NYC bound.... Help!

Jordan and I are headed to NYC in a few weeks to celebrate our Anniversary...if you have been please fill us in on what to do! (Jordan went once but I am a virgin to the big city...eeeek!)

Also I have a confession...I hate TAXI CABS and have never been in a subway....anxiety attacks already forming....crap...
We would love all your suggestions. So far we just have visits with friends planned, maybe a night out in 
Hoboken (stalking the Manzo boys for my best friend)and visiting Carlo's Bakery. But other than that we have nothing planned. I know we want a good authentic New York pizza YUM! We are staying in Times Square so I am hoping we are close to everything we need! 

Here's what I am looking for...
FOOD of couse, local treats are a must!...
Things that you CAN ONLY DO in NYC...
I am not BIG into museums/history but my husband is so something middle ground...
Don't tempt me with all the shopping, that is not my husbands idea of fun...haha...
Unique views or spots...
Something you did or saw that was a must see...

So with those things in mind, let me know everyone!...what should we do while there!!??!

Thanks ahead of time and help!! xoxoox


  1. Def go to the EMpire State building at night!!!! The view from the top is AHHHMMMAAAZING! Also, go see a broadway show- so fun! Of course, ,Statue of Liberty and Ellis Islnd is a must!! ENjOY!

  2. Oooo. NYC. I love it there. I'm not into museums or anything either. BUT I loved the Museum of Natural History. Amazing.

    Take a long walk thru Central Park. Its amazing to be in this huge park, but the skyline around you is all buildings.

    Try not to eat too much in Times Square- its even more over priced than the rest of NYC and its all mostly chain food- Times Square is great for one trip, Its incredible to see at night....but its a tourist trap and probably you will tired of the crowds after a day or so.

    Get out into neighborhoods and eat at eaterys there. There will be food on every corner. Find someone who looks like a real New Yorker- have them made food suggestions. Or the hotel people. Ask them for great finds outside of the times square area, maybe in their neighborhoods.

    Statue of Liberty- Ellis Island. YES YES

    As far as public transit...a cab ride in NYC is an experience. :-) They are also great sources of NYC info. They know the city inside and out (if you can communicate with them in english.) You don't have much choice between subway and cabs. :-) But you will figure it out. Regardless, wear comfortable walking shoes. You will be doing a ton!

    A broadway or off broadway show is fun. Or a comedy show. You are bound to entertain yourself. Comedy Cellar- Pretty fun spot...if you like Comedy. It's in Greenwich Village. Also a very "hip" neighborhood.

    I would recommend an Italian Meal in Little Italy. OOO Yum.

    If you love deals and knockoffs. Head to Chinatown. Scarfs, purses and stuff like that galore. The thing about Chinatown is its also a tourist attraction. :-) So you can convince the Husband...he has to see the maddness, but when you get there. Do a little shopping:-)

    Oh, I love Bryant Park. Its beautiful and usually has something going on there. A festival or something.

    Union Square area is great and has a few great places to eat. My best friend used to live in the neighborhood there. They also have a green market - I'm partial to this area. But that's because I love to go where the people who live there go. And this area has all kinds of stuff. Google union square, nyc :-) You will see.

    have so much fun. I'm really jealous. You are going at the perfect time of year.

    One thing- I don't know how long you will be there. Its almost impossible to do everything you want in one weekend. So pick the top things and don't kill yourself. NYC has so much to offer you can go back time after time and experience something new.

  3. We lived in NYC for about 15 months, my to do list is below (in no particular order):
    1. walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
    2. definitely take the subway, it's the BEST way around town and super easy to figure out
    3. Ellis Island ferry - free and great way to see Manhattan
    4. Ground zero
    5. Lombardi's Pizza (
    6. Freemans restuarant ( - super romantic!!
    7. Shake Shack (
    8. walk, walk, walk - the best way to explore the city is to just walk around!
    Have fun, I miss NYC!!

  4. I think you've gotta watch a show... on or off broadway, it'll be fun. Right in time square, you can get cheep tickets at the ticket counter in the center of the square... you get the tickets for that same night.
    I always love going to Serendipity for dessert... it's the one from the movie.
    And I think it's well worth it to go to the MET even if only for a few hours just to see the egyptian wing. It's in a pretty central location, so it wont eat up your whole day... and it's FREE... they just ask for a donation, and even though they "recommend" a certain amount, you don't HAVE to pay anything, or could just give a dollar!
    Have fun... I'm sooooo jealous! Check out food network and travel channel websites to find other awesome hidden restaurants.

  5. I lived in NYC for 2 years so if you have any questions email me! You have to go to the Top of the Rock (Rockafeller Center). Once you are up there you can stay as long as you like. We went right before dusk so you get gorgeous pictures of the light in the city, sunset, and then night time with all the lights out. I cherish those pictures. If it is really hot out the best hands down frozen yogurt place in the world is 16 handles and is located on 10th street and 2nd ave. While museums aren't my thing the MOMA and Natural History museum are great and not too boring. Walking through central park. The boat house is a great place and you can also rent boats to take out onto the lake. As for Times Square, you are in a great location to subways, buses, and really walking. Don't be afraid of the subways, try if possible to avoid them during rush hour and then they wont be too bad. The subway system is pretty easy to figure out (although it seems impossible at first). Wall Street is a great place to visit and if Ellis Island is open you MUST go there. Also since the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is fast approaching I would suggest going down there, especially if you have never been there before, the museum is great but just being by the site is fun.

    If you love candy/chocolate (I am addicted) you have to stop by Dylan's Candy Store on 60th and 3rd ave! I absolutely love that place and you can get any type of candy. Ess-a-Bagel on 3rd ave and 53rd (I believe) is one of the best bagel places I have eaten at. It was the only place I would go in the city and take all my guests when they came into town.

    Just email me if you want more suggestions of places to go/eat.

  6. I have never been to NYC. Have a wonderful trip.

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