Heavy Heart....

I am not sure if I am just an emotional wreck because I am pregnant or what not but here goes.

 I do not even know this family personally but their little girl has touched my heart. A few months back I was sent an invite on FB to participate in a Card Shower for a little girl's 9th birthday, named Karrie who has been battling neuroblastoma for a few years. When I read about her I could not help but jump at the opportunity to make her birthday special. (I even asked for help from you all, thanks to those who sent a card!) I read all about little Karrie and got her the perfect card, she was really into the Hannah Montana so of course I got her a rocking card and threw in some money for her to buy whatever her heart desired! I often prayed for her and her family and their situation. Today my friend texted me (she teaches at Karrie's school) and told me that Karrie had passed away. My stomach sunk, my heart ached horribly for her parents and family. I did not know them personally but that did not stop me from praying and hoping since I read about her story. I am so glad that I was able to hopefully make her last birthday special along with all the others who sent cards! 

Her mother posted this after her birthday....

"Between endless celebrating and medical stuff, Karrie has been pretty busy!  We started celebrating Karrie's 9th birthday on Friday and it hasn't stopped yet!  She enjoyed many of her favorite things over the last six days...friends overnight, dress up, playing house, watching movies, eating at the Barn, pinata & candy, swimming, water balloon fight, showing off our basement, playing ping pong, dressing her American Girl doll, being with cousins, eating cake & ice cream and watermelon, fireworks, donuts, shopping, more swimming, and opening cards & gifts!  She is a very well blessed little lady!!!  And we are well over 300 birthday cards received!!!!  Thank you!!!"

It sounds like she rocked her 9th birthday out! She had a long and tough battle but it sounds like she was in high spirits through it all! My prayers are with her entire family and with her in heaven always! You can read about Karrie at their site http://karriedodez.com/ 

I still have their address and am planning on sending them a card, if you would like to also send a card please leave me your email address in a comment, or shoot me an email! Please say a prayer for them tonight....

I get so beat up over these things because you never know when it can happen. I know my boys are healthy at the moment but it shakes me to the core to think what if. You never know what tomorrow will bring so please hold your little ones tight and thank God for today! Pray for those in need!

*Side note, if you have the chance to do something special for a child or someone in need...do it! I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I actually followed through and sent her a card! 
I mean I often read this stuff and want to help but rarely follow through.... 
So I encourage you...
If you read something that touches you, let them know! If you want to help others, please do! Helping others is truly such a gift not only to you but to them!*

((If your church has not started a fund please look into helping those in Somolia, they need our help also!))



  1. this is terribly sad. i wish i would have known about it so i could have participated by sending a birthday card her way. having a little girl myself, i often find i take her health for granted... thanks for the humbling reminder and letting us know that there is a family out there who needs praying and blessings sent their way.

    new follower. love the kindness in your blog.

  2. I LOVED this post because I also have the best of intentions at times but the don't follow thru, however when I do, I feel so much better.

    This is very sad, and I ALWAYS think about what if something happened to one of my two boys. I would be DEVASTATED. Thanks for the good reminder :)

  3. My heart is just aching. I am happy we were able to send her a little card. I just don't even know what to say... Jaxy & I will surely be praying for that sweet little angel in heaven & her family.

    A friend gave me some good advice the other day~ If your feeling sad & helpless & don't know what to do, that's okay. Because God always knows. Just trust & give it all up to him. He will never let you down.

    Much love Allie, Mel

  4. I hate to read stuff like this. One of my dear friends from high school lost her sister to neuroblastoma. She got it when she was 3 and died on her 6th birthday. It was heartbreaking. Those situations are so, so hard to understand. Why it has to happen to such innocent little ones.

    I will be praying for this family. I hope that they can find peace in their pain. Things like this should just never happen.

  5. I'm the same way as you. Stories like this break my heart. It hits so close to home and none of us could imagine something like this happening to our families. I'd love to help out anyway I can! Maybe go in on a gift/card/basket SOMETHING together? Let me know... :)

  6. SO I am sitting here at work crying now... Cael is nine too and thankfully so healthy! I will for chip in for that portrait as I know that would mean a lot to me if I were in their shoes.

  7. What a wonderful, heartfelt post. Our friends' little daughter battled neuroblastoma a few years ago. After a year of intense treatments and surgeries she is thankfully in remission. I'm reminded in your post of how thankful we should be for every moment we have with our children.