Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finding out the Gender!!?

I have had a lot of people asking when we have the BIG ultrasound...
(And more importantly when we find the gender out)
Let's face it that's the BIG part of that ultrasound...
You all aren't concerned about the crown to rump length...
((if you are I can for sure give you that info))
You just wanna know if it's a girl or a boy! haha
What I can tell you for certain is that the date and time are SET!
October 21st @ 8am

But....(there always has to be a but when talking about the BIG ultrasound)
we are torn on what to do....
well.... I AM TORN...
Jordan has been set on NOT wanting to know....
I am wishy washy....I, in have ALWAYS said that I would like one of my kids genders to be a SURPRISE...
But now that we are up to #3 I am wishy washy on HOW MANY kids we will actually have...
This could be our last babe (some of you are probably saying "YA RIGHT" if you know us!)
Therefore it could be my last shot to make it a HUGE suprise at the end of this journey...
I am tempted to NOT find out...
but....(once again with the but's)

If it's a girl, I WANT TO SHOP!! haha
I mean my baby girl would HAVE TO have a bow in her hair that first day...
and a girly knit hat to come home in...
these are all "givens", am I right ladies with girls!?

Here comes another but....
HOW COOL would it be to find out the gender after you push that little baby out...
I mean that gives me tears...
the whole birth process makes me tear up...
but to have all that wondering about the gender built up for 40 weeks,
all end the moment you hold he/she is probably pretty magical...

Another idea I had was me finding out....alone....
but (I said there would be lots of but's)
last time we played that game (with Luke)...
I knew the gender and Jordan did not...
and about 10 weeks before the due date I accidentially dropped the ball...
Therefore Jordan thinks I do not have the ability to keep a secret.
HAHA....He is probabaly right....
He would totally know...
I suck at keeping a secret....
especially one that BIG....and I don't want to have to keep it a secret.

So I am STUCK....
I have 3 weeks to figure it out...
The thing that sucks is that if I am the only one to find out...
I cannot tell you guys...
Jordan follows my blog (#1 fan...holler)
therefore you will be stuck waiting until March....
you can thank Jordan for that....I'll give you his cell so you can yell at him....(joking, hunny!)

I really do not know what to do. Maybe the baby will decide for me and choose to not show the goods! 

This is all TOO tempting...
I am already envisioning me lying on the table and the doctor asking....
"Mommy and Daddy would you like to know the gender"
I need to figure this out....


  1. OMG, part of me is selfish here and wanting to scream OF COURSE FIND OUT! Just for my freakin sake so I can shop for this little girl, or if it's a boy too... but I think it's a girl.

    But when you talked about how special it would be to find out that instant when the baby came out... you had me there.

    I actually said the exact same thing to Andrew.. that with our third baby (which will probably be how many we would like... maybe one more), that I would like that last one to be a surprise... but who knows!


  2. Allie my dear I vote on NOT finding out! You have two handsome lil boys already and this might or might not be your last baby and you always said you wanted the surprise, well I say go for it especially cause Jordan wants to. We are not finding out the sex of our lil one and this is our first time. Truth be told, even by the doctors not telling you don't you already have the gut feeling knowing its a boy/girl? I know I do these days! I will admit shopping for a little one when you don't know the sex is not that easy because a lot of the stores are very gender segregated, but that makes it more fun for online shopping!

    I think the surprise of not knowing and then once you push that lil one out and the doctor says its a boy/girl will make you soooo happy and excited that you kept that from yourselves. This is just my opinion, but I have to say I agree with Jordan!

  3. When Alex and I have a baby in a few years (HAHA hi Alex if you're reading this!), I do not want to find out until the baby is born.

    But with you... I just need to know! My vote -- find out!


  4. Major props to the mamas that CAN wait till birth to find out what their baby is :)

    I'm not a mama YET, but I honestly dont think I would be able to wait. I am very impatient and I would HAVE to start shopping ASAP!

    Good luck and either way congratulations :)

  5. It is so much fun waiting and finding out at birth!! Don't find out please please. You can do shopping afterward.

    I know its 50-50 but it is still the biggest surprise you can ever have.


