 24 hours! INSANE! I was so excited because not only was I reading something, I was reading something that actually intrests me and gives me a different outlook on my faith, and that book was a must read! I do not want to give the whole book away but I was shocked by so many things the little boy (who was 4 at the time) said. I cried over the one part where he came up to his mother and said "I miss my sister", his mom said "She is right here, meaning his older sister Cassie who was sitting at the table" He proceeded to say "No mom, I have another sister, I met her in heaven", his moms jaw dropped. They had experienced a miscarriage that they NEVER talked about with him considering he was only a toddler, but the boy explained that the sister was so excited to meet them when they got to heaven and that she was the first person to give him a hug when he was there. He also explained that she had dark hair and features like his mom, him and his sister took after their dad. They asked what her name was and he said she did not have one, which is true because they never knew the gender or even had a name picked out. I just LOVED that part! It made me happy to know that our little one is up in heaven waiting and watching. Anyways I was so excited to read that book, so if you have free time, pick it up!!

Magazine Reading....
I have so many random subscriptions for parent magazines, like 5 or 6 and I never read them, I usually just skim through them so the one afternoon I sat down with my iced Chai Tea, which I spilled on myself and the foul...and I finally read them! I read so many good articles that I actually want to blog about in the future. I feel like a lot of my blogs are just about MY LIFE, and I do not touch on parenting subjects, marriage or friendship stuff as much as I would like to so it's coming...less about me....more about others!

Actual PHONE conversations...
While I was screen-free I had an actual "phone" conversation with one of my best friends who I rarely get a chance to sit down and chat with since both of our lives are hectic. She had texted me about something so instead of texting I called her (sounds easy enough right) and we chatted for like 30-45 mins and after hanging up I just felt so great! I do not feel that sense of satisfaction from just texting friends, I mean you miss out on so many details in the world of texting. We actually got to talk in great detail about what was going on in both of our lives and I just loved it. It is kind of sad that I do not talk to all my friends that way. I am going to try harder to be closer with my friends, rather it be through a phone call or sending an old fashioned letter to let them know I am thinking of them, it is very important to let friends know how much they mean! Kelle Hampton just did a great post on it that I read before I tried the screen-free thing, check it out! Call your friends, send a letter, give them your time!:)

I felt like I actually let loose a little more. Since I was not reading blogs in the mornings, I felt like when the boys woke up I was more ready to tackle the day! I found myself down on the floor actually playing with the boys more often than usual and it was great. Vincent and I hopped around like bunnies, we did lots of outside time full of swinging and sliding, the boys got down and dirty! I feel like sometimes I get caught up in wanting to finish writing a post that I miss tiny special moments with the boys, so from now on blogging will only be done after hours, which is how it used to be but the past few months I have been creeping it in during the day. I love that I am typing this actual post during the day but Luke is asleep so I am finishing it up quick! But just taking more time to spend with the boys was awesome. 

I feel like typically I do not actually take time to reflect fully on what is going on our life, I feel like I just push it aside and watch my reality shows and read blogs, but the 2 days I actually reflected on where we are at and how things are going. I think sometimes I shove my feelings underneath the rug and just hope for them to disappear but I need to tackle them instead and deal with them. I felt it most when I think about baby #3, usually I just think, we will handle it instead of actually making a plan. So instead of pushing it under a rug, I started thinking about a plan. I thought about the things that made me exhausted when we went from 1 baby to 2 and I figured out ways we can fix them for this next baby and make the transition smoother. I think a plan of action will come in handy because let's face it, things get very hectic and without a plan important things like SLEEP get thrown out the window and you end up a stressed out lady who does not like to ask for help after a baby is born...aka...ME! 

Well here are some pictures from the couple of days without screens!:) 

Luke was bored...

Vincent did you forget to pull your pants up after potty??...Typical...Also notice the one
It's official...we're walking all the time....crawling was so last year!
The yummy drink that spilled all over the couch....ugh
I love how it bends his ears down haha
Best Friends...
He now kicks his legs while swinging...
One of Luke's fave games...drinking water (spilling it all over) like a big boy!
Verner and I observing the boys...
A yummy snack...I will be sharing the recipe this week...until then...drool over this...

That is all! I encourage you to give it a shot, whether it be a day or even a few. It will hopefully give you a new outlook on priorities and life...if not well hey it was only a day wasted! haha xoxo

Seriously? Thursday!

It's that time of the week again! Head on over to Becky's blog and link up!! 

Seriously? Last night I decided to go screen-free for 3 days (Thurs-Sat). Screen-free means no TV, computer, or texting! One of my friends tried it this week so I decided to give it a shot! I will let you all know Sunday how it went! Wish me luck!

Seriously? We had our 10 week appt today! It was just pretty much a meet and greet and all the horrid paperwork and questions! They usually do not listen for a heartbeat until 12 weeks(lame) but I think she knew I was a tad freaked out because of what happened so she caved. She said she could not promise anything since she rarely uses the doppler but the second she put that stick on my belly you could hear the little beans heart racing! 170bpm!! I was pumped, I know it's an old wives tale that girls have high heart rates but I still think babe #3 will be a boy! I am happy for a healthy heart rate though!!!

