Manic Monday...

Here is our rainy Monday in photos...
Chrissy got Luke this amazing cracks me up!!
When we got done running ALL our errands, Luke went outside while daddy was grilling quick before the rain started again. Well this is what happens when you turn away from Luke for one second.....

Now time to bask in the glory of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...I love the drama but my heart breaks for Taylor. She is a mess in this episode and that was before the whole situation happened. Poor girl.

Hope you all had a good Monday! xoxo


  1. That shirt is priceless! Do you know where she got it??

    Looks like a fun rainy day!

  2. lol, love that those little monkeys hopped in the pool!

  3. I love those pictures, Landon did that same thing once...boys...watching RHOBH right now, I feel so bad for Taylor, its so sad to watch especially now knowing the outcome.

  4. Oh girl! That is so cute!

    Love the picture of them sitting in the buggy together..

  5. Love the shirt and the pics! Hope all is well