I am finally getting around to posting our pics from the fairs we attended...can we say...S.L.A.C.K.E.R!

We LOVE the fair! I of course am all in for the FOOD, I mean where else can you eat such greasy goodness? Jordan LOVES the animals and all their stinky goodness!

We attended two fairs this year and the first it was NO JOKE 95 outside and the other was really the first really cold night so we bundled up in jeans and long sleeves, talk about extreme opposites! 

Here are the pics...

What's that smell!?

Now for the second fair...
On the way there....they showed how excited they were!
This time was so much fun because grandpa came with us....
We had our favorite mommy and baby girl with us also....Chrissy and Claira
((more pics to come from that visit))
Let's just say Chrissy's hubs is not a fair-goer...can we say PARTY POOPER...It gives me and excuse to come home though and go with her and Claira!!:):):):)

 Here are the pics I stole from Chrissy! 

Only the CUTEST baby girl ever, Miss Claira...
Picture 16
Chrissy's family was there too for the Demolition Derby....
Checking out all the babes....
I am not sure if it runs in their genes but Chrissy and her sister, Angela have ALL girls.
Angela has 3....they are totally my "girl making "idols and need to share some of the girl vibes with me....
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Chrissy took pictures of Claira with the animals...haha LOVE IT!
Picture 26
Had to stock up on donuts before we left....
Picture 27
Chrissy's dad took no joke 16781 pics of us trying to focus....
It was hilarious...I wish we had a picture of him taking the pics of us...
thankfully Chrissy did not post the horrid outtakes of us! haha
She's totally saving those for blackmail :)
Picture 29

I LOVE THE FAIR but I love visiting with family and friends even more!! I will have the pics from our visit with Chrissy and Claira coming soon...I am also excited we get to see them in a few weeks!! AHHHH love her!  PS if you are not following her blog...you better start...NOW!

What do you love about the fair!??! Or do you dispise the fair like Chrissy's husband?! 



  1. love the booty crack picture. So stinkin' cute!

  2. lol this post cracks me up for SO many reasons!!! Vincnets sweaty read face is soooo cute and his little booty crack showing! That kid needs to be a plumber for halloween!

  3. The fair so much fun! Especially for the sinfully delicious food, expensive rides that last 4 secs, and absurd people that usually attend. It's really enjoyable about once a year.

    Lovin' little misters crack. HA!! That was the best.

    Going with a good girlfriend would be the best! Hooray for friends.

  4. AWW lol that booty crack picture is hilarious!!