Seriously? Thursday!

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Seriously? Last night I decided to go screen-free for 3 days (Thurs-Sat). Screen-free means no TV, computer, or texting! One of my friends tried it this week so I decided to give it a shot! I will let you all know Sunday how it went! Wish me luck!

Seriously? We had our 10 week appt today! It was just pretty much a meet and greet and all the horrid paperwork and questions! They usually do not listen for a heartbeat until 12 weeks(lame) but I think she knew I was a tad freaked out because of what happened so she caved. She said she could not promise anything since she rarely uses the doppler but the second she put that stick on my belly you could hear the little beans heart racing! 170bpm!! I was pumped, I know it's an old wives tale that girls have high heart rates but I still think babe #3 will be a boy! I am happy for a healthy heart rate though!!!

Seriously? BACHELOR PAD...I did not think it was possible to despise Vienna any more than I already had, but Monday night she showed me it was possible. She is a nut! I convinced Jordan to watch it all with me (first time EVER) and I loved having someone to chat with while we were watching! It freaked me out how her and Casey seem to get all turned on when they fight with Jake, it's like it's exotic to them to hate Jake. YUCK! I am sad Gia went home because I love her, and was so excite Ames left with Jackie, let's face it Ames did NOT need the money, that man probably makes that much every year. I was sad to read in People that Ames and Jackie have already split, sorry to be the bearer of bad news! I was also dying over how crazy Melissa went...haha poor thing needs to take a chill pill!

Seriously? My heart is broken for Taylor Armstong and her daughter Kennedy! I must say I do not know how shocked I was to see a tragedy like this from one of these shows, I mean they are ruthless and talk a lot of crap about each other but that does not excuse the selfish act he committed. His poor daughter and sons will not have a father. My heart truly hurts for them! I know they were supposed to expose a lot about their break up this season but I am guessing Bravo will take those scenes out, whew!

Seriously? RHONJ, I must say I do not remember much from the episode! Parts I do remember are Melissa in her little studio cracks me up and I cannot get "On Display" out of my head! I love me some Teresa as always! Ashley needs to be punched in the face, she is so rude to her mom! I am glad that her father stepped in and stood up for Jacyln! Ashley has just been spoiled for too long! I feel bad for Lauren Manzo with her weight issues, I think she is gorgeous no matter what and needs to be happy, she has an amazing family and boyfriend and a lot going for her!

Seriously? Teen Mom, I will never stop saying how much Ryan annoys me. He was never there for Bentley and now wants to screw Maci over and throw her under the bus! I do not get how his parents can sit there and act like he is right! As a mom I would be kicking my son's butt if he was not a good father! YUCK!

Seriously? Bath and Body has their new fall scents out...HEAVEN! Fall scents are my favorite, because fall is my favorite season! I just love all the pumpkin spices and baked goodness! Here are a few you MUST pick up! 
 Apple Crumble and S'mores....YES PLEASE!

Seriously? We are going to NYC in a few weeks and I am PUMPED!! I have never been there in my life! I will do a post solely on this so you all can give me the "go-to" spots! We will be kid-less so we can maximize our time and do a lot! Plus we need some alone time if you know what I mean!! YIPPIE!

Seriously? Our AC stopped working out of no-where! I am so MAD, and HOT! We need to get it figured out asap, I do not do well in heat, my husband loves heat! GAG ME!

Seriously? Luke's party was just last weekend and I am already planning Vincent's 3rd Birthday (April), I figured I need to knock it out before the babe comes in March.

Seriously? That is all! I will see you all again on Sunday! Say a prayer that I can make it 3 days with no screens!:) 



  1. The 10 week checkup sucks! I did mine a week and a half ago, and its so lame :( We were so looking forward to hearing the heartbeat!

  2. Since I'm a newbie round these parts I didn't know you pregnant! Congrats! Looks like Table for 4 is soon to be table for FIVE!

    And I LOVE all the fall scents too! My crazy husband can't stand them....doesn't stop me from buying them though!

  3. Haha, I was just at BBW today and loaded up on the Fall and Halloween soaps. Oh, and maybe a few candles! I got both those scents in your yummy! I get so excited when Fall stuff starts coming out in the stores!

  4. Love reading these haha -- Im slowing learning this whole Pinterest thing but Im not sure Im really getting it all- haha. If you feel like shooting a tutorial over or posting something or linking me to a better idea of what its all about- Id love that but seriously, I know with babes running around, you get busy so no biggie if you dont have time :) Thanks!