My List of Baby "Give or Take" items...

Yesterday I posted my list of my top 5 baby must-haves, while I only listed 5, there are tons more that I love, if only I had all day to list them! Maybe I will list them randomly, Katie commented saying that she does a Monday link up for Must Have items so maybe I could jump on that bandwagon to list my others!

These next items are my "give or take", my list of must haves changed drastically when Luke entered the household, things that I barely used with Vincent were used a lot more so I could get a tiny break here or there! I am so glad I held onto some of these items! Here we go with my list!

1. Boppy Pillow...the funny thing with the boppy pillow is that I used it not so much for breastfeeding but for the boys to lounge in or nap in. I found a love for breastfeeding laying down so that is my main reason for needing no help on that! But my goodness I love the boppy pillow for propping the boys up and keeping them contained those first few months! Also that way when they were little they were elevated and could see a little bit of what was going on around them! They loved the boppy and so did I, also it was great for tummy time! See, baby Vincent loved that boppy pillow...haha, he is such a man!

2. The Swing...Vincent was not that big of a fan of the swing but Luke loved it! It was nice to be able to put him in it and be able to play with Vincent at the same time! Luke loved to nap in it as well! The only thing that sucks is how badly it sucks up batteries, I swear it would die within a few days! I wish it would have plugged into the wall so it could have went all day and night! Graco, get on it! :)

He was only in this for a picture quick so don't judge him for not being strapped in! haha

3.The baby tub...With Vincent I loved it!! When Luke came along it was more of a hassle than it was worth, I would end up with Vincent in the bath and Luke beside the bath because I could not put the baby tub in the bath with Vincent and water! So needless to say I usually gave Luke a bath with Vincent in the big tub vs doing 2 baths at once....

That or...the sink came in handy a lot more with babe #2, quick and easy especially in a pinch...diaper blowouts! 

4. Bumbo....The bumbo totally rocks for a few months, I say that because my kids were FAT and the bumbo would squeeze their poor little chubby thighs! For not so chunky babes I bet this thing ROCKS for awhile! Also they would fall out of it a lot! Once Luke figured out how his arms and hands worked he would plunge for things while sitting in the boppy and fall over! It became more hassle than anything when they turned 6 mos, but from months 3-6...ROCKSTAR! 

5. The Booster Seat...I cannot believe I did not have this in my top 5 must have's....silly me!! I cannot OBSESS over this chair enough! I love it! This is where I moved Luke after the bumbo, because he could not fall out...okay that is a lie he did once...bad mom alert! But anyways I did not want a high chair when we lived in our old house because there was not a lot of room. I read great reviews on this sucker and at less than 25 bucks how can you pass it up! You just strap it on a regular chair and you are good to go! If you wanna take it somewhere just unhook it, how many high chairs can do that??! I LOVE IT! I think others love it too, Amazon has 5 stars on it!  They even have it in PINK now for all you lucky momma's with girls!

6. Sophie the Giraffe/Pacifiers...doesn't everyone and their mom have Sophie now? lol It is literally the only teething toy I bought, the boys liked her squeakiness but they didn't really care one way of the other if they chewed on her or a plastic block! She is pretty cute though and so many people comment on her. The old ladies at mass thinks she is the bee's knee's! As far as pacifiers, my boys refused to take them. With Luke I was practically begging him to take them so he would sleep, but he wouldn't! I bought so many and just ended up throwing them away! 

7. The diaper genie...
With just Vincent I had zero use for it, but holy diapers when Luke came... we had diapers out the WAZOO! So we invested in the Diaper Genie and it does ROCK, but now that we are down to just Luke is diapers I barely if ever use it! I swear by good old Glad Force Flex Odor Blocking trash bags and a normal trash can, works like magic I could not stand buying the refills for the diaper genie (rip off) so that could be one reason I stopped using it also! The good thing is it is tiny and compact and not an eyesore, so you can have it anywhere! 

I think that is about it for my give or take's, some were more of a take for me obviously but I will have all these items for babe #3, you NEVER know what your baby is going to like until they are here. I have a feeling if this one is a little girl she is going to be way different than the boys! The boys are so easy going that I have a feeling this next one will be high maintenance...Lord help me! 

Let me know any items that you thought were a must then turned out to be a bust....