  6. Oh Im so with you girl. I TRIED, I seriously did try not to find out Carly's sex. haha who am I kidding?! For the first 15 weeks I was dead set on not finding out, and then husband persuaded me to find out so there you go... I found out. But IF, big IF, we have another... I'm torn. And for all the same reasons as you! I dont have any advice on what to do. I just thought I'd let you know I'm the same exact way. BUT either way, I'm sending you gifts for this baby... because I can!! hehe

  7. We always said we'd stop finding out after we got a girl. We keep all our baby clothes and we take good care of them, so we would have everything ready to go when the baby came. But before having one of each? Like you I want to take my daughter home in PINK. I don't want her in some white onesie and generic pants. I don't want to buy a girls outfit and have a boy and have the thing staring at me for years. You know?

  8. We found out with our first and didn't with our second and it was soooo fun not knowing. I didn't buy anything, because I assumed my mom would bring me girly stuff immediately if I had a girl but you could always buy bows and outfits and gift them away if it's another boy! :)

  9. I was wondering if you were planning on finding out. I have such mixed emotions on it for similar reasons as you do. Basically I want that darn bow stuck on her head as soon as possible. I'm not sure what I would do or if I could handle the suspense... I want lots of little boys and then a little girl but we'll see. Good luck!!!

  10. There is no way I would be able to wait. I would NEED TO KNOW. Like, yesterday. Do whatever makes you happy. If you want to find out, then find out!

  11. How exciting!!! I would never be able to wait to find out, but that's just me! I'm naturally a SUPER curious person :) I've heard that it is SO fun to wait and be surprised, though :)

    Good luck!

  12. My friend didn't find out for her 2nd, she knew for her first. She said she really enjoyed not knowing and having the surprise. Good luck with your decision!

  13. I went through the same thing you did. I knew I wanted to know because I NEEDED to plan the nursery. And we were having twins so I think it was just better to be prepared. My bf wasn't so sure he wanted to know so I told him he didn't need to know and it could be a surprise for him. Right before the ultrasound I thought, "20 weeks wasn't so bad without knowing, what's 20 more?" I know I'll have the exact same thought you're having next time.

  14. Ok Jordan, don't be a hater...but I'm totally on the side of finding out. I mean the birth of your child is already so exciting and emotional! It's such a wonderful day all by itself. Why not have another wonderfully exciting day by finding out the gender?? Otherwise you wrap it all up in one and only get ONE exciting day. I say spread them out and have TWO exciting days!!!! With that said...if you find out Jordan is going to have to be on board. I say this because if you find out it's a girl your house is going to explode with PINK everything and there will no hiding the gender!!! PS, I WANNA KNOW!!!

  15. Did you find out for the boys? Just wondering. I am sure you said so somewhere and I missed it!

    I say don't find out! It's so much fun. ALTHOUGH, if we are blessed with another one I will be dying to know if it's a girl. There's just so much more to prepare! :)
    Well, considering we're all boy over here!

    Trust your heart on it! (Ok, that sounds cheesey!)

  16. I completely admire you if you don't find out but have no idea how you can't. I'm too much of a planner.

  17. I had the same issue! I didn't want to find out because I knew it was our last, but if it was a girl I wanted to know to go shopping! Only Matt had ALWAYS wanted to find out and I know he would torture me with the knowledge, either making me believe it was the opposite so I found out too lol.

    I'm glad to be prepared for another boy, but sad that I won't get that big surprise!

  18. I didn't find out the sex of either of my babies and I can say without a shout of a doubt I am so GLAD I did it that way. Everybody has to make their own choices of course...for me I found it easiest to dress newborns in easy/comfy sleepers. And so I stocked up on yellows, greens, browns, polka dots, stripes, all things gender neutral. If I ever was as brave as you to have a third I wouldn't find out the sex of that baby either. When my kids were born something I have great memories of are that my husband was the first person to tell me "IT'S A BOY" and "IT'S A GIRL." Such a great feeling.

  19. I've always thought it would be exciting to find out the sex when the baby is born, but I just DO NOT have the patience to wait that long HA! Good luck with whatever you choose :)

    And yes, you will definitely need a girly accessory for a girl to come from the hospital with. So you might want to get a little headband or something just in case if you decide to keep it a surprise ;)


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