Day 2...9 Loves

Wahoo, Day 2 and I am still going strong! haha

9 Loves

1-4. Let's just sum up the top 4 with my husband, my 2 sweet boys and our little baby on the way! I have the worlds best husband and I am blessed to have met someone who brings out the best in me. He makes me want to be a better person everyday. He is also the best daddy ever and I am so lucky to have such a great partner in crime while raising our kids! Vincent and Luke truly have my heart wrapped around their little fingers. Life would never be the same without those 2 boys and I know baby #3 will just add another layer of love to my already overflowing heart! Family is the God's best gift and I feel like he has hooked me up!:)

5. God, I have not always been a great christian but 3 years ago when I was baptized into the Catholic  church, it was life changing. I love my relationship with God and also sharing that with Jordan and the boys! I am going to make sure they grow up with a strong faith and that they also share with others how great God is. I cannot praise Him enough for where I am at in my life. It's unbelievable and I know it is all because of Him!

6. Traveling, I love getting out of the house and exploring, which is why you will find us traveling with Jordan on work trips so often, even if it is just a few hours from home it is still fun...I mean no cooking and cleaning...I'M IN!! Traveling has obviously become more hectic with 2 little ones but it makes it more interesting! Being stuck in the hotel with just the boys and I is not always a dream come true, but it's always an adventure! One day we will be able to enjoy quiet laid back vacations but for now I will take what I can get!

7. Caroline idol! haha She tells it like it is and is such a great mother! If baby #3 is a girl I know it is just so I can follow in her foot steps! haha joking, but seriously...I LOVE HER! Her kids are such amazing people and I know it has so much to do with her parenting. I would love to have seen her back in her prime when her kids were under 5! (I just looked her kids are pretty close in age, they are 25, 23 and 22) So you know she was as crazy as we all are at one point with kids out the wazooo! I aspire to be as blunt and up front as she is. Sometimes always I bite my tongue but one day I will tell it like it is! Thank you Mrs. Manzo!

8. FALL....I love everything about fall! It is not freakishly HOT, you can be in jeans and not sweat to death. You can actually play outside with your kids (I know you can in the summer but it is painful with this 90-100 degree weather...YUCK) The leaves are falling and it's okay if your grass is not perfectly green! Plus I love pumpkin patches, and dressing the kids up for Halloween and apple cider and Thanksgiving! Also, Christmas is right around the corner. There is just so much more excitement that time of year. I love everything about it....only a few more months! :)

9. Blogging. Being able to write what I am feeling and what is happening everyday is such a nice way to release tension! I love being able to look back to exactly what I was doing at this time last year! Sometimes I will catch myself reading old posts for hours, I just love having it all here to go back to at any given second. Plus I have a horrible memory so it makes me feel less stupid when I can just click and find the post to remind me! Thank you blogger!

I am still going to do Seriously Thursday tomorrow so I may postpone day 3 but I will get to it! I hope you all had a great day. We ventured into Tumble Tots class tonight and I will have a WHOLE rant on that tomorrow, let's just say for now that it was NOT for us! WHEW!

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  1. Love Caroline Manzo too! She rocks! I just luv ya girl!