Seriously? Thursday!

Yes, it took me until the boys went to bed to even post this (cough cough...SLACKER), but I have been thinking about these moments all week! Here is what made me go "Seriously!?!?"

Seriously?! Bachelor Pad, I could stop there but let's dive in a little deeper. Vienna; you annoyed me on Jake's season and here you are once again doing the same thing, but now you have Casey teaming up with you, his voice is enough to kill me (like nails on a chalkboard). Their whole little love affair is a crock, you can totally tell she is still in love with Jake. I mean Jake is way better looking than Casey in my opinion! Also Vienna, I loved how you went on and on about how you and Casey have been working out so intensely and are in the best shape of your lives, yet you in a bikini made my stomach turn, her butt did not even fit in her bottoms! YUCK! I am pulling for Michelle, she was a little crazy on Brad's season but I like it! I also like the fact that she wants to give the money to cancer research, her story made me cry and for the guys I am pulling for Ames, although I hear he gets cut pretty early on, how cute are him and Jackie!? LOVE IT! 

Seriously? Teen Mom, Farrah and the puppy! HAHAHA I died when she held it over the toliet and said "Go Potty!" then she put a diaper on it! She is crazy, but I do love her! I really think Caitlyn is such a great role model for the adoption situation for teens, I really admire her and Tyler for giving their daughter the life they felt the could not provide! 

Seriously!? Luke is ONE on Saturday! I am almost done with EVERYTHING! Only downer is that it is supposed to RAIN! I usually love rain but I have a whole carnival theme with games planned for the backyard, needless to say it better not rain between 1pm-4pm! 

Seriously!? Costco's birthday cakes is DELISH! My friend Kat had it at her daughters birthday last week and OMG....It was so good! I usually always bake for the boys special occasions but I put an order in and all I have to do is walk into Costco and the cake will be finished! No messing up my kitchen....HEAVEN! 

Seriously!? The people that lived here before us planted chives and mint and it has taken over EVERYTHING in our back flower beds, we killed it all with weed killer and it keeps coming back, at least I know now that I will only plant herbs in pots because it is HELL and I can barely keep up with it!

Seriously!? I secretly love when Jordan will come into bed when I am watching my "shows" and comment on them! I LOVE IT, I love to hear what he thinks, mostly he just shakes his head at my RH drama but I love his commentary on The Bachelor Pad and all those shows! 

Seriously!? I cannot believe I have not written a whole post about my friend Chrissy's baby Claira! She is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I get to finally get my hands on her in a few weeks but until then I am swooning over every picture she posts of Claira. Chrissy is a photographer so she has to best shots ever, that little girl will never miss a moment of her life in pictures! I love this one...
Picture 17

Seriously!? We are 10 weeks on Monday and I have an appt! YAY! We have a new midwife since we moved so I am hoping that I like her, if not I have no idea what I will do, so let's just hope she is cool! Also I am excited to hear the baby's heartbeat! 

Seriously!? My husband is a baker extraordinaire lately! He has been trying to perfect this apple bread stuff, we just call it apple cake, but it has NO flour, it's just almonds, walnuts, apples and cinnamon pureed together! Once he perfects it, I will share it! I just love watching him bake, it is so cute...I mean manly!:)

Seriously!? I just cleaned the dining room's carpets (aka the room our dog likes to pee/poop in on occasion), no joke last time I cleaned them he diarrheaed ALL over them the next day and I swear if he does it again I am giving him away! :)

Alright, I am sure I am missing something, but I will post them when I think about them! Off to finish Luke's video montage, no joke these bad boys take me hours upon days! I am a little OCD! I will share it with you all Saturday, on his 1st BIRTHDAY! AHHHH! Hope you are all having a good night!! xoxo


  1. You need to pull the roots of the mint, that way it cannot continue to spread. Don't know about the chives.

  2. HAHAHA! You & i feel the SAME way about vienna! what a witch! i like ames! he's so sweet & so cute!

  3. I can not stand Farrah! Haha. She doesn't seem the brightest @ times, I like Macy. Did she really expect the dog to do something when she held it over the toilet? Have a great rest of the week :)

  4. That darn Bachelor Pad! I love it though. I (hate)strongly dislike Vienna. Urgggg, not even gonna start! I think Ames & Jackie are the bees knees cute together! Also thinks Witchy is still inlove w/ Jake.

    Hope you and the fam have a wonderful B-day weekend! Can't wait to see the pics. Happy Birthday to the Luke Man! Xoxo

  5. omg i could SERIOUSLY post a novel right now with every bullet point made here... but hubby is giving me 20 seconds (19..18...17..) ah so annoying and you are the ONLY one i am getting to comment to right now... and i have already wasted too much time explaining myself.

    anywho, i couldnt agree more. yay for being 10 weeks. bachelor pad is ridic to the max.



  6. - I cannot wait to see all your fabulous pctures that are sure to come from Lukes party on Saturday! I will be praying the rain holds off for you!

    - I'm still in shock your not baking his cake! haha. You are Mrs Cake-Baker Extraordinaire! However I can totally understand not wanting to mess up the kitchen.

    - I LOVE that you LOVE my daughter!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    - Here is to hoping you like your Midwife! We all know what happens when we don't get what we want! haha.

    - Oh, I will be posting some yummy Paleo bread things too Jordan might like to try so stay tuned. I cannot wait to see what his comes out like!