Halloween Outfits...HELP!

I had Halloween all planned out Vincent was going to be Handy Manny...
He kind of looks like him right? BIG BROWN EYES...

I was just going to dress him in jeans, and a green long sleeved shirt like Manny and get him these fun toys(tools and the belt) to go with it...who doesn't love toys!  
But all of a sudden he does not want to watch Handy Manny or have anything to do with him!!?!??! 
All he wants is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....

Luke on the otherhand really has no say...
Jordan's mom get him a little adidas outfit...
image: adidas Tricot Set Q06940
So I was going to add either a whistle (gym teacher...Think a boy Sue Sylvester) or a 
gold medal (olympic medalist...think Micheal Phelps minus the drugs...haha)
Jordan said the outfit is WEAK but I am all about using what we have vs buying...more money for real clothing for the boys! :) 

But now that Vincent does not care for Manny I am confused on what to do. I know he really does not care what he wears but I CARE...I love Halloween and dressing them up!:)  

**One year I am so doing Mario/Luigi with the boys but I want to wait until they are a tad bigger and I am praying for a girl so we can have a whole Mario group with Mario, Luigi and the Princess!!!:):):)**

Help me think of a backup plan for Vincent since Handy Manny is not looking to promising!!!?! Maybe something that goes with Luke? I might just make them both athletes? They could be the male version of Serena and Venus Williams!?!

Also I would love to hear what are you dressing your kids up as!?!? 


  1. Ahaaaha... Jax has the exact same Addidas outfit! The gym teacher idea is pretty adorable. But I kinda love the Handy Manny Idea! JAX is OBSESSED w/ Mickey Mouse Club House too. Our boys would have a blast together, FO Shizzle mama!

    Dude, your Manic Monday pics are crazzzy cute! I can't believe how big both the boys are getting! Hope the cutest preggy lady ever is doing great! Sending love your way.....! Xo.

  2. OMG. mario, luigi, and the princess. my heart just burst. that is the sweetest.

    i suck at halloween costume ideas... best thing i can think of is like snookie... and well... that'd be no good for your boys! my boys! :)

  3. What about Thing 1 and Thing 2 it would be so easy to make the costumes, the only investment may be the blue wigs.

    This might sound weird but when I was little I always said that if I had two boys I would dress them up as Hanz and Franz from SNL for halloween. ( I know I'm a dork)

    K&C Babies

  4. I was going to suggest Thing 1 and Thing 2 as well. Just buy the tee shirts and have them re-wear throughout the year.
    We are going as a monkey and a lion but borrowing costumes from other moms in our moms group. I also hate spending money on costumes each year that will get 2 hours of wear time...maybe!
    Good luck!

  5. One as coach and one as the player?

    MIckey's got his mouskersize (sp) so maybe you can do something with that?

  6. How about a tourist... he can wear a mickey shirt, tube socks with sandals (maybe too cold?), mickey ears, have a camera around his neck.

  7. Max totally rocked a red Adidas outfit for his first Halloween. We added a sweatband to his head in order to complete the ensemble. I wish I could post a pic, he looked hilarious. He was only 5 months at the time but had a thick head of hair; everyone kept asking if we bought a toupee. Have you considered going to Once Upon a Child and letting Vincent pick out a few costumes? They don’t cost that much and you could add to your make-believe box. My kiddos love raiding the make-believe box at our house. It is fun to watch them take on the characters. It is entertaining for mom too, you never know who you will be dining with, maybe a pirate at breakfast, batman at lunch, a bee for snack, and Winnie the pooh for dinner?