Vincent is nuts! HAHA

Figured I would share this with you since my internet time is limited since my screen is blacking out randomly....

I was touching up my toes nails and he was sitting at the table eating yogurt with graham crackers...

Needless to say, he loves mimicking everything Jordan or I do! I love this little booger!

I love that you can hear Luke jabbering and his walker making so much noise in the background haha


  1. This is the most hilarious thing I have seen in awhile. :-) Kids are sooo stinkin funny!

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE this!! I love that he decides to eat some at the end too. Classy! <3

  3. Lol. Jax was watchn w/ me, & thinks Vincent is the coolest! Oh no... he's goning to want yogurt soon! Ahahaa.

    Pretty toes btw.

  4. this is so stinkin cute!! i couldnt stop laughing. and your nails? omg... look amazing!!!

    come do mine?

    love you

  5. ha ha ha ha oh my gosh that's hilarious!!!!! i love it :)

  6. Hahahaha! love when he eats it in the end.