Celeb Sighting

Okay guys, some may not think this is cool but this morning we were walking down 6th avenue and walked straight into Ames from Bachelor Pad! If you know me, you know Ames was one of my faves and I am a reality nut! I almost wet myself and since people walk so fast I did not want to run him down and look PSYCHO but he totally looked at me! It was awesome! NYC is amazing, minus the terrorist threats, lets just say I cannot wait to get home safe and sound to my boys tomorrow night! I have so many pictures for you all next week! We just got back to our hotel and crushed our goodies from Carlos Bakery! Now off to bed, lots to do before our flight tomorrow, maybe I will run into Ames again and actually be bold enough to ask for a pic, probably not but we can all dream right! Haha xoxoxoox


  1. Oh be still my heart! I would have just died. We never talked about it, but when he left BP in the limo w/ JacKie... I cried happy tears! I know I need a life. Have a safe trip home mama, can't wait to see your pics!! Xoxo.

  2. I loved Ames!! I'm totally jealous you got to see him. Glad you had such a great time! Enjoy the rest of your time and stay safe! Love ya!