My Top 5 Baby Must Have's....

I remember like it was yesterday planning my baby registry for Vincent and I had NO clue what to put on it, I mean seriously there are 20 different kinds of EVERYTHING(bottles, name it!) and they all claim to be clinically proven or the best. I had every kind of butt paste known to man kind and every brand of diaper in case my child was indeed allergic to one brand, I was ready. But as the months went on, things still sat unopened and never used. With Luke, I barely bought anything because I had so much left over. If I were to make my list again today here is what I would put for Must-Haves...

1.Sleep Sacks...
( I am dying over the toddler sleep sack...might have to buy that for Vincent...kidding) anyways...
I am a COMPLETE psycho when it comes to how my kids sleep the first year of their life aka NOTHING is in their crib (blankets, silkies,stuffed animals). The only thing I allow is a sheet and breathable bumper pads...My MIL made me amazing bumpers but I switched to breathable pads because I was having anxiety! Anyways back to the sleep sacks! I don't want my child to freeze so I snuggle them up in sleep sacks, they do not notice the difference, they are still snug in their sack! I love not having to worry about whether or not that freaking blanket is near their face smothering them...I am really crazy, these offer me a little peace of mind! 

2. Pack n' Play...
The first few months (okay like I said I am crazy with sleeping so first 6-8 months) the pack n' play was a part of our bedroom. I loved having the boys right next to me so i could stalk their every move. But the pack n' play was so light weight and easy. Plus, we take it everywhere we go overnight and it's a breeze to set up! It came with a bassinet and changing table attachment but I have no idea where it went, I had it on it for like one day because I feared they would roll off it somehow and kill themselves...if you have not noticed...I fear EVERYTHING...

3. Breast Pump...
Doesn't that picture intimidate you a little?!?! want me to hook what to what!??!? With Vincent I breezed by with a cheap single pump and I never realized how much it SUCKED (literally) until I bought a nice double pump when Luke was born! I got the Ameda Purely Yours Double Breast Pump and HOLY COW! That thing rocks, I could fill 8oz in like 5 minutes flat! I loved being able to do both at once, so much more convenient than pumping one at a time, plus with a newborn and a 16mo old I needed something quicker and this was a must have! 

4. Nursing Tanks and PADS....
I found the best nursing tanks at Target and got 3 different colors which I would wear almost every single day~! I love how easy they are and you can not even tell they are nursing tanks! They also just came out with cute lace ones...I will be getting those for babe #3! Another must have is nursing pads, I had bought these cute and fun fabric ones off of etsy when I was pregnant not thinking that since they were FABRIC they would not absorb...I had no idea....that is, until I was walking up for communion at church and looked down to see I had LEAKED through my dress....pretty exciting stuff....after that I threw those away and never looked back. I found Lansinoh Nursing Pads and they were amazing, they do not leak, they absorb all that wonderful left over milk and no one has to notice it leaking through your shirt!! 

5. Dr Brown's Bottles...
These were the bottles everyone said were the best so I got them with Vincent and he loved them. They have a special system that eliminates bubbles and lessens gas for babes. Luke was a different story, at first he would not take a bottle so I bought no joke 5 different kinds and he would turn his head at all of them. After trying all the 5, I went back to the Dr. Browns and he FINALLY took them and refused anything else! 

Those were my top 5 Must-Haves, that is not EVERYTHING I used clearly but those are at the top of my list! All babies and moms are different so what you love may differ from what I love, clearly! Tomorrow I will list my "Give or Take" items because it is so different what you find useful when you have 1 babe, but when you have 2 babes other things that were once not useful, are VERY much useful! 

I would love to hear your must-have items also....xoxo


  1. Pefect!! one day when I have kids I know what to get!

  2. omg-
    thats the pump i have you are the only other person i know that has it! :)

  3. Thanks for posting this! I'm just starting to work on my registry so I love reading about what everyone loves/hates!

  4. I love my Dr. Brown's bottles! Sophie was hardly ever gassy. They are the best.

    I'm glad you posted that you needed a breast pump because I was debating on whether to get one again or not since I will definitely be breastfeeding this one. I pumped A. LOT. with Sophie. It took 45 minutes to get 5 or 6 ounces with this el-cheapo piece of crap I got at Walmart. I will def be checking out that pump!

  5. I try and do a "must have" every Monday! Check it out...Sleep sacks are definitely a must:)

  6. Thanks for this! I feel like I am drowning in baby products and I'm a first timer who is FREAKING OUT!

  7. I would include the Moby Wrap and the Boppy Pillow!

  8. Good to know! ;o) I am so excited to get my sister in law's breast pump that her insurance paid for. It's some top of the line business I guess! Woo! Love free stuff!

  9. I second sleep sacks! Love those things!

  10. yes yes and yes! I am SO showing my sister this post!!!!!! Dr Brown bottles are the best, hands down. and everything else you had to say? My sister must know. :)