**P.S....Tell me more about these wraps...I see them so OFTEN and I had a sling with Vincent and he hated it but those darn wraps make those babies look so snug...FILL ME IN MAMAS! **


  1. Thanks for the shout out in your post today! My monday posts are not yet a link up, but good idea:) Maybe next week I'll post about the wrap! We LOVED ours! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the advice... toddlers are tough, especially when you've got another one to deal with... and now you'll have 2 more to deal with... ahhhh!
    So, yeah, I had the Moby wrap and I LOVED it. It's really long and not convenient to put in the diaper bag, but I'd just keep it in the car. You're gonna have to practice wrapping it because that's the tricky part. I had to watch youtube vids to figure it out, haha! But yes, the baby is super snug in there and usually they pass out immediately. My only problem while using it with #2 was that when I had to bend over to handle something with #1, he'd slip a bit... BUT he was a premie and soooo tiny, that that probably had something to do with it. You've gotta tie it really tight and squeeze them in, but once they're in, it's heaven for both of you. I always say it feels like you're still pregnant, except you get to kiss the top of your baby's head! HTH!

  3. We didn't bother with baby bath. Per the advice of my mama. And she was right on....We bought a few bath sponges ( - THey were cheap. Didnt care about throwing them away. Would wash them once or twice and replace. We used 3 of them before P got good at sitting up. Now she is just in the tub splashing around. We don;t have storage, and didn't have a ton of extra cash. So this was the perfect solution for bath time for us. I think knowing what I know now...even if I had the cash. I'll get these again for baby #2.

  4. I totally agree on all of these! The swing? Both girls loved. The boppy? Only used for naptime/playtime, not so much for breastfeeding. The bumbo and Sophie are awesome for a few months and yeahhh that's all I got!

    Its funny to look back on when they were that young and using all that stuff because now they are maniacs playing with powdered sugar in the middle of my kitchen floor... yeah I'll have a pic up later of it :)

  5. We bought a Boppy because everyone says you NEED one....but ours was a dust collector. LOL. Jamie hated it. The bumbo too. It never ceases to amaze me how different kids are! Makes me nervous for future kids....just because it worked for one doesn't it meant it will the next and vice versa!

    As for wraps, I had a Moby. It took a few tries to get the hang of it....but once we did it was marvelous! He loved it! During those first few weeks it was often the only thing that would calm him down. I'd strap it on, snuggle him in and he'd sleep for hours. It was nice to still be hand free too!

  6. We LOVED our boppy (and not so much for nursing) but to prop up W after eating for his reflux. It was a good prop for pics too. You could always throw a blanket over it and have the little one "floating" on a cloud :)

    We have one of those boosters too and love it! I can't believe we even bought a high chair! I should sell it as it's just sitting in the dining room right now.

    My friend's mom made a wrap out of a stretchy jersey knit (I think) and it was awesome! I didn't use it as much as I could have but enjoyed it when I did. I guess it intimidated me at first. I am sure the patterns/directions are out there if you are crafty like that!

    I also got a carrier (Bebo maybe?) but it worked like a charm for quick run-ins the grocery store.

    I'm loving these mom posts!

  7. More great advice! I love Sophie the giraffe, haha. Every babies favorite!

  8. Love, love, love the booster seats! We don't even own a highchair! And I just bought a Moby wrap...never used one before so we'll see how it goes. Looks kind of confusing, lol.

  9. Hey mama! I totally enjoyed this post. We rock so much that we have the same exact swing AND booster chair! EXACTO same! That's pretty funny. Jax actually HATED the swing! It was never used. He was so super spoiled w/ being held all the time, that's all he wanted. The booster was great for the first 18 months. I hearted the Boppy for the same reasons. Darn. I wish I had more suggestions, but we are so much like soul sistas...

    Ooooo, I have a good one~

    One thing that saved my sanity was a little Graco Bouncy Jumper (thingee) I'll have to look up exactly what it is called. We hung the swing in our laundry room doorway, that's connected to our kitchen. Jax LOVED it, & let me tell ya... it would tire the little monkey OUT! Plus, he had some mad baby calves! Lol, just jkn. No, but I could actually get things done, & he had a wonderful time jumping around. I'll send ya a linky to it.

    Hope my fav preggy friend is doing great! sending lots O' love....!

  10. I agree with you 100% on all this stuff! I may not have kids but I have sure spent my fair share with other people's kids and as they add more, the uses of certain items sky rocket!! I think I would die without a boppy! I'm definitely interested to read your list of "could do without/never used" list eventually :)

  11. awe look at these two. definitely handsome boys, like you said. i'm so curious to know what it's like to have two children... nervous, excited, and curious.

  12. I have a handmade Mai tai carrier/wrap and love it! It can be worn on the front or back and is great from about 4-6 months through toddlerhood. My one-year-old loves it and snuggles right up to me in it. I didn't use it much until he was around 8 months old, and still don't have reason to use it a ton, but will be really glad to have it when I have a second baby. It is really comfortable one you figure it out, and makes my 22 lb baby feel practically weightless.

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