NYC Part 4...

I skipped yesterday woops...
 We were traveling with Jordan and visited my parents and went to the County Fair with them and visited with Chrissy and Claira so we were busy-busy yesterday and I was crashed the minute we got back to the hotel! Also Forrest, whom  you met a few posts back  (Jordan and him feeding eachother cupcakes) texted me saying how I was late not posting yesterday haha! 
So here you go Mr Forrest.
NYC PART 4....

We left off on the train to Hoboken....
There are 2 reasons why I wanted to go to Hoboken...
1. Carlo's explanation needed.
2. The Manzo brothers live there...Hello Real Housewives of NJ! 

Jordan's co-worker lives there so we met him and he gave us the tour (he totally watches the RHONJ...holler!) Everytime Jordan emailed him before the trip I told him to mention how much I wanted to visit the bar Chris Manzo works at and Jordan would never mention it because he thought Matt would think I was nutzo...but Matt knew all the gossip and watches religiously! LOVE IT!

Check out those streets...swoooooon!!

First stop was Carlo's Bakery, where sometimes there is a line around the block,(Matt is a resident he can skip the line...score!) BUT there was NO LINE! 
We walked in and grabbed our number and chose all the goodies we wanted....I was overtaken by ALL the choices so I asked the girl working to give me the best of EVERYTHING and she hooked me up! It was priced GREAT, it was under 20 bucks and we got A LOT!
We walked to the park to enjoy our treats with an amazing view of the city....
They packaged everything so nicely...inside this box was a lemon crumb pie...YUMMO
We then went to The Wicked Wolf Tavern...(bar they show Chris working in)
Of course I was praying that Albie and Chris would walk in...YA RIGHT!
I asked the waiter about them and he said that Chris DOES NOT work there. shut.the.front.door.
Jordan of course LOVED this, because my "reality shows" are such a sham!
He referred to Chris as an "actor" and he is not an actual employee. TOTAL LETDOWN! 
But the boys had a few drinks while I sipped on some water and watched out the windows in dire hope that they would walk by....I mean I saw Ames that morning so I had good luck...but nothing! :(
After the tavern we walked pass the Manzo's apartment on our way to a great view of the city along the water.

Prom Pose...
We then walked the town, it is so pretty. The streets are lined with AMAZING brownstones that I would LOVE to live in! It was such a unique town. We did dinner at a local place called 10th & Willow, which had amazing wings! 

We then headed back to Matt's apartment and he drove us to his secret spot....I can NOT even EXPLAIN this view in words....I stood in AWE of it....
The Freedom Tower lit up for 9/11 weekend...
NYC on the left and Hoboken on the right...PS Check out that little league field on the right...HOW AMAZING would it be if your kids played there. Get me a lawn chair and blanket and I would sit there EVERY NIGHT with that view!
After our night in Hoboken we hobbled (Jordan's fivefingers gave him blisters...poor guy) on the train and back to our hotel. We lucked out and went out the right subway exit that spilled us right in front of our hotel doors. We chowed down on a Lemon Crumb Pie from Carlo's and hit the sack....

Whew! The final post of NYC will be tomorrow then back to normal stuff! haha


  1. Lookes like the best NYC trip ever! How depressing about the bar w/ no Chris. You look beautiful, & those night skyline shots are just stunning! Miss hearing from you girl. Xo

  2. Lookes like the best NYC trip ever! How depressing about the bar w/ no Chris. You look beautiful, & those night skyline shots are just stunning! Miss hearing from you girl. Xo

  3. I love your stories and commentary! Your pictures are fabulous!

    I also must confess, I enjoy your blog so much I follow you on twitter too.

    Your boys are adorable. And I admire your love for the Lord, and your love for your family.

  4. Those treats from Carlos suuuure look tasty!!

  5. Your posts are KILLING ME!!! I am so making a trip to NY JUST for the pizza and cup cakes now!!!

  6. i loved all the NYC updates... makes me feel as though... i was there and with you guys... part of the family.

    i sorta am though, so that's okay.

    and OMG those CAKES!!! ahhhhh thats like a pregnant girls dream come true...

    or just a girls dream come true!

  7. My mouth watered the entire time while I looked at those delectable treats! Looks like loads of fun.