Seriously? BACHELOR PAD...I did not think it was possible to despise Vienna any more than I already had, but Monday night she showed me it was possible. She is a nut! I convinced Jordan to watch it all with me (first time EVER) and I loved having someone to chat with while we were watching! It freaked me out how her and Casey seem to get all turned on when they fight with Jake, it's like it's exotic to them to hate Jake. YUCK! I am sad Gia went home because I love her, and was so excite Ames left with Jackie, let's face it Ames did NOT need the money, that man probably makes that much every year. I was sad to read in People that Ames and Jackie have already split, sorry to be the bearer of bad news! I was also dying over how crazy Melissa went...haha poor thing needs to take a chill pill!

Seriously? My heart is broken for Taylor Armstong and her daughter Kennedy! I must say I do not know how shocked I was to see a tragedy like this from one of these shows, I mean they are ruthless and talk a lot of crap about each other but that does not excuse the selfish act he committed. His poor daughter and sons will not have a father. My heart truly hurts for them! I know they were supposed to expose a lot about their break up this season but I am guessing Bravo will take those scenes out, whew!

Seriously? RHONJ, I must say I do not remember much from the episode! Parts I do remember are Melissa in her little studio cracks me up and I cannot get "On Display" out of my head! I love me some Teresa as always! Ashley needs to be punched in the face, she is so rude to her mom! I am glad that her father stepped in and stood up for Jacyln! Ashley has just been spoiled for too long! I feel bad for Lauren Manzo with her weight issues, I think she is gorgeous no matter what and needs to be happy, she has an amazing family and boyfriend and a lot going for her!

Seriously? Teen Mom, I will never stop saying how much Ryan annoys me. He was never there for Bentley and now wants to screw Maci over and throw her under the bus! I do not get how his parents can sit there and act like he is right! As a mom I would be kicking my son's butt if he was not a good father! YUCK!

Seriously? Bath and Body has their new fall scents out...HEAVEN! Fall scents are my favorite, because fall is my favorite season! I just love all the pumpkin spices and baked goodness! Here are a few you MUST pick up! 
 Apple Crumble and S'mores....YES PLEASE!

Seriously? We are going to NYC in a few weeks and I am PUMPED!! I have never been there in my life! I will do a post solely on this so you all can give me the "go-to" spots! We will be kid-less so we can maximize our time and do a lot! Plus we need some alone time if you know what I mean!! YIPPIE!

Seriously? Our AC stopped working out of no-where! I am so MAD, and HOT! We need to get it figured out asap, I do not do well in heat, my husband loves heat! GAG ME!

Seriously? Luke's party was just last weekend and I am already planning Vincent's 3rd Birthday (April), I figured I need to knock it out before the babe comes in March.

Seriously? That is all! I will see you all again on Sunday! Say a prayer that I can make it 3 days with no screens!:) 


Screen-Free for 3 Days....

Okay it is very sad to say but when I think about not reading my fave blogs, facebooking or texting it makes me cringe a little. While I cringe I am realizing, holy crap I am ADDICTED to this stuff. I guess I would rather it be those things than drugs but still, it is not good either way you slice it!

My friend did this "experiment" Monday-Wednesday this week and I will actually be seeing her for dinner tomorrow so I am excited to hear her results, but I am going to follow in her steps and go "screen-free" from Thursday to Saturday!

Screen-Free means, no computer, television or texting.

If I want to be entertained I will pick up a book, crap I use Kindle on my iPad, there may be a loop hole there, but when my friends text me; I will call them and actually talk vs just shooting them a text back. It is actually pretty sad how much time a day I catch myself reading blogs or checking facebook. TV is not hard for me because I never watch it during the day, it is usually after the kids go to bed and I am kinda cheating by doing this from Thursday-Saturday because hello there are no good shows on! I have my RHONJ, Teen Mom and Bachelor Pad fix already {insert evil laugh}. I will be typing my Seriously? Thursday post tonight and it will be on my blog tomorrow but I will not be online! I am excited because I will probably get a lot done haha that sounds so sad, but I put a lot of organizing on the back burner to check blogs/facebook so I am going to take full advantage of my free time these next 3 days. Also with baby #3 coming in March I want to be on top of my mommy game as much as I can and have Vincent and Luke on a good schedule so I won't have a break down when I am surrounded by 3 kids! haha! (By the way I had an appt today and babe #3 had a heartrate of 170bpm!!)

Join me in you want for 1, 2, 3, 4 days!? Whatever floats your boat! I will write down my feelings on paper and let you all know how this "experiment" went. I can already feel the anxiety and sweat forming in my palms...okay maybe that is because our AC just stopped working out of nowhere last night (I think Becky doomed me with her "no air" problems...thanks! haha) But I am off to type my post for tomorrow and scheme up things to do that do not involve a screen!

Until Sunday...xoxo

How Pinteresting!

I figured I would link up today and show some of my favorite things on Pinterest at the moment...I cannot get over how obsessed I am with this site! If you want to join leave your email and I will invite you, I heard there is a wait list if not (lame) 


Here we go! Link up with us and join in!!

Project for this! These bad boys are a few hundred bucks in stores....

This is just an oil drip doing this!!

Coloring book and crayon organizer...aka dish rack
Repurposed dishrack for a coloring book organizer.

Vincent's 3rd Birthday stuff....obsessed with Handy Manny

Brownie/cookie dough sandwiches....enough said

Fabric...easy as pie to make this wreath

Since I will have ALL boys, I will need to bunk them like so...

Samoa Bark...YES PLEASE

Must do all the different frames

Must do this shot...ASAP!!