WOW, How Pinteresting!

Slowly but surely I am figuring out this pinterest thing! Thank you Chelsea! I love that I can save all these pics of wonderful ideas on one site because, God knows when I bookmark them or save pics I totally just forget about them but now everytime I visit this site, my wonderful visions pop right back into my head! 


Some of my faves at the moment!

This shirt makes me GIGGLE....((so true))

These frames are to DIE FOR...They say you can only get them from photographers for major bucks but I will find a way to recreate this some day for cheap!!

I need a HUGE CHALKBOARD STAT!! How cute would this be for a blog header!?

Jordan will build the kids a crooked house one day...don't you remember these from J&K+8!??! LOVE THEM!

Thinking of doing this for a headboard in our master bedroom...

Spice racks from Ikea as book shelves...LOVE

Father's Day idea!??! maybe when the kids are older...let's face it they can't hold chalkboards all that well ha!

The playroom needs a tee-pee like NOW!!

Ultimate S'mores Cake (2 layers of brownie, 2 of chocolate chip cookie, 2 of cheesecake, graham crackers, chocolate frosting, and marshmallow frosting)! YES, PLEASE! 

Cute ideas for pictures....
adorable idea!


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  1. Im seriously obsessed with this site! But I am super new to it and have no idea how to use it. Ive been totally bookmarking the things I love. :) I had no idea I could save everything i like to the site! Do you know anyone who has an easy to follow tutorial on how to use pinterest? I scanned through their directions but am thinking it would prob be easier to understand if coming from another user :)

  2. OMGosh. Such adorable ideas! Where the heckles have I been, I've never been to Pinterest! I am totally gonna go check it out. I've wanted to get Jax a tee-pee forever! Ikea is my second love! Hope my cute skinny preggers girl is doing fab! MUAH. Xoxo!

  3. Isnt the chalkboard wall cute. The lady in that pic is a girl I went to high school with and she is a photograper. Amazing. She is awesome. ANyhow, I need an invite....I want to join Pinterest baaaaaaaaaad!!

  4. So many people have been talking about pintrest on facebook... I honestly focused too hard on the "Pin" and thought it said pine. I thought it had something to do with pine trees! LOL I lost intrest but you got me second guessing my thoughts.

  5. Love the headboard ideas, and Grandma has a tepee pattern. Hmmm! Maybe Luke needs one for his b-day instead of a chair, although, Grandma will still make him a chair likes his big brother, V. Just running out of time. Will have to find that tepee pattern. We shall see.

  6. I have seen a lot of people talk about this but i havn't looked at it yet...might have to do that now!

  7. I need an invite. Thanks

  8. That chalkboard wall is so cute. I think you could do that with chalkboard fabric that you can buy at Joann's. Just prep it and hang it to the wall. Oh and its pretty cheap too.


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