Screen-Free Ramblings....

I tried 3 days screen-free....I say "tried" because I only made it 2 days screen-free...I totally cheated Saturday...I suck! But let me tell you 2 days was enough for me to want to change my ways. I noticed it really only bothered me in the morning and at night. Most mornings I wake up before the boys and grab my iPad and read blogs while I am still snuggled in bed, so 2 days without that was a little weird. At night I usually read blogs or watch my DVR'd shows and since I had already watched my fave shows (RHONJ, G&B, Bach Pad and Teen Mom) before I did this experiment it did not bother me too much. Yesterday I caved mainly because I was bored when Luke was napping! I also wanted to get a few projects started which involved the computer so obviously clicking on gmail, facebook and blogger had to happen, right?!

I will say though, I felt less anxious without the internet, I do not know why I always have a need to check up on everything, I mean REALLY nothing that important is going on that it can't wait a few days. I got a few things done which was great. Here is my list of things I did...

Read a book in 24 hours....
I have a problem with buying books on my Kindle app and then never reading them so Thursday night I decided to finally start Heaven is For Real, the story about a little boys trip to heaven and what he experienced. Most books will get started but not finished for weeks, if ever. We started a book club in our moms group and started reading ScreamFree Parenting and let's just say I am still on Chapter 1 and they are already on a new book, so me and reading typically do not make it far. However without the temptation of TV and internet I was able to finish that book in 24 hours! INSANE! I was so excited because not only was I reading something, I was reading something that actually intrests me and gives me a different outlook on my faith, and that book was a must read! I do not want to give the whole book away but I was shocked by so many things the little boy (who was 4 at the time) said. I cried over the one part where he came up to his mother and said "I miss my sister", his mom said "She is right here, meaning his older sister Cassie who was sitting at the table" He proceeded to say "No mom, I have another sister, I met her in heaven", his moms jaw dropped. They had experienced a miscarriage that they NEVER talked about with him considering he was only a toddler, but the boy explained that the sister was so excited to meet them when they got to heaven and that she was the first person to give him a hug when he was there. He also explained that she had dark hair and features like his mom, him and his sister took after their dad. They asked what her name was and he said she did not have one, which is true because they never knew the gender or even had a name picked out. I just LOVED that part! It made me happy to know that our little one is up in heaven waiting and watching. Anyways I was so excited to read that book, so if you have free time, pick it up!!

Magazine Reading....
I have so many random subscriptions for parent magazines, like 5 or 6 and I never read them, I usually just skim through them so the one afternoon I sat down with my iced Chai Tea, which I spilled on myself and the foul...and I finally read them! I read so many good articles that I actually want to blog about in the future. I feel like a lot of my blogs are just about MY LIFE, and I do not touch on parenting subjects, marriage or friendship stuff as much as I would like to so it's coming...less about me....more about others!

Actual PHONE conversations...
While I was screen-free I had an actual "phone" conversation with one of my best friends who I rarely get a chance to sit down and chat with since both of our lives are hectic. She had texted me about something so instead of texting I called her (sounds easy enough right) and we chatted for like 30-45 mins and after hanging up I just felt so great! I do not feel that sense of satisfaction from just texting friends, I mean you miss out on so many details in the world of texting. We actually got to talk in great detail about what was going on in both of our lives and I just loved it. It is kind of sad that I do not talk to all my friends that way. I am going to try harder to be closer with my friends, rather it be through a phone call or sending an old fashioned letter to let them know I am thinking of them, it is very important to let friends know how much they mean! Kelle Hampton just did a great post on it that I read before I tried the screen-free thing, check it out! Call your friends, send a letter, give them your time!:)

I felt like I actually let loose a little more. Since I was not reading blogs in the mornings, I felt like when the boys woke up I was more ready to tackle the day! I found myself down on the floor actually playing with the boys more often than usual and it was great. Vincent and I hopped around like bunnies, we did lots of outside time full of swinging and sliding, the boys got down and dirty! I feel like sometimes I get caught up in wanting to finish writing a post that I miss tiny special moments with the boys, so from now on blogging will only be done after hours, which is how it used to be but the past few months I have been creeping it in during the day. I love that I am typing this actual post during the day but Luke is asleep so I am finishing it up quick! But just taking more time to spend with the boys was awesome. 

I feel like typically I do not actually take time to reflect fully on what is going on our life, I feel like I just push it aside and watch my reality shows and read blogs, but the 2 days I actually reflected on where we are at and how things are going. I think sometimes I shove my feelings underneath the rug and just hope for them to disappear but I need to tackle them instead and deal with them. I felt it most when I think about baby #3, usually I just think, we will handle it instead of actually making a plan. So instead of pushing it under a rug, I started thinking about a plan. I thought about the things that made me exhausted when we went from 1 baby to 2 and I figured out ways we can fix them for this next baby and make the transition smoother. I think a plan of action will come in handy because let's face it, things get very hectic and without a plan important things like SLEEP get thrown out the window and you end up a stressed out lady who does not like to ask for help after a baby is born...aka...ME! 

Well here are some pictures from the couple of days without screens!:) 

Luke was bored...

Vincent did you forget to pull your pants up after potty??...Typical...Also notice the one
It's official...we're walking all the time....crawling was so last year!
The yummy drink that spilled all over the couch....ugh
I love how it bends his ears down haha
Best Friends...
He now kicks his legs while swinging...
One of Luke's fave games...drinking water (spilling it all over) like a big boy!
Verner and I observing the boys...
A yummy snack...I will be sharing the recipe this week...until then...drool over this...

That is all! I encourage you to give it a shot, whether it be a day or even a few. It will hopefully give you a new outlook on priorities and life...if not well hey it was only a day wasted! haha xoxo


  1. oh how amazing that you were able to go 2 whole days! i'm proud of you... but it sure does make you think doesn't it? i need to try this experiment out.

    LOVE all the pics of my boys! they are SUCH boys, and I adore that! :)

  2. I loved Heaven is For Real! I read it in 24 hours also! Could not put it down! And, I bawled like a baby at the part about the sister waiting for her mommy and daddy in Heaven.....I have a baby waiting in Heaven for me too, and that book gave me closure with that! I have no doubts now that we'll see our babies someday!!
    How adorable are your boys?! Love them!

  3. Proud you lasted as long as ya did! High-5 girl! Glad your back though.

    I LOOOOOVE all the pictures you took. As I was scrolling down I was thinking oh I want to comment on that one... then there's that one, ... AND... THEY ARE ALL STINKN ADORABLE! Love Vincents one crock- cell phone in his pocket shot, & the slide pic of Luke looking up at you... so perfect! AND to see that chubby checkied monkey walking is freakishly cute. AND the pics of them playing together makes my whole heart happy. They are so lucky to have that brotherly bond. Ok I will stop now... Novel over.

    ~The End~ XOXO

  4. Love this post!
    I have been meaning to read that "Heaven is for Real" book. Everyone I know that has read it loved it.

    Oh my word Iove all the pictures. Luke is so chunky and sweet!! I love the pictures from the slide.

    I'm glad you're back friend!

  5. Love all the pics of your boys in this post!! I definitely need to read that book, I've heard it's good from so many people!

    I gave you a blog award...head on over to my blog to check it out!

  6. I want to read that book! It sounds awesome!

    I give you sooo much credit for going screen free. I can go a few days without the computer, but that's because of my iphone. That would be hard to give up because it's so easy to go on! Props to you!

  7. Good on you! I try to have screen free time every so often too. It's nearly time for Spring break over here and I fully intend to have more time outside and less time at the computer!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me