1 year ago....

Last year at this moment I was squatting in our bathroom trying to figure out if these contractions were real or just those wonderful false ones I kept experiencing! Vincent was snuggled in our bed next to Jordan, for some odd reason I had let him come into bed with us the night before, I guess my mommy instincts knew I needed some cuddle time with him before Luke arrived. Anyways, I creeped in the room and whispered loudly "Jordan I think this is IT!", Jordan half asleep and groggy of course thought I was full of it (I probably have 10 false alarms) , he slowly rolls out of bed! I am not in too much pain (yet) so we finish packing the bags and make arrangements for Vincent to be watched by Uncle Alex.

Off to the hospital we went, and they did not admit me right away but after walking for an hour and progressing 1/2 cm, and faking contractions (tensing up all your abdominal muscles messes with the machine and makes a tiny contraction look worse, I am a little sneaky snake) they admitted me. Since labor was not too intense they said they would have to break my waters, which is exactly what they did with Vincent. They broke my waters around noon and off we went. I remember every detail about the day. How I thought the labor tub would make things better, wrong! How I thought watching a movie would distract me, wrong! How I thought it would be not as painful, wrong! With all the random wrong things, one thing was right, the second labor is FASTER! I went from 4-8 in a few hours then the dreaded 8-10 in like 30-45 mins and FINALLY pushing! That damn "ring of fire" they talk about during pushing is oh so TRUE! I have the thought of that sensation burned in my mind forever. Thankfully I had my pushing down a little better than the first birth, so he made his entrance into the world in a speedy manner (thanks Luke!)

At 3:20 pm, Luke Cosmas entered the world!
(names both derived from saints; Saint Luke and Saint Cosmas)
Luke still makes the EXACT face when he cries....

I never knew what it would be like to love not only one child but TWO and it is AMAZING! I was a little hesitant with worries before he arrived about how I would feel towards Luke, if I would have enough love to share evenly between Vincent and Luke. The moment he arrived and I held him it was no longer a worry. My heart grew extra large to handle all the emotions I had saved for him! 

This past year since he was born has been an experience. I have had every emotion you could possibly have; terror, excitement, LOVE, nervousness, anxiety, surprise, joy...the list goes on and on. 

The moments we have shared have been priceless

The bond we have as a family of 4 is so strong! I can not imagine our life without Luke! I am so blessed that he is ours! At 3:20 today I know I will be snuggling that little boy as tight as I can! We have came so far in ONE year, it is hard to believe!

I love you so much Luke Cosmas....

Here is a look at his first year if you have not seen it! 


  1. that video was so amazing mama. you are such a great mom, and those darling boys of yours are SO SO lucky!

    happy birthday little man. have a wonderful day!!!!!

  2. LOVE the video! Just priceless! Happy birthday sweet heart!