Friday Randoms...

I do not have a complete thought for an entire post at the moment so I will just sum it up with numbers and random blurbs of information. 

1. Jordan has been traveling 11 of the last 14 days and finally came home today! I am BEYOND excited!!

2. We were originally supposed to be spending this weekend in NYC, but had to reschedule last month because of Jordan's work schedule...THANK GOD, hopefully there is not too much damage because we are going in 2 weeks! 

3. Our anniversary is Monday! WOOT WOOT! We have a hot date planned...touring Vincent's preschool! Spicy stuff right!? Be very jealous!:) We are not doing much of anything since I stated above that we are going to NYC in a few weeks...alone! Bow chicka bow wow!! 

4. I have talked before about my infatuation with Albie Manzo and wanting to hook my best friend Arielle up with him (she is in NYC for 6 weeks, hence another reason we are visiting) Anyways, she is staying near Hoboken (Albie's current town) so I seriously think one night when we are there we are going to visit the bar that his brother, Chris bartends at!! Dude I am such a RHONJ stalker! Don't would so do it too!

5. Tomorrow we are going home to my parents. I am so excited for lots of reasons, to finally meet and hold baby Claira(my friend Chrissy's babe)..
.Picture 3
aka the cutest baby girl ever! And also my friend Mindy is revealing the gender of their baby at a reception! I am totally thinking it's a boy...but I am always wrong! Oh and hello I love spending time with my family, plus we are getting to indulge in some of the best pizza in america....yummmo! 

6. I gave the boys myself (high five to me!) They look so studly! I will get pics this weekend of them with their new do's! 

7. Kelle Hampton posted this week on about her difficulties with 2  miscarriages since little Nella's birth! I hate to read stories about it, but honestly the more people talk about it the better it is for others to cope with it. I know when I went through it, it was so comforting to talk with others who have also experienced it. She has such an amazing soul and outlook on everything, I just love her! She needs to have 100 kids because we need more people like her in this world! 

8. I moved my laptop up to my "office/crafty space", which resides in our stupid HUGE master closet. Anyways, I love that it's a little more out of reach so I am not as apt to jump online when the boys are awake. I have my iPad downstairs but I can't do near as much, so it has limited my "internet time wasting"!
See my desk way at the end, this was taken when we first moved in, hence I was using one of Vincent's kid chairs! haha I will have to do an updated picture when I post pics of the house! I was thinking of maybe doing a vlog though...much quicker and easier to view the house!? Thoughts? Ideas?

9. I only have 5 months left on Invisalign! HOLLA! I actually was freaking out that I would delay it because I lost a set of trays in the chaos of Luke's party weekend, thankfully my next set fit perfect so I am still right on track! Yay for straight teeth by the time baby #3 gets here!!

10. I seriously skipped Seriously? Thursday! shows how busy I was with these two little men! AHHH!

11. We are almost 12 weeks! HECK YES!!! I am planning on switching my blog title, but we all know I am a tad apprehensive, so I think I will wait until the 20 week u/s and all that jazz!  

11. That is all folks. Hope you enjoyed my random incomplete thoughts! I hope you all have an amazing weekend...if you live on the East Coast BE SAFE! Hugs and Prayers! xo


  1. Somebody was looking out for you when you had to reschedule your trip! I would totally stalk Albie too, make sure you tell us about your experience. I want invisalign soooo bad....maybe someday :)

  2. Thank God you aren't going to NYC this weekend!! My mom and were just talking about how crazy it's going to get there. Hopefully it's not as bad as the news says it will be!

    Have a great time visiting Claira. I am so jealous!!

    CONGRATS on the 12 week mark (almost!). I know this babe will be just fine and healthy. I can't wait to get to the 12 week mark. I will feel much better, myself!

  3. NYC is on my bucket list to one day vacation there! Cant wait to see pics. annnnd I love kelle hampton. Her blog is amazing!

  4. Oh I looove kelle Hampton too. Every so often I read nella's birth story just because it's so beautifully written. She's great!

  5. 7. Let's hope KH stops having kids as she completely exploits the ones she already has.