Photo Dump!

Not much to say today so I figured I would just post some pics from the past few hours, days, weeks lol! I have had my hands full to say the least, this first trimester is!

 Luke is turning 1 in 11 days, so I am tying up all the loose ends on his party! He has started walking and I have YET to catch it on video, that is my goal this week! Speaking of video I need to FINISH his birthday video...AHHHHHH! Until then here are pics...

Melting Pot for Grandma's Birthday! YUM!

 The boys favorite thing to do....I clearly watch from's TOO freaking hot for me! 

 He is such a stinker! *Notice the pants unbuttoned haha he is not that great at remembering that part after pottying...also he insisted to wear that darn belt also!*
 Crack kills 
 I can FIT this in my mouth MOMMY! 
 Coloring on a card for our friend! 

Cheese INSIDE the burger...genius, smothered in BBQ sauce, also genius! 
 Tried my hand at making homemade fries, next time I will ditch the breading, it was good just extra hassle! 
Loving his corn...obviously! 

New obsession-Thomas "Tommy" the Train! 

My little snuggle bug! 

Alright that is all. Hope you enjoyed yourselves. I am sure you did. Because I sure enjoyed taking pictures of all those things. 

I had a tidbit of juicyness for Seriously Thursday this week, I found Bentley's exes blog, she also has an etsy shop, crazy right!? I was just curious what she looked like, she's cute by the way, but it linked me somehow to her blog and then her etsy shop! I will share that news later! I also read in the market today that JP is still in love with his ex, shut the front door! I don't buy that for a minute, his ex by the way, GORGEOUS!

Anyways, Luke is now awake...peace! 

*PS* I am slowly but surely getting back to all of your sweet comments from new followers and then some! I am so glad you are all so excited for baby #3! We are in week 8...HELL YES! But I am going to respond to each and EVERY one of your comments!*


  1. Cute always! Oh, and I have a super yummy recipe for parmesan baked potato wedges (french fries) if you want me to send you the link!

    P.S. Yay for week 8! Only 4 more weeks until the glorious week 12! :-)

  2. Oh my gosh I love the picture of V coloring our card!

  3. Awww... LOVE your happy munchkin pics! Hahaha.... the "crack kills pic is uber hillarious! It looks like V has humongo (daddy) feet! Luke's smile, his lil chompers, SOOOO freakn adorable! We should get an award for having such cute happy monsters! lol.

    Ok girl. You have to link up the Bentley ex's blog & etsy links! That's so interesting to me, I really need to get out more. Ha. ) Team JP my friend! Yep, I new our (I'll only share him w/ you) sexy JP would win. Yah, totally don't buy he's inlove w/ his ex either. He's seceretly inlove w/ me, he just doesn't know it yet! Not jkn! Just jkn. (I'm real funny today, right!?)

    Bachelor Pad here we come baby!
    Hope all is going well mama! Can't wait to see more adorable lil belly shots! Xoxo. ~The End~

  4. Luke is such a ham! Seriously you make beautiful babies :)

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