Screen-Free for 3 Days....

Okay it is very sad to say but when I think about not reading my fave blogs, facebooking or texting it makes me cringe a little. While I cringe I am realizing, holy crap I am ADDICTED to this stuff. I guess I would rather it be those things than drugs but still, it is not good either way you slice it!

My friend did this "experiment" Monday-Wednesday this week and I will actually be seeing her for dinner tomorrow so I am excited to hear her results, but I am going to follow in her steps and go "screen-free" from Thursday to Saturday!

Screen-Free means, no computer, television or texting.

If I want to be entertained I will pick up a book, crap I use Kindle on my iPad, there may be a loop hole there, but when my friends text me; I will call them and actually talk vs just shooting them a text back. It is actually pretty sad how much time a day I catch myself reading blogs or checking facebook. TV is not hard for me because I never watch it during the day, it is usually after the kids go to bed and I am kinda cheating by doing this from Thursday-Saturday because hello there are no good shows on! I have my RHONJ, Teen Mom and Bachelor Pad fix already {insert evil laugh}. I will be typing my Seriously? Thursday post tonight and it will be on my blog tomorrow but I will not be online! I am excited because I will probably get a lot done haha that sounds so sad, but I put a lot of organizing on the back burner to check blogs/facebook so I am going to take full advantage of my free time these next 3 days. Also with baby #3 coming in March I want to be on top of my mommy game as much as I can and have Vincent and Luke on a good schedule so I won't have a break down when I am surrounded by 3 kids! haha! (By the way I had an appt today and babe #3 had a heartrate of 170bpm!!)

Join me in you want for 1, 2, 3, 4 days!? Whatever floats your boat! I will write down my feelings on paper and let you all know how this "experiment" went. I can already feel the anxiety and sweat forming in my palms...okay maybe that is because our AC just stopped working out of nowhere last night (I think Becky doomed me with her "no air" problems...thanks! haha) But I am off to type my post for tomorrow and scheme up things to do that do not involve a screen!

Until Sunday...xoxo


  1. Such a great idea! I've been convicted about this a lot lately and I am really starting to downsize and prioritize. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. I so hear you on this one! I've been contemplating a 10 day blog writing/reading hiatus! I couldn't totally cut my screen time for that long! I think three days might be more practical! :)

    Hope you get lots done!

  3. I do this every now and then. It's very relaxing.

  4. Nooooo... I miss you! I just got my computer working, go figure! lol. I hate to admit it, but this is a good idea. I just going to check this one off the list. I didn't have my laptop for like 6days! I did get a lot done which was great, but darn I missed my bloggas! I think like everything a happy medium works best.

    I'll miss you till sunday ya big skinny dork! Xoxo

  5. This is a great idea. I'm right there with you about the addiction thing...
    Over the past year or so, I have been feeling SUCH a strong push from God to just get rid of our TV altogether - specifically because I can get so sucked into it. Two days ago... I DID IT!!! We got rid of our TV!!! (Well, it's tucked away in a closet upstairs... since it's such a hassle to take out and set up, we'll only do it very occasionally for a movie night.)

    Can I just say how FREE I feel... we rearranged our family room with all the furniture turned inward, so the focal point is now each other - the people sitting on the furniture... instead of it all be pointed at a box, and that being the focal point!

    No better way to quit an addiction I guess than going cold turkey! :)
    Good luck with your screen-free weekend!

  6. I have been keeping the tv off for at least 2 days a week & love it!

    Good for you!
    cant wait to hear!