How Pinteresting!

I figured I would link up today and show some of my favorite things on Pinterest at the moment...I cannot get over how obsessed I am with this site! If you want to join leave your email and I will invite you, I heard there is a wait list if not (lame) 


Here we go! Link up with us and join in!!

Project for this! These bad boys are a few hundred bucks in stores....

This is just an oil drip doing this!!

Coloring book and crayon organizer...aka dish rack
Repurposed dishrack for a coloring book organizer.

Vincent's 3rd Birthday stuff....obsessed with Handy Manny

Brownie/cookie dough sandwiches....enough said

Fabric...easy as pie to make this wreath

Since I will have ALL boys, I will need to bunk them like so...

Samoa Bark...YES PLEASE

Must do all the different frames

Must do this shot...ASAP!!


  1. I have done some mirror shots like that bwfor KIDS LOVE MIRRORS!!! they are so much fun!

  2. I've been on the waiting list, lol. that would be awesome if you could invite me. it's :)

  3. I'm absolutely loving your post today! The step stool and the magnet board are must do projects. Have a great day!

  4. Love this post and the pics! adorable mirror shot too :)

  5. Good finds! That mirror shot is adorable and I love the bunks - such a good use of space!
    That magnet board is awesome, too!!

  6. did u say brownie cookie dough sandwiches?! OMG ;) love