Italian Sausage and Sauce...

My step-mom always made this and it was one of my favorite meals! We picked up some Italian sausage last week while at Whole Foods and it was so good on the grill that I HAD to get some more to make this sauce!

You will need...
Sausage (we got 3 fresh hot and 3 sweet italian to mix it up a little, right in Whole Foods Meat Dep)
2  LARGE cans Organic Crushed Tomatoes (22oz each)
Organic Red and Green Pepper
Organic White Onion
Garlic (minced)
Olive Oil

Brown your sausage on all sides...
While the sausage is browing I chopped all the peppers and onions and added them and tomatoes to the crock pot...

Take the sausage out and slice it... I was glad the sweet sausage was bigger than the hot so I knew which one to give the boys although the hot was not even really hot....
Give your child a puzzle! haha I stock this cabinet with toys to entertain Luke while I cook...
Saute your garlic in the grease from your this ONLY until right before it starts to brown and release all its flavors...
 Add this and your sliced sausage to the crock pot and stir. You can now add spices also, I use salt, pepper and sometimes a little italian seasoning, really whatever you like. 

Heat on low for 6-8 hours. 
I put it in before we went to mass and it was so nice to not have to worry about what to cook all day!

You can add spaghetti or pasta but we just eat it like this with some fresh Parmesan cheese!
PS-This size meal lasted us 2-3 days! 


  1. I've officially bookmarked your last couple of posts with these yummy recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks so good! My husband is a huge fan of Italian sausage, so we'll definitely give this a try!

  3. So yummy. I want to come over the next time you make it! Ha.