VIP Viewing of Luke's Montage!

Since I love you all so much and since I doubt you will all be coming to his party (You're all invited if you wanna make the trek!), you can have the first view of Luke's 1 year montage that I will play during his party!

I cannot believe he is ONE tomorrow!! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY...

This bad boy is 8 minutes, and make sure your sound is on (it's a little boring if not!) but trust me it was so HARD to pick out of the thousands of pictures I have of him! I get a little photo happy! Enjoy!!!

We are going to the circus tonight for Luke's birthday! Should be a FUN weekend!

Happy Friday to you ALL! Hope your weekend rocks!


  1. What an awesome video!! Happy Birthday, Luke :)

  2. Awesome video, he is adorable and such a ham.
    Happy Birthday Luke

  3. Awesome video! Soo cute! happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

  4. Awww, I love it!! You did such an amazing job. Happy Birthday to your little man! :-)

  5. Allie Luke’s Montage is beautiful. But is should seriously come with some type of warning expressing that if any moms have plans to go somewhere after viewing this montage their face will be in shambles. Darn Taylor Swift song!

  6. He is not even mine and I totally cried during this!