10 Days of YOU....Day 1

2 posts in ONE day, whew you guys are lucky dogs haha

I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun since I have a lot of new followers who might not yet know me! I also figured I might actually be able to stick to this one since it is only 10 days long vs one of those 30 day challenges, because let's face it I fade off after a few days! Another bonus is with Luke's birthday being 11 days away this will give me something to post about vs having to "think" something up! 

So here goes...DAY 1

10 secrets

1. If you have not noticed I am obsessed with reality TV mainly the RHONJ, OC, BH and I even liked DC (shoot me I know but I did like it!) also in the mix is anything Bachelor/Bachelorette related, ahem...Bachelor Pad next week...can I get a Woo Hoo!? Most would think I sit at home all day watching these since I am a SAHM but yea right, my boys are not allowed to see that drama and hear those words, so I have to watch it at night or before they wake up...I probably lose sleep over it but I love it! 

2. I really enjoy Cottonelle toilet paper...it feels really nice to wipe with, plus Vincent freaks out at the store since there is a PUPPY on the cover! (We just went shopping today so it's fresh in my mind)

3. When Vincent was potty training (last month)and we were traveling we would pull over on the side of the road and he would pee out the side door of the van...CLASSY I know! You can only get away with it when your young right!? 

4. I ate two pieces of ice cream pie today...one for me...and one for me...I mean the baby...:)

5. I really love Katy Perry's TGIF song! It's my favorite jam at the moment! 

6. When I take a shower, it has to be scalding hot...I need to feel a nice burn and turn my skin pink! I love to just stand there and soak it all in! It also must be about 10-15 minutes in length...it's kinda like my getaway!

7. We do prayers together as a family every night, I tell my husband some people may think we're "too catholic" but I think we're pretty cool! haha I said we could be the new face of trendy Catholicism!?

8. I never finished college (I went for Early Childhood Ed), I quit because it wasn't the right place for me at the time, and I really only went to college for cheerleading. Anyways, I became a nanny for an amazing family who taught me so much and then I met Jordan and here we are today. I will finish my degree someday, but the funny thing is there is NOTHING I want to major in at the moment so for now I am just going to be the best mommy and wife I can and I know some day I will make a decision and finish but for now I am happy with my current position as a SAHM...hardest job ever!

9. I love retail therapy! It's funny because it does not have to be buying something for myself (because that rarely happens with kids), I get a high off grocery shopping! It's addictive! Maybe I should be a personal grocery shopper for the elderly? Dude, I would SO do that! 

10. I am closer friends with a lot of my blogging friends than I am with my real life friends, I really LOVE you all, you know who you are!:) I wish we all lived in the same freaking block so we could rock at life together with our cute kiddos! If only! 

That is all, if you want to JOIN IN, it will give you a break from the ordinary and it's only 10 days long! At the end of this it will be Luke's BiRtHDaY!! AHHHHHH! 

Have a good night y'all
(one more...#11. I wish I was from the South...one day I will be and I will totally pick up the accent)


  1. I think I might join in on this! I totally need something to occupy my blog other than negativity right now!

  2. This is awesome Girl. Seriously let's convince our hubby's to buy us houses on the same street, somewhere in the south (both have to have huge wrap around porches), we'll ofcourse "grow" southern accents, & become personal grociery shoppers(haha LOVE that idea too), Our cute kiddos can have play dates all the time, then we can have "reality dvr night" we hang out watch our fav shows & eat really yummy food! Sorry for the huge run-on sentence, But how heavenly does this sound! Haha... my husband thinks I'm nutso. I just read this to him. Got to plant the seed my friend!

    Seriously, I adore you Allie friend! So Glad I met ya! Muah...!

  3. Ooooh, I might have to join in on this! By the way, I'm definitely with you on the hot showers! I literally have to have scalding hot water. It's so horrible for my skin, but I don't care because it feels so damn good. Love it!

  4. We are so alike its crazy. I went to college for school... I mean cheerleading too! :)

    I'm a reality show junkie. My husband just bought a big screen downstairs so he doesn't have to watch my shows anymore. He just said to me, "Is there ever a night that your shows ARENT on?!"

    If we lived on the same block... wed watch our shows together with a glass of wine. Well, actually youd just watch me with my wine until babe comes out! :)

  5. I'm with you on half of these...
    the showers...people think I am insane how hot I want my shower! And I've eaten almost a pan of brownies this week (I mean for the baby of course). Also am addicted to some reality. I need to do this on my blog...

  6. Haha! I love this :) I want that Southern accent too :)
    I think that's adorable your family prays together every night!

  7. I'm trying this...boy these 10 secrets are HARD!!

  8. I'm totally stealing this! I love it! :o)

    I also went to college for Early Childhood Ed. Now I'm teaching 4th grade... doesn't add up but I love it anyway!