Seriously? Thursday!

YAY, It is Thursday again, I love this post!! I am going to skip the 10 days of you post today because my plate is FULL! So go on over and link up with us! xoxo

Seriously? I knew JP would win. Enough said! 

Seriously? I told you a few days ago that I goggled to see if I could find what Bentley's ex looked like. Well I came across her blog here (there are pics of him if you look back) and she also has an Etsy shop! Her stuff is ADORABLE!! So it looks like her and her daughter are doing FAB!! Good for them!!

Seriously? I am kicking butt on my etsy shop right now, okay nothing crazy but I had 3 monster shirts this week alone and a huge cookie jar favor order! Everyone is doing monster themed parties and I am loving it since that is what Vincent's 2nd Birthday was and also his bedroom is monster themed! I love little monsters! 

Seriously? We are almost 9 weeks along and no problems have arisen (knock on wood)... I am feeling very confident this time around but I just want to get to week 12 but I know once I get there I will then want to get to week 22 to feel even more confident! Ugh pregnancy you are CRAZY!

Seriously? Ryan from Teen Mom is such a jerk! He acts like such a baby, his parents also act the same way! I get that they are upset with the current situation but deal with it! Macy invited him along for Bentley's birthday and then he pretended she didn't. I cannot stand him! I love how it showed his mom getting upset next week that Kyle was watching Bentley, Macy is the mom and Kyle could soon be the stepdad so get over it! UGH! I also love how Tyler and Caitlyn got jobs, as if those places would have turned them away?

Seriously? RHONY Reunion 1 & all are crazy! HOLY COW. It was so painful to watch you all talk at the same time. I cannot believe Andy did not just walk out. He has A LOT of patience! Kelly had some random funny one liners though! They are all such train wrecks...I LOVE IT! The funny thing is I fell asleep during part 2 of the reunion, their bickering was so constant that I zoned out and passed out! I guess I should thank you all for that much! 

Seriously? Tumble Tots last night was a NIGHTMARE. I have taught gymnastics and cheerleading since high school and i know how fun and exciting those classes should be! I was envisioning a cute fun little blonde girl with a HUGE personality to teach and be fun with the kids. 
Let's just say it was not FUN at all, no dancing, no music, just business. I totally felt like we were in a 2 year old boot camp! Some of the moms were a little intense (hello stage moms) with their little girls, it made me want to gag! 
The teacher was a little cold and had no personality. I emailed the gym owner right away and aired my concerns, they felt horrible and promised that they have a bubbly fun teacher in the next session for fall but I think I am going to have to pass. I think we will try the YMCA's programs. I was just so sad because Vincent loved it. He totally showed off his rocking front roll mama taught him....

Us before class. I was jumping to make him smile haha! 

Seriously? Luke is ONE NEXT Saturday! HOLY COW! His party planning is still a hot mess in our dining room right now! I need to get my butt in gear! Also I need to finish his montage ASAP! 

Seriously? That is all...I am sure there is a lot more I could say but I am so tired, I just want to go lay down with Vincent while Luke is napping! Hope you all have a fab end of the week!! xoxo


  1. My favorite post of the week! I'm totally going to go stalk Bentley's Ex's blog now hahaha.

    I so knew Ashley was picking JP. It was obvious from the beginning! No question.

    I love the pic of you and Vinny! You look so good :) I'm avoiding camera's at the moment. The first trimester makes me a goon. I just feel like not doing anything. Haha.

  2. Fav post of the week as always! I SOooooo shocked myself & erased the NY reunion shows from my drv w/out even watching them . Crazy, I know, but I think I finially got my fill of the crazy train for this season!

    You look AMAZING Allie! (I love your name btw, it reminds me of Allie from "the Notebook") Anywhoo... that class is like the best idea ever to get all that wild toddler energy out! I'm going to look into that! Can't wait to see party pics!! XOXO.

  3. Adorable pictures Momma! I cannot stand Ryan from Teen Mom lol, his Mom maybe could have cared during that first year that he hardly did a darn thing for Bentley UGH!

  4. Love the tumbling pics, so cute! I'm glad your pregnancy is going well...praying for it to continue to do so!
    I also think Ryan from Teen Mom is a huge baby, ugh! Also, I'm so sick of Amber...I feel so bad for poor Leah :(

  5. I wish there was something that cute to put boys in and obsess over without being g.a.y. Oh and seriously Aunt Jennifer will be 32 next Saturday